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Maruszczyk Jake 5+ P/MM - Sold
East Sussex

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An absolutely stunning example with matching headstock Maruszczyk Jake 5+ P/MM that is around 7lbs / 3.2Kg in weight,

Fitted with passive Delano MC5 HE/M2 and PC5 HE/M2 pickups and comes with a Hiscox hard case.

New D'Addario nickel rounds fitted but I can include some used DR Sunbeams if you'd prefer.

18mm string spacing at the bridge

If you've ever wanted a lightweight 5 stringer that weighs so little that a 2 or 3 hour set leaves little to no impression on your ageing shoulders, then this is the bass to have :)












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Near Uckfield (just over an hour to London bridge by train - and I'm happy to come up to London), but I'm going to be in Cardiff 17th/18th April if anyone wants to meet.

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12 hours ago, walshy said:

Damn the no trades😂

Yup, sorry. Already bought the next bass so this has to go to pay the credit card :(

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On 03/04/2020 at 11:54, Gareth Hughes said:

Hey 6feet7 - is the fingerboard Ebony or a really dark Rosewood?

I think ebony (its hanging next to my other Maruszczyk Jake 5 which is definitely rosewood). I wouldn't stick a load of money at the bookies saying it is (I would put a small amount though). I've always assumed it was ebony but I've no idea really. Here's a close up photo of it compared to the rosewood  one. Andyjr1515 may be the person to ask





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47 minutes ago, vittoriosciascia said:

trade whit my fender precision JV 57   1983?

Sorry, no trades. I'm afraid there's a credit card that needs paying into, otherwise I'd be keeping this :(

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5 minutes ago, vittoriosciascia said:

in euro? how much?

970 Euros plus postage

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