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Glamming up a Mustang - Sims leds

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Now that I've got my JMJ Mustang back up and running I can look at the glammification of my Mikey Way Mustang.  While I know that this is a somewhat cheap bass, I find it punches above its weight, balances better than many Mustangs I've played previously and the gaudy finish is spot on for a 70s glam rock band.

So my thoughts were to get it kitted up with some nice neck front leds and Sims as the market leader(?) came to mind.  Just browsing the site tells me I would be looking at about £435 for the job and while I know the bass is worth nowhere near that (and I know it would add little to no value to the bass) that's not the point in this case as it's a stage bass. 

So a couple of questions to those BCers that have had this work done before I contact Martin:

  • Do these prices include all the 'woodworking'  or is that just for the parts?
  • Are the 'bright leds' the best to go for?
  • Are there any downsides?

Thanks in advance for any advice

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2 hours ago, Happy Jack said:

Just roll it in glitter ...


It pretty much already is HJ......😂

But you can never have too much gaudy for the decade that taste forgot.

Unfortunately ‘Glitter’ is still untouchable for this genre

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15 hours ago, TheGreek said:

Speak to @Andyjr1515 about installing Luminlays


I might get some of those for my Rickenberger, as the neck is a bit scruffy and I can't see the dots.

(The whole feel of the bass is that the neck has shifted away by 2 frets, compared to my Rics and others, so I can't play it without looking.)

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