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New EBS head - 802

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Still using my HD350. Love it. Had it for years. Simple to use and sounds perfect.

Had a 360,  when my first 350, which I got second hand after the previous 10 owners had finished battering it, had a fault , but sent it back as the changes they made didn't float my boat and they let me have (apparently ) the last 350 on the shelf.

I think they got it so right the first time round that they shot themselves in the foot. I mean upgrade what exactly? The 350 , my 2p worth , doesnt need any improving. I really can't see myself changing from a 350 if this one dies (which is unlikely cause they are nails) unless it's so obsolete that I can't find one.

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Agreed Jim - the thing is, cos they not class D, they have fallen out of favour. Great news for sourcing great affordable used HD350s though.

Those filters are bang on... as you say, why did they mess with something that wasn’t broken?

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