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  1. 😁 Keep getting ads on Facebook by EBS 😁 I am on my third HD350. I had one and wandered off to Class D with a Genz Shuttle but found it lacking. Got another HD350 but succumbed to the temptation for TecAmp Puma 350 (Class A/B) but missed the EBS sparkle so got a Reidmar 250. Ridiculously loud for "only" 250 watts. But again something missing. The bass was deep but without wishing to start the Class D argument, it was lacking, so I got my last HD350. It is up in the loft now because I DI into the PA and use a little AER combo for a stage monitor and "unplugged" gigs. Wont be selling the EBS though! But I don't think I will be getting the new 802.
  2. Silver slaps are plastic wrapped strings. one little nick and they will unravel into a spaghetti. I like them to play but have had issues in the past with this problem. Could you not loose some length by double wrapping around the tailpiece so the wraps clear the bridge?

  3. Hi DB'ers. I am using a BSX EUB but don't like the strings. I got a set of Innovation Silver Slaps but the tail piece is too close to the bridge so the silk swaps go over the bridge. Would it be OK to trim them back with a Stanley knife or will it all unravel?
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