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Hi all
greetings from Slovakia. A month ago I bought ACOUSTIC MODEL 126 /100W/ bass combo, I am extremely happy I`ve wanted some ACC gear for years, since I was student/Early 80s../.
It seems ACC stuff is very, maybe extremely rare in EU today, almost impossible to find.
Mine is made in March 1981 in very nice, visually I would say in TOP condition, /working almost 100% I will say later/. I`m going to do full review of this on YT in a few weeks, including detailed photos and video of opened amp.BTW according to the sticker above the power switch, the combo was  sold propably new at a shop in Vienna, I bought it used of course./I found 2 photos the shop no longer exist .../
So I would have a few questinos on ACC.

I put this topic on Talkbass some days ago I got some answers but still need some info.I will appreciate ANY respond-thanks.

1.There is "Power Boost" switch, which isn`t working, what is it for?Does it add only more volume or some distortion?Actually I don`t need it I play only in my apartment with friend using volume max at 1./neighbours/.Does anyone have a sound clip?PB on/off...

2.EQ/70Hz pot isn`t working too.I think I don`t need it I can get enough bass from 15inch speaker but I am curious why...As I mentioned above, I took out amplifier and inspected all wires, all conections seem to be perfect I would say untouched,/but I am not expert at all/.I can turn on/off the Eq with footswitch /DIY but woks well/.

Except these 2 issues the combo works beautifully I wouldn`sell it for any money.All pots work great, BRIGHT switch, wchich I love, works too.My LH Rick 2004 and LH Fender 62 RI MIJ 1994-5 sound amazing.

3.On the back there is :BREAKS PREAMP CONNECTION below preamp out/power amp in. What does it mean?Is it only a different name for effect loop or is there any special possibility to connect something?/Maybe my English is not good enough to understand this clearly.../.

4.The amp has two inputs passive/active can I use them both simultaneously without damaging something?/For example drum machine.Or is it better to connect to POWER AMP IN?I mean bass in input 1 and SOMETHING to power amp in./I got an advice from Talkbass nOT to use it this way/.

5.I`m looking for Owners Manual has someone got it?I`d love to have original /printed/ I would pay for it of course, or if someone could send me pdf.

  I have got enough pdf docs from unofficial ACC site but they are all schematics I wasn`t able to find any OM.

I`m HUGE ACC products enthusiast if someone has original owner manuals, catalogs/I have 1978 and 1980/, I would buy them,

or I can offer some interesting HI-FI and video catalogs from 1981-2005.

6.How rare is ACC gear in UK? I regularly watch ebay and always see only few of them always USA sellers.

 Thanks in advance  Jan.









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Hi Jan,

Great amp you got there! I had the same back in the 80's, but not as good looking as yours.

1. Yes, it's a boost, I never needed it.

2. If possible, you should get that 70 Hz slider fixed. It's a nice Eq.

3. preamp out/ power amp in is basically an effects loop

4. If you connect something to the power amp in, it will disconnect the preamp out.

   I think it's best to connect both to the front ( that's how it works on my 320 and 370's, don't have the 126 anymore, but I'm pretty sure it works the same way)

5. Don't know if I have an owners manual, have to look for that

Regards, and wishing you lots of fun with your amp!




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Hi Frank


I thank you A LOT! Your answers really helped.Could you send me some pics of your ACC gear?I collect everything related to ACC.Thanks again and cheers Jan

One another pic...

acoustic 126-inside1.jpg

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Hi Jan,

beautiful example, congratulations.

often the problem with these amps is the eq inductors failing. While there are workarounds, , your combo is so pristine, better to leave it as it is,, if you are happy with the sound, 'till you can find an original replacement inductor.

oh, and Hi Frank,

408, not often you see those, now ! Love mine .

370's , brilliant, my main gigging amp, at the mo'

best Wishes



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Add Frank.

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Need schematic or SM for Acoustic 126 BAss Amp Combo 

Pleas   help 



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What you may not know is that the brand 'Acoustic' was purchased by the Guitar Centre chain of music stores. Since the purchase the brand has been made in China and bears little in common with the ACC of old.

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On 08/02/2021 at 16:57, BassmanPaul said:

What you may not know is that the brand 'Acoustic' was purchased by the Guitar Centre chain of music stores. Since the purchase the brand has been made in China and bears little in common with the ACC of old.

You are correct.  But...I didn’t see any of the newer Acoustic stuff in this thread.

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On 07/02/2021 at 11:51, Majk said:


Need schematic or SM for Acoustic 126 BAss Amp Combo 

Pleas   help 



If you want the real McCoy and a chance of picking up a schematic for the 126 Bass Combo then start looking here -

Today, the names for "Acoustic" are confusing, but as Bassman Paul & stereoplayer have said the "acousticamplificationcompany" is owned by the Guitar Center. The link above is for the enthusiasts, particularly a man named George Grexa who builds the stuff which is as close as possible to the original. See the words Acoustic USA and GPG.

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I love my ACC 370 head and 301 cab!  The 371 system, Acoustic Control Corp.
The head I bought used is a 1974.  I refurbished the head case a couple of years ago. I bought the cab new in 1973.



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Hi all, I just purchased an 126 combo today. Not in perfect state and bit rundown but I hope to restore it and get it working perfectly again. I got the Owners Manual from 1979 and the original receipt from 1980 with it. All readable. So if you need a copy drop me a line and I will send you one. Rgds René, The Netherlands. 

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    • By Simon.
      I have recently come into possession of a somewhat worse for wear Tanglewood acoustic. It seems to be a decent, mid to lower end model, and I was hoping to get it up and running again, to let my lads use as a starter guitar. TSF-5X model, made in '99, according to the serial number.
      However, I'm not sure if it's actually worth saving, as there is a bit of structural damage to the top. On the bridge side of the sound hole, on both the bass and treble sides, there are the start of splits running towards the bridge. I'm concerned that if I re-string it, the tension will cause the whole thing to split!
      The dent on the lower edge I'm less concerned about, as it likely to be roughly handled by the kids.
      I have the Fishman preamp, and it looks OK, but there is no output jack. The bridge saddle is also missing, along with a few screws and nuts to mount the preamp and the screws from a couple of the tuners - how do you lose those?!
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      The Godin ACS SA is a beautifully made semi-solid nylon-string electric guitar with synth access. Used acoustically it is loud enough for solo practice.

      The neck is like that of a regular classical guitar but less chunky, with a nut width of approximately 49mm (1.15/16in).

      The nylon-string output from the well-balanced piezo pickup under the compensated saddle is via a standard 1/4-inch jack and is controlled by a volume slider and 3-band EQ sliders with switchable mid frequency. Battery power consumption is extremely low.

      The guitar can also function as a synth controller when connected to a Roland or Axon guitar synth using the included 13-pin cable, through which it also draws power for the synth circuitry. The fourth slider controls synth volume, and the two push-buttons correspond to S1 and S2 in the Roland system. I used to have a guitar synth, and this guitar tracks far better than any add-on GK pickup I have used. If you don't want to use the synth function you can safely forget about it though! 

      It is currently strung with D'Addario Pro-Arté hard-tension strings. This does not make the guitar 'harder' to play - on the contrary, you can dig in more (especially with a plectrum) without causing buzzing and tuning issues. They could do with changing, but I am including a fresh set plus a set of Savarez strings as spares.

      I played this very guitar, with a plectrum, on this demo: Don't Speak solo

      Comes with thickly padded Tribal Planet gig bag (with neck support), instructions, correct Allen key for the truss rod, and Schaller strap locks to match the strap buttons on the guitar.

      There are a few minor scuffs and scratches, otherwise the photos give a good indication of the guitar's overall condition. The dots in the close-up pic of the bridge are tiny raindrops btw!

      Price is £625 £575 £525 collected from Swindon, Wiltshire. I can't offer courier delivery as I don't have a hard case so as to be able to insure against damage. However, I may be able to deliver to your home or workplace in person for a contribution towards my diesel costs - PM me with your location if you want to discuss this option. No trades thanks.

    • By Brendan Hamley
      Fabulous lightweight but punchy set up for smaller stages. Ideal for double bass players and feel based electric players.

      If you want to hear every tone of your bass and respond to what you're hearing, this is the amp for you.

      Safely stored and not used for awhile. I'm attempting a clear-out so is priced to sell.

      Pro quality build, top of the tree sound and in great condition as barely gigged and kept in a basic wheelie softcase (included).



    • By Sven Holscher
      Kristall Big Room - 6 Strings (2018)
      -USA hard Maple Body
      -Bolt on Maple neck
      -Rosewood fingerboard
      -26 frets
      -33“ inch scale
      -C Neckshape
      -Nut width: 52mm
      -String spacing bridge: 16,5mm
      -Fretboard markers: white pearl dots
      -Pau-Ferro-bridge with Piezo-Pickup
      -Graphtech Piezo Pickups
      -Richter Preamp
      -Nordstrand DC Magnet-Pickups (60s J-Bass position)
      -Nordstrand electronics: Master-Volume(pp-akt/pass), Pickup-Balance (Piezo/Magnet), Balance between magnet PU, Bass, Treble
      -Pickup switches (single/dual coils)
      -Hipshot Ultralite
      -Maple ramp
      -Protection Racket Gigbag

    • By Abominathan
      Moving abroad and can't take this with me. In good condiction. Has a few very minor dings (see pics). I have the a very good hard case for it (included).  Absolutely lovely acoustic bass (IMO). For some reason theses always seemed hard to come by in the UK - I got this one off some guy in Ireland who bought loads of acoustics for his school music classes but apparently none of the kids wanted to play bass 🤣.  Selling for £250 ONO.
      Would prefer local collection (south East London - Forest Hill Area) but could courier. 
      In terms of specs:
      Jumbo Cut-away Shape, Solid Cedar Top, Figured Ash Back And Sides, Mahogany Set Neck, Fishman® Sonicore under-saddle transducer pickup, Fishman® Classic 4T Bass preamp featuring onboard tuner, 4-band EQ, volume control and low-battery indicator light, 22 frets, 34" scale length.
      Some photos below and more photos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/vsAxwrsYNwPG5oqbA

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