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Feedback for Simonsbass


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  • 4 weeks later...

I was about to buy a Musicman bass off a guy called Ben Squire off of Facebook Marketplace.  


All was going well till we got to payment methods and I had alarm bells, so I Googled and traced the bass he was selling and eventually to this thread.  I then went back to Ben and asked him if he was Simonsbass off BC.... Oh dear me it went down hill rapidly!  Nothing has been edited from this message stream but this is how it went after I'd Googled him. 


Me - I've just done some Googling and I've found info on Basschat.

Ben - What those nasty pasties ? Are you one of them ? Jog on mate

Me - Nice. Got your number then.

Ben - flip in dweeb

Ben - Hi and troll someone else

Me - LOL. You're tagged mate and folks are spreading the word.

Ben - You are hilarious you silly billy you really think people can’t read between the line your obviously not very bright are you ? Where are you up north ?

Me - Degree educated... what about yourself?

Ben - Funny little skinny metal head Warwick dweeb ha ha I was obviously correct

Ben - Why are you up north such a bunch of spoiled man baby’s ?


I'd be very wary of any unsecured method of payment with this guy, I'd go so far as to say that you'd best be collecting from him.  

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2 minutes ago, ped said:

He’s a total derrière isn’t he! He’s got something about northerners too. Lots of complex issues to unpack. Sad really. 


That defo isn't the wording I posted, please tell me there is a swear filter applied!  LOL    


Yes, it was all going swimmingly... until he realised I was 'Northern'!  


<edit>  Duly noted no swear filter for his Lordship!  LOL



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