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**SOLD** Fender Precision bass 1968 All Original with case


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Hi all,

Up for sale is my 1968 Precision which I thought I would not sell, however I seem to have been converted to Status Kingbasses and it is just sat around....

Read this one carefully guys as unfortunately it does have an issue hence the price...

I bought this mid 2013 off a chap who bought it for the pricey sum of 4500 Euros from the Netherlands (Bass Connection B.V.).

When it came to me it was strung something fairly light and I didn't think anything of it and strung it 50 to 105. Played it and thought the sound was a killer and loved it. I noticed that it chokes off on the G string when playing a few of the higher frets around 16th, 17th, 18th fret. Fortunately I always played with a higher action as played rock and feel it really helped the sound/power so didn't cause me an issue over the year I used it.

More recently have had it checked by someone and it appears at some stage it has had re-fret and the person that did it has plained/sanded back the fret board too much in areas. On top of this the truss rod has limited adjustment.

Otherwise the bass is all original, original finish, pots all correct. The tech said neck and body all look to be original. With original case that has seen better days, but is present.

Really looks the part, lacquer checking as with most and classic tort plate, RW neck and sunburst finish.

The options as I saw it were as follows, just to give people an idea.....[list=1]
[*]String it lighter and in effect will probably be able to bring the action down.
[*]Play it as it is heavier strings, high action. (As I prefer).
[*]Tech said he could look to remove the fretboard, re-fret it and put a new trussrod in.
[*]Get another period neck....
All in all a beautiful bass....

Looking for £1950 in light of the issue. Not in a rush to sell, but if someone is interested would be nice to free up some funds and space.















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[quote name='CH161' timestamp='1415191878' post='2597631']
Hi, do you have pot, and pickup dates? Also the neck stamp info?


I haven't actually looked internally myself, a guitar tech looked at it recently. He said: "Pot dates correct, not sure about pickup although 99.9% sure is the original, neck all original". He didn't mention the stamp, will look later. He did mention he spoke to a very knowledgeable chap and it all appears to be original.

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[quote name='CH161' timestamp='1415201760' post='2597828']
The info would be useful I think - pics also if possible.

Correct pots would most likely be 66 - good pics would determine that.



You are correct.

Neck dated: 5 MAR 1968 B
Pot codes: 137 6642 (42nd week 1966)
Pickups dated: 5 - 7 - 68 (5th July 1968)

So all original and date correct. Unsure on the bridge?

Some people asked action at 12th fret which is 4-5mm. Played it again and I can play it fine, just chokes on upper frets of G string. Best for someone to come and have a look if interested.





Hope that helps.

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These '68 Precisions are 'something else'!! The last of the pre large Fender 70's style logo models, which retain all the good bits from the pre CBS era such as:- being lightweight, nitro pick guard,'hootenanny' button, 'threaded' bridge saddles, those gorgeous, very rare lollipop tuners - which as far as I am aware were only used for three years from 1965 to 1968 and initially only on Jazz basses!! Plus the advantage of a 'B' profile neck, which many players - like me - find far more comfortable to play than the wider 'C' profile neck fitted to earlier P's & Mojo by the bucket load - type bump :)!!

Having been lucky enough to have owned and played numerous pre & post CBS basses over the last 40 + years, as good as they were - In the words of Mrs. Slowcombe 'I can say without fear of contraception' that in my very humble opinion, none have come close to my '68 P for playability, sound and 'mojo' :)!!

GLWTS - once that neck / truss rod is sorted, which could be a very simple fix, the new owner will be a very happy bunny indeed :)!!

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