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  1. Great! I live in Guildford and I am willing to drive up the whole way. I'll message you now.
  2. I'm interested in the cab, if you'd be willing to sell separately? Or if anyone wants the head and not the cab we can do it that way..
  3. I really would like this gone but don't want to budge on the price any further, really. If distance is a problem then I can bring it down to Guildford with me (I go back to Leicester every 2-3 weeks to see friends / family / band practice) so I can do that - but you'd have to be 100% in on the sale (and on a Sunday) and not back out as I literally cannot keep it here.
  4. For sale is my lovely Marshall VBC 412 along with its flight case. This is a 400w, 4ohm Cab. It sounds absolutely amazing, the ONLY reason for selling is it's just too damn heavy for me! I use it along with my DBS 7400 but I am getting too old! I am looking to downsize to a 210 (or maybe two). It's been flight cased for it's entire life with me and from the owner before me who had it since new. You can see in the pictures that the cab itself is pretty much immaculate. The flight case has a few scuffs here and there. The flight case has metal slots on the top so that a head flight case (if they have feet on them) can slot in to it so that it doesn't move around, which is a nice little feature. Cab and Flight case only. No speaker cable included. The cab is currently with a band member located in Birstall, Leicester. I moved down to Guildford for a job at a game dev studio but I don't have room to have it down here with me. Here is a google drive folder with the images in case you want to look at uncompressed hi-res images https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TG5GqhYUU4ObYQVLAJIcr9vh4ppOD-KQ
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  7. Bought a pedal from Mikkel, came promptly and as described. Also had some of the best communication via email that I have had during a sale. He replied with everything I asked with no lack of information. Thanks Mikkel! Loving the Prunes&Custard!
  8. That would be me! If you'll take £100 for it then i'll take it off of your hands. If not, no problem
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  11. bought a pedal from rik, had excellent communication. perfect seller tbh.
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  13. Hi guys My russian Big Muff conked out on me. It turns out that some of the wires have came loose during a flight case bashing. It was bought second hand off of eBay of course, that was a few years ago though. Can anybody post some pics of the inside of their big muff? I have done a Basschat search, and all the pics on google are kinda blury.. Thanks!
  14. civictiger

    Pedal Woe

    At gigs your volume is automatically louder - thus more gain going into your amp. The only change you can get really to get it sounding good for gigs is to do a soundcheck at a gig, and change it after the song, or mid song while the band still plays.. and then when you play to the audience you'll have the tone you want. This will also usually carry on to work with other gigs aswell. Also, if you are DI'ing with your amp, your getting the flavour of the amp in the signal, and not just the pedal flavours. If that makes sence. I get a much better tone (especially with effects) if I DI out of my pre-amp rather than my amp.. but then again I have a crappy amp! I only like it cause I can drive the hell out of it, cause I get all my tone out of my pre-amp anyways.. the amp is just volume for me, really.
  15. Carcer City! thats the metal band I seen with it, haha.. just remembered!
  16. Very nice! I seen a metal band, I forgot the name, that used a 2x15.. trust me, I was like rd row back (standing) and I left it haha.. I really want a nice 2x15 He had an old Mesa 2x15, I believe.
  17. Also, when your getting paid for work do what xgsjx said, and get a good PA.. it will cost a lot for a good one, but trust me the crowd will feel it haha.
  18. nononononoonono NO. Do what I said and buy some heavy guage Nickel strings. The last thing you want to do when your on a budget is to buy some custom strings. Theres no need to pay more for something you dont even need. Nickel strings are gonna benefit you in a lot of ways: 1- they are a lot warmer sounding and in essence give out lower frequencies -which will make your drop tuned bass sound more powerful and it will sit better in the mix.. All the guitar distortions are gonna fill up the mids and the highs, you want to stay LOW in the mix (any maybe get a grit effect as a noverdub for some highs too, which will also make you stand out more) 2- Nickel strings last longer. Perfect for bassist on a budget. I used a 'heavy' string set when I was in my old Metalcoare band, which our main influences were August Burns Red / Texas In July. Each string was: 50, 70, 90, 110.. The brand I used (who I am actually endorsed by) do a 4 string set, similar, which is 45, 64, 85, 105, 130 which will do you just fine - trust me Here's a link http://www.basscentre.com/elites-strings/elites-player-series-v.html
  19. Yeah, it will still work. All the overtones of the low G# will still make the note 'hearable' as to speak. I learn't a while ago that your brain actually works by finding overtones of notes and then tells your ear what note it is. & You'll deffo want a high string guage, not neccesarily because you 'have to' but the extra tention means that the string won't be floppy - and will also make breakdowns much, much easier to play as your string 'fights back' on you and doesn't flap around. I used to use 'heavy' guage Elites in my old band, who played in Drop C - anything around that type of guage will do, you really don't NEED the extra stuff.. and try and get nickle strings as they will provide a warmer tone and your bass will fit much better in the mix, aswell - especially live!
  20. IMO it can go two ways. 4x10 = heavier, but 1 trip to the car 2x10 = lighter, but two trips - unless you have one in each hand but then theres the hassle of balance, getting the cables e.t.c I'd just get a 4x10.
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