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  1. bassix

    Yamaha BB1100s 1987 £400

    What is the nut width on these?
  2. bassix

    Yamaha vs Schecter vs Sandberg

    Sire get a lot of love and cheaper than your budget.
  3. bassix

    Rotosound Bass Strings

    Hard on the fingers, eqt frets and die quickly but for those brief moments the Roto steels sound better than anything else out there for me.
  4. bassix

    Fender American Performer PJ

    I shall be going to see if my local shop has these in stock. Is it fair to say they are effectively the replacement for the American Special basses?
  5. When you say US classic what do you mean? Is it the custom shop 60s that came in the US Standards?
  6. bassix

    Fender American Performer Mustang Bass

    If this is the new American Special I'll be having a close look.
  7. bassix

    Fender's Anniversary models

    2011 US Special Precisions also have the commemorative neck plate.
  8. bassix

    SOLD Limelight P Bass

    What is the nut width on this?
  9. Whereabouts are you based?
  10. bassix

    Fender '61 Flea Bass Woes

    If they did offer you a replacement neck I'm sure you'd have no end of offers on here for it.
  11. For sale is my well used Protec Contego gig bag. Most people will know how good these bags are, this has been my main gig bag for about 4 years and has proven to be an utterly trustworthy bag for that time. Couple of issues; The stitching on the back has come loose on one of the corners, the stitching on parts of the shoulder straps has also come loose, the velcro to hold the neck inside the bag has also come loose. It seems entirely possible that someone could resolve the issues and have years more use from the bag, sadly I'm not this handy! As such, for someone could be a bargain at a quarter of the regular price. No other issues to report, all zips and segments/pockets in perfect working order. Happy to post at buyers expense but collection preferred.
  12. bassix

    Vintage V4 MN

    I've had my eye on one of these, I saw somewhere they were a slimmer nut width, around 39mm- is that right?
  13. bassix

    New Fender MIM Player series replaces Standard

    Nothing remarkably different about the weight no.