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  1. I heard about this, bungle is a good lad! Fun fact, if you ended up playing his black Matt Freeman, that was my old bass!
  2. Blast tyrant is definitely my favourite.
  3. A pleasure as always. Catch you soon!
  4. If you want to get a similar sound to matt Freeman you may want to consider what album you like the sound of, he's been known to use jazz's and precisions.
  5. https://www.thirdcirclerecordings.co.uk/ This place is good if you're on a budget. James is an enthusiastic guy and has been over to America and worked with Steve Albini in the past. My recent experience has been spending as much as you can afford results in better results.
  6. Lozz is actually taking about himself! 😂 That aside doesn't Joe Dart still use an old Mexican jazz?
  7. I've got the precision, very playable and nice and light. I'm pretty happy with it.
  8. Lady luck bar often has up and coming rock /punk bands on from Thursday onwards, often free entry. Also did a decent vegetarian meal if I recall correctly.
  9. So another one on order then eh?! 😉
  10. Was sorting through my files earlier and found this, thought it might be of interest to see the prices at the time! Great value basses now.
  11. You might want to try the American specials, lovely slim neck on those. I probably wouldn't have the neck remodeled mainly because if it still isn't right then it may effect resale value.
  12. Sell em and get a jazz. 🤟🍺
  13. I also had a couple of matt freemans and it's certainly no worse than them. I fear that across the pond they tend to become hysterical over any perceived difference. Personally, I think it sounds and feels great- rolled fretboard for half the price of the Mexican? Its good enough for me.
  14. I've got one, unsure if the bridge is standard size but happy to throw you some dimensions if helpful.
  15. I wouldn't listen to what that lot say
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