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  1. I'd go US, I really like the Mexican players but prefer the necks on the US models.
  2. I picked up the V2 when I was between basses and now I'm struggling to justify an upgrade to a Fender.
  3. Descendents - Karl Alvarez Rancid - Matt Freeman Anti-Flag - Chris 2 Booze and glory - Bubbles The Interrupters - Justin Bivona All exceptional melodic players.
  4. Fair enough. It seems to be a specific Gumtree scam where the first message received says, my [insert family member] would like to buy this, email him at.... I tend to get at least one per advert. Unless their cousin Barry really did want that old washing machine?! 😆
  5. There are a couple of variations on this but they are all scams. Just ignore next time.
  6. I'd get the performer, nice basses. I wouldn't look past the player series personally, they deliver everything you'd need from a passive bass.
  7. I've played this bass and it's great, a really comfy neck too.
  8. bassix

    NBD - P/J

    Beauty! I was considering this myself, glad you got there before me!
  9. I've tried two performer precisions and loved them both. I'll be looking into getting one when funds allow.
  10. Tried one at the weekend, it was ok. I didn't really like the complete lack of finish on the neck.
  11. I'm in the same boat as the OP. I've owned US Fenders and a Shuker in the past but I always feel unworthy of them, like I'm trying to compensate for a lack of talent. I'm currently using a player precision and feel much more comfortable using it.
  12. Because we all know the US versions turn you into a rock god! 😉
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
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