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  1. So another one on order then eh?! 😉
  2. Was sorting through my files earlier and found this, thought it might be of interest to see the prices at the time! Great value basses now.
  3. You might want to try the American specials, lovely slim neck on those. I probably wouldn't have the neck remodeled mainly because if it still isn't right then it may effect resale value.
  4. Sell em and get a jazz. 🤟🍺
  5. I also had a couple of matt freemans and it's certainly no worse than them. I fear that across the pond they tend to become hysterical over any perceived difference. Personally, I think it sounds and feels great- rolled fretboard for half the price of the Mexican? Its good enough for me.
  6. I've got one, unsure if the bridge is standard size but happy to throw you some dimensions if helpful.
  7. I wouldn't listen to what that lot say
  8. Sorry about that, but I was weak! Frankly for the money, flip it!
  9. I have a Fender jazz Pro, I today tried the classic vibe range of basses. I today bought a classic vibe precision because it felt lovely, the country of origin or body didn't make a difference to me.
  10. Because I'm a tart and I didn't like the colour scheme!
  11. I went shoppng for a cheap backup bass yesterday, tried 3 squiers. The first, a squier contemporary jazz was a dog, heavy, brittle sounding pickups and a rough almost unfinished neck. Hastily handing this back I was given a Vintage modified jazz to try which was almost perfect. I could barely tell the difference in feel from my US jazz. Umming and arring I then tried another vintage modified in my preferred colour scheme and this left a lot to be desired. It was better than the first bass but nowhere near as good as the second. All the basses were made in Indonesia. I didn't come away with anything on this occasion but it goes to show the need to try before you buy on instruments at this price.
  12. I've had to put it up for sale unfortunately, not by choice! They just feel great to play.
  13. What is the nut width on these?
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  15. Sire get a lot of love and cheaper than your budget.
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