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  1. Guys, I got myself a lovely dolphin grey Aerodyne last night - picking it up in the morning. It was the model (and colour!) I had my eye on from the start (see my OP!) so very pleased and excited to get it and get playing with a normal number of strings once again..! Expect to see an Ibanez 6-string in the basses for sale section very shortly 👍🏼
  2. Thanks all for your advice. A lot to go at. Much appreciated 👍🏼
  3. Thanks guys for all the detail here. There was no disrespect meant to the Player and Vintera series - I just figured pushing up to the £1k mark would mean I'd be better off looking at the more expensive models. A bit of an assumption, maybe. Marcus Miller Sires look great, too. Seem to have blown up a bit while I've been out of the game..! 😄
  4. Hi all I've recently picked up the bass again after years having not. The only bass I have left is an Ibanez 6-string which I bought when I was a teenager, and I'm quite keen to sell off and move onto a solid 4-. I've landed on the Fender Jazz, and would quite like some help choosing a model please! Would love to go around playing every model, country of origin etc going, but I don't have that luxury right now in the current situation... I'm looking at around the £800 mark, with flex up for the right guitar (3 of the below are £900), and happy to go second-hand. I'm looking past the Player and Vintera series, so my options from what I've found in the market are as follows: - Brand new deluxe active MIM in Sunburst, I've found for £750 - Also found a used 2014 model in red for £450, but it's local pick-up only and it's 200+ miles away from me. Seems a good price though - Brand new American performer in Arctic White, for £900 - Used great condition Aerodyne MIJ 2017 in Dolphin Grey, for £900 (feel drawn to this atm. Not your standard jazz) - Brand new 70s 3-tone MIM in Sunburst for £900 Seems to be a lot of different models out there, with even different years separating one from another. I've researched a lot, but would love to hear some live thoughts on Fender Jazzes in this region. Thanks a lot C
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