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  1. Taken -- We are Master Bates & the wankers
  2. Be careful You get no warranty (if it goes wrong You are Screwed) & by the time You add Tax n Duty works out expensive. I got stung on a new Eden (That went wrong!!)
  3. Blimey You have to read that twice!!! LOL 🤣
  4. No disrespect meant to the folks who own and love them, But I could never understand why Wals fetch such high prices compared to Jaydee & others!
  5. The amount of bassists & the Dancers seemed to change over the Years. But Marks Job Spec for Keyboard Player always seemed consistent LOL 😂
  6. Actually Yeah been in this situation where there was a couple (in a band) & it all went pear shaped after the drummer & the girl had a fling! Probably worse than the singing ability situation.
  7. If She is inexperienced She may not yet of learned to ask for a slight key change to accommodate Her range. But yeah if You haven't time for Her to develop walk away.
  8. No Bass -- But stick Your guitar in DADGAD & Jam like Jimmy!!!
  9. I've been away for a couple of weeks & it's going to take some time to catch up LOL 😀
  10. Would be nice to get some feedback on the comparison when You have time Cairobill
  11. Amen to This. Enjoy Your lovely Yamaha DiMarco, don't listen to the detractors & bass police they can do what they want.
  12. I've got one, it is fantastic. I would say it is now My go to bass (And I have some nice Status, G&L, Fender, JD etc.) It looks great, Sounds great (Active or Passive), plays great & is nice and light.
  13. I didn't get to that their Lunnon that early on (looks 70's ?). Found a place in the late 80's selling cool records, that I think was upstairs at the Africa centre Covent Garden? I loved the whole centre!! But when I went back years later it was a trendy fashion shop!! 🙁
  14. You are a "trendy Lunnon(a)" (copyright taunton-hobbit) and I claim My £5 LOL
  15. For a period In the 80's John Boops song were all the rage -- John Peel used to play a load with some response songs from Female artists but I can't remember what any of those ones were?
  16. Think You will find Carol only uses Flats the (bridge) mute is to cut overtones.
  17. It's a cover of a Herbie Hancock tune. Great LP Sleeve
  18. If the case is original the name kind of dates it
  19. My favourite track. From Reggaebass' favourite band. Puma ❤️
  20. Still a great price for the 4 set. Keep the 5th for other purposes... Hope You find the strings You want SumOne
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