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  1. I didn't get to that their Lunnon that early on (looks 70's ?). Found a place in the late 80's selling cool records, that I think was upstairs at the Africa centre Covent Garden? I loved the whole centre!! But when I went back years later it was a trendy fashion shop!! 🙁
  2. You are a "trendy Lunnon(a)" (copyright taunton-hobbit) and I claim My £5 LOL
  3. For a period In the 80's John Boops song were all the rage -- John Peel used to play a load with some response songs from Female artists but I can't remember what any of those ones were?
  4. Think You will find Carol only uses Flats the (bridge) mute is to cut overtones.
  5. It's a cover of a Herbie Hancock tune. Great LP Sleeve
  6. If the case is original the name kind of dates it
  7. My favourite track. From Reggaebass' favourite band. Puma ❤️
  8. Still a great price for the 4 set. Keep the 5th for other purposes... Hope You find the strings You want SumOne
  9. The Blue ones look great, well done and enjoy. However unboxed in the Garden!!! It was Snowing here yesterday !!! LOL (All move to Cornwall?)
  10. I think He had it even higher than that when they did Live Aid! What a great band though & great cover version. Sad thing is when Sade recorded it the situation it describes seemed to be getting better - however now We seem to have gone backwards!! (Woops: mentioned politics once but think I got away with it !!)
  11. Here is this old Punk Hippy's attempt a reggae type tune
  12. Thanks Guys. I was trying to embed code like the old days LOL
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