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  1. Sei Bass Flamboyant Headless Fretless

    haha nothing wrong with that! K I L L H I M!
  2. Vigier Passion III 5 1300€ *****Sold*****

    Very nice... Very tempted!
  3. Sei Bass Flamboyant Headless Fretless

    Hey Is this bass still available? Thanks
  4. I have #487 Very similar to yours only with a green laminate instead of your red! I do love these basses! Should sell easily Good luck old boy!
  5. I remember this bass from many years ago. Stunning!!
  6. Status Series 2000

    I've just been playing it alongside my original Series 2000 (#106) and it really is every bit as good. Superb bass! Still not sold but several people have started the process... Let's see what happens!
  7. Status Empathy 5 string

    Hello ladies and gents I have up for sale my beautiful Status Empathy 5 string bass. There's little to say about this bass that the pictures won't convey. It is stunning, not a scratch on it, everything working perfectly and plays like a dream. The serial number is #046204 and is from the mid 90's The book matched facing and back wood is a burr madrone. This is a sale only so no trades, sorry Bass located in Switzerland but can be shipped anywhere at the buys cost Many thanks
  8. Status Series 2000

    Hello hello I have for sale a Status Series 2000 bass. The colour is a pearl 'milky' white. It's a custom one off done by Rob. This bass is from the early 90's so the second generation Series 2000. The serial number is #1585 having spoken to Rob he isn't sure why the serial number is what it is but he's sure it's a custom special because he didn't use that colour back then. Anyway, it's in superb condition with only one small 'chip' on the back (see last picture) and a few scratches on the side. Nothing visible from the front. The bass looks immaculate AND plays like a real dream. I have 4 of these and this is the best to play IMO. Here are some pictures. Sorry for the poor quality but my photography is like my bass playing... sh** The bass is located in London Thanks P.S. No trades I'm afraid, sale only!
  9. Warwick Thumb custom build

    Alas no trades. Need the money
  10. Warwick Thumb NT custom build

    [quote name='Henrythe8' timestamp='1401264606' post='2461701'] Can you descibe the controls ? There a switch, it's for the LEDs ? and just to be sure : So it's a fretless now ? [/quote] Yup. Lined fretless. I had the boys at The Bass Gallery do it. Very nice job!
  11. Warwick Thumb NT custom build

    [quote name='Henrythe8' timestamp='1401200492' post='2461067'] As for the woods, Warwick offers Swamp Ash body with maple top - as listed, and you can add the back of the bass in another wood, but it is charged as another top. Meaning that if you have Flamed Maple top with swamp ash body and add Flamed Maple Back... it might be the case. Maybe a picture of the side could show if there's a sandwich ? :-) [/quote] Just looked at the bass. There's no 'join' in the wood. Looks solid!! Those cheeky little Germans!!
  12. Warwick Thumb NT custom build

    [quote name='DemBoneZ' timestamp='1401155152' post='2460668'] Pmed mate, Will the black hardware be included?? [/quote] Replied. Sorry no, the black hardware went to a worthy cause!
  13. Warwick Thumb NT custom build

    [quote name='JazzBassfreak' timestamp='1401149053' post='2460658'] [/quote] hahahaha yup! You should go check out [url="http://www.wambamworld.com"]www.wambamworld.com[/url] very funny!!
  14. Warwick Thumb NT custom build

    [quote name='JazzBassfreak' timestamp='1401142535' post='2460603'] Is this the bass that used to belong to Johno1919 before he moved to Sadowsky? [/quote] No idea sorry. I bought the bass from Alex at The Bass Gallery a few years ago. To be honest, I didn't want to know who she'd 'been with' before