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  1. Stunning. I really want one of these but it's just not the right time for me. Damn. Good luck
  2. Brexit shouldn't be an issue with this as it's a used item. Just make sure it's labeled up properly. Lovely bass!
  3. I just received a fretless 4 string. Appalling! Action so high I could get Sadiq Khan's dad to drive his bus under the strings! Tried adjusting the neck but did nothing! It's going straight back. Shame.
  4. I have a pair of JayDee’s and they are beautiful to play. someone should grab this one at a very ‘gentlemanly’ price! guaranteed happiness
  5. These basses are so nice to play. Beautiful graphite necks! I have 4 of them. This is tempting for sure! Anyone 'thinking' about it should buy it right away.
  6. haha nothing wrong with that! K I L L H I M!
  7. Hey Is this bass still available? Thanks
  8. I have #487 Very similar to yours only with a green laminate instead of your red! I do love these basses! Should sell easily Good luck old boy!
  9. I remember this bass from many years ago. Stunning!!
  10. I've just been playing it alongside my original Series 2000 (#106) and it really is every bit as good. Superb bass! Still not sold but several people have started the process... Let's see what happens!
  11. Hello ladies and gents I have up for sale my beautiful Status Empathy 5 string bass. There's little to say about this bass that the pictures won't convey. It is stunning, not a scratch on it, everything working perfectly and plays like a dream. The serial number is #046204 and is from the mid 90's The book matched facing and back wood is a burr madrone. This is a sale only so no trades, sorry Bass located in Switzerland but can be shipped anywhere at the buys cost Many thanks
  12. Hello hello I have for sale a Status Series 2000 bass. The colour is a pearl 'milky' white. It's a custom one off done by Rob. This bass is from the early 90's so the second generation Series 2000. The serial number is #1585 having spoken to Rob he isn't sure why the serial number is what it is but he's sure it's a custom special because he didn't use that colour back then. Anyway, it's in superb condition with only one small 'chip' on the back (see last picture) and a few scratches on the side. Nothing visible from the front. The bass looks immaculate AND plays like a real dream. I have 4 of these and this is the best to play IMO. Here are some pictures. Sorry for the poor quality but my photography is like my bass playing... sh** The bass is located in London Thanks P.S. No trades I'm afraid, sale only!
  13. Alas no trades. Need the money
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