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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Might also be interested in part trade against a vintage Fender VI bass or custom shop Fender VI
  3. Would be interested in trading against a 5 string MK3 Wal-fretless bass + cash my way.
  4. Thanks for the kind words. It is really an awesome bass that has a lot of punch. I would have kept it if it was for the fact that I am changing it for another kind of six string! 😂
  5. Thanks for the kind words! Some of the Fender custom shop relics I've seen don't look that realistic, although I have seen few of them that are really good!
  6. Here is my beloved mid 1965 Fender Jazzbass for sale. I got this bass imported from the States over 5 years ago and it is time to move it on as something has recently caught my eye. So here is the background story of the bass: I bought it from a dealer in the States who initially bought it from the original owner. The original owner was a lady who bought it new and played in a local country band. You can see that she must have had very light touch as the frets are still in excellent condition as well as the rosewood on the fingerboard is still in excellent shape. The bass is all original apart from the following: - The thumb rest was moved from its original position to just above the pickguard, thus leaving two holes on the pickguard and the body. - The upper side of the body seem to have had finish repair (see pictures) although the rest of the body was left untouched. - Two of the horns seem to be have touched up by some sort of black sharpie pen. - The bass comes with its original bridge and pickup covers although these were never put on the bass for the majority of its life and thus the original screws holding those two items were lost. - I was told that the case in from a 70s jazz bass . - The top tip of the pickguard has broken off but is still help down via screws. Aside from the above, the everything else is original and in perfect working order with no breaks or repairs. It can be seen that the bass was a well loved instrument as the original owner tried to keep it in good shape as much as possible. Sound wise, this is a very responsive bass and the pickups are loud. As a matter of fact, I have another '66 jazzbass and this seems louder. Looking for £5500 for this baby and absolutely NO TRADES on this. Viewing is highly recommended. Pictures are original from the shop which I bought it from and its condition has not been changed since then. Any questions please ask. Thanks for looking.
  7. cayston


    Price drop to £1850
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