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  1. Andy bought a bass from me ,pleasure to deal with no messing about, highly recommended! Thanks Andy !
  2. SOLD Fender USA Precision Professional series in the retro looking antique olive plus original hardcase. Built in 2016 purchased in 2017 nice light weight , pickguard is mint green It’s a difficult colour to capture in photos,sort of a greyish green like a 50s/60s colour. theres a few small scratches/indents in the finish surface but not noticeable unless you hold it to the light / look for them. There’s one small chip on back which I’ve shown next to 5p Set of schaller strap locks included along with the original strap buttons
  3. Now Sold Set of Thomastik Flat wound JF344 New in pack unopened Sold
  4. Sold Matt Freeman Precision in the lovely discontinued Cream /retro looking white finish. In great condition all original ,no dings or marks/chips in finish anywhere , there’s two insignificant very thin ,less than hairline cracks in finish in the body ,(neck heel area )that are too small to photograph but thought I’d mention them . The scratchplate has fine scratches on it, these pickguards do seem to mark easy though Comes with a red proel gig bag lovely fat sounding , cool looking now discontinued bass Not looking for trades thanks £335
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. This is now sold thanks
  7. Sold elsewhere
  8. [quote name='three' timestamp='1489232077' post='3255327'] An absolute bargain - I don't think that I've ever seen one at such a price! [/quote] Me neither 😂 It needs to go quick so someone gonna get a bargain at this price
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