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    Power supply

    You'd need the right adaptor. There are a load of power banks around that will supply multiple voltages. You can also charge some of them while you're using them. But if you charge the powerbank before your gig it's another mains supply you don't need to run anywhere. USB C stuck in my mind because it can supply different voltages unlike USB A, but it's the power bank application I was thinking of.
  2. TimR

    Power supply

    A very old thread. Things have rapidly moved on in the world in the last 7 years. Have a look at USB C power supplies.
  3. If you're under 50 years old the Beatles wouldn't have had a hit in your lifetime. Paul McCartney is 80 next month. My parents weren't ever into them and we never had any albums in the house. My knowledge of Beatles tunes is limited to the hits.
  4. Yes. A single DI would simplify everything and all he has to do is sort out front of house sound. I'd probably 'agree with him', he doesn't know how you want the two signals blended to create the sound you have imagined, the single DI removes the guesswork on his part. If I'm operating a desk, there's enough to worry about getting the band to sound cohesive, and providing IEM and foldback mixes, without trying to work out how an individual musician wants their FOH mix to sound.
  5. Our quiatrist says I can't run bass through the PA. I don't know where they get the idea it'll blow speakers. Quite happy to mic the bass drum. So guess it's a lack of understanding. Maybe has had a bad experience in the past.
  6. Find some bands where the other members don't seem to have the time to be in one band. That's ultimately how you end up in multiple bands. One band isn't practicing or playing out as regularly as you want to or are able to. I was in 3 bands plus depping for anyone who was short, but a while ago now. It's amazing how poor some bands are at organising a rehearsal, let alone a gig. Lots start out with good intentions but quickly seem to lose any momentum. There's always someone who has something more important in the way.
  7. Some people can't deal with you being in two bands. If the band is busy and you're not going to drop gigs that have been booked with the other band, then their regular dep (you) is no longer the dep and they need to find someone else to cover. Probably easier in their minds to have a dedicated bass player and keep you as the dep. Singers can be pretty precious as well. Very frail Egos mostly.
  8. I was replying to Stub's comment. Which people appear to have found funny? Go figure. 🤷‍♂️
  9. Well I also have plugs but I don't sing. Just pointing out that many of us have gone along the path of amassing tons of gear and then just getting rid of it all. Maybe swap out the vocal mic for a hypercardiod one, as seems that standing next to a heavy hitting drummer isn't going to help getting the vocals separate. Or maybe stand away from the drums or as I said at least look at how the mic is placed and directioned. Thought I was giving helpful advice. 🤷‍♂️
  10. My approach to playing is always to keep the gear as simple as possible. The more gadgets you use to fix a problem, the longer the set up, the more messing around, the more potential for things to go wrong and the less likely the solution is to work as expected. Lots of bass players here just with a bass, an amp and a tuner. For good reason.
  11. Wrong. Read your last sentence on your first post again. Then please apologise. You'd get the same response regardless of your gender. As most people on this forum will attest. You've asked for opinions. If you only wanted people to agree with you, why ask for opinions?
  12. Not many women here to advise on the subject really so if you ask for advice and opinions they'll generally be from men. Could always try the bass players section of mums net. 🤷‍♂️
  13. I'm just looking at the TimeTree app. Looks pretty simple. It's just a shared calendar. You don't even have to put email address in as far as I can see, just skip all the registering screens. As others have said, the weakest link in all these apps is the humans inputting data.
  14. Yes. All clear now. Just confusing wording that's all. I'm still not sure not having any eq on your mic is a good thing. Good luck.
  15. So how is that any different to what you currently do? If the iem mix coming back from the main desk was too loud and at risk of damaging your hearing, you're not fixing the main problem you had.
  16. So if have this right, the OP has 5 XLRs going from the desk, across the stage to her mixer and then 5 going back to the main mixer. And then will attempt to mix the levels (with no EQ) during the sound check? How does this work? I don't mean in a technical manner, the signals will do what they do, I mean in a practical real life situation? I look forward to seeing how practical this is when it's gigged.
  17. Seems to me the lack of control of volume is caused by having the IEM behind her back and out of reach.
  18. Usually the soundman. And it's usually taken pre-fade and set during sound check. And left unless you signal to them you want more or less of something. It's the way it's been done for years. The first thing I do with all inputs is put the 100hz self on and cut all bass from all mics that don't need it. Standing next to the bass amp and drums with with vocal mic open to bass frequencies is going to cause issues. Which you can't sort if you've got no EQ between the mic and the IEMs. Really look at what the problem was and fix it at source.
  19. It's on your IEM amplifier. You don't have any control over feedback from individual sources while playing, you're still at the mercy of sound engineers not allowing feedback into the stage mics.
  20. Seems a bit of a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Just ask for your monitor feed to be pre-fade. Then once it's set, its set. I would think you'd get plenty of bleed from the drums into your vocal mic, which may have been your issue all along, so try and angle it away from the drums. With your setup you're going to get a very dry mix with no EQ on any instruments/vocal. Rather than looking at loads of extra gear to fix a problem, I always look at what's causing the problem first and if it's user error or some other root cause, fix it there. Otherwise you're adding more complexity in, which will ultimately cause more issues than it solves.
  21. The only time I started not enjoying gigging I realised it was certain members of the band who were making it hard work. I changed band. The only gig I can remember not looking forward to doing was a 'concert in a methodist church hall', with no alcohol, we had been invited to sit with the vicar for a cup of tea during our break. As we were arriving someone was setting the chairs out in rows. As soon as we started soundcheck someone complained we were too loud. Needn't have worried, someone else came along, moved all the chairs (how is anyone going to dance?), told the person complaining about the volume not to sit in front of the speakers. The hall were all up and dancing from the first song - which has only ever happened to me a handful of times (other than at weddings). Yes, it's why I play.
  22. I played with them for a bit, but didn't really have time in the end. Chris was singing. Some fun tunes to play. Say hi to them, great bunch of guys.
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