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  1. I did quite a few years ago and I just could not do it...Playing two beat felt like I was strangling myself, I could feel myself wanting to funk it up a bit, hopeless......Really admire those with the discipline to do it.
  2. Oh my that 57 sounds like a light one too....raspy....beautiful and Suzi is the real deal....legend. Love her.
  3. Blimey I think the last Reggae tune I played was One In Ten back in 81.....not exactly roots reggae but fun times if I recall.
  4. Even now 40 years later I still go weak at the knees if I come across an original Orange 120 valve head or a Hiwatt 100 head or Ampeg V4B....used all three in the 70's with a P bass.......a glorious racket did they make!
  5. My listening tends to mean playing along to and at the mo its a delve back into ABBA's greatest hits..... What a brilliant bassilicious workout....show stuff, groove, jet fuelled 12 bar...its got it all....
  6. Depends on what u call great. Someone who comes up with totally new stuff or someone who can play everything on the fly. Used to watch a band at my local holiday bar in the 70's. Guitarist played a tele and could slay any tune thrown at him....Beatles, 60's, 70's pop and he did it with gusto, his sweeping chords on the bridge PU were mesmerising and sooo musical....so in my mind... a truly superb guitarist...but then so is Jeff Beck and and Pat Travers and totaly different. U pays ur money etc.
  7. A recent spate of God awful live outdoor gigs/fests has put me off spending anymore cash on more basses for good......Seems it dont matter what ur playing, out in the mush pit its all a dull drone.......we bassists really are a bit silly.
  8. This.....Iam getting so bored with 'bassists' who cant play a simple slow groove in the first five frets....and, with passing open strings.....whats going on bass peeps? Oh and the wood thing?....meh.
  9. Pity cause I have to totaly disagree with what Ive read so far about him. Saw him at a small local festival on the South Coast a few yrs ago (yes, weird or what!) and his band were just groovier and tighter than an over torqued nut and bolt....great sound.
  10. Well alright not widdling exactly but Reed as a leader in the current crop of young talent is just off the scale good, and I mean that in a musical way not just a 'Im fast look at me kinda way'.
  11. We're all here cause of that crappy clip of him in church playing that wicked version of Joy to the World....He's live and every ones watching him and hes pulling off lightning licks that I've never heard before.....Guys not only got a handle on melody but hes almost like a modern jacked up version of Jamerson. I think he's pretty unique and I'm an A1 religious non believer. The guy above is sat in his bedroom kinda widdling really.
  12. This is the 'Duncan Designed' Jazz P/J bridge PU from my 2017 Vintage Mod P/J bass which Iam converting back to P bass. Never liked the blue either but the weight was lovely so I bought it knowing I'd repaint it eventually. (vintage bridge is fitted simply because I prefer them to the standard Squire bridge.) Bass has had a lot of use but PU is in great condition . There is a notch in the end of the cover which I did to allow the leads a bit more movement. These Duncan Designed PU's are very good indeed. Great burpy, punchy tone and with the adjustable pole pieces so grab urself a bargain @ £35 plus a couple quid for postage etc. Cheers all
  13. Wow...would love to know why you couldn't hear a P bass in a band situation.
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