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  1. Totaly agree plus you can still find "good ones" the same way now and again one can find a "good" Fender.
  2. I own two lowly Indo Vintage Modified P's after a lifetime of playing this and that. One of them is so good its crazy. Lightweight, with a perfect neck and with the SD PU's as standard. For the price its both stunning and playable but still deemed a beginners instrument..and I would love to see myself at Glasto on stage with it.
  3. Just struck by the small number of P basses in these lists yet unlike years ago there are so few for sale on any of the various selling platforms, tis a mystery
  4. Some of these humungous lists look like an endless quest for tone....wouldnt it be better just to have a couple of basses and simply practise more.....
  5. No need to spend on new strings on such a cheap bass. Pop them in a pan with washing powerder and boil on the gas for a bit....will be squeaky clean.
  6. Sting, Geddie, Janice Johnson in Taste of Honey....brilliant musician
  7. Currently into those Y Tube 70's pop compilations for a play along.... its crazy good fun from the cheese to the groove stuff....and a good workout for the fingers and the brain cells. Agadoo anyone?
  8. Yeah I think he played that syrupy smooth line on Andy Gibbs Everlasting Love....beautiful understated playing.
  9. 78 P trans wine red bought new ( kinda wish I still had it, nice weight and pretty) 81 Aria pro 2 900 bought new (boat anchor, narrow board) 76 MM Stingray bought used in 1980 (boat anchor) Then, a fifteen year break from it all, goodness knows I needed it...then Mex P bass bought new in 2004 (the renaissance begins) 75 P bought in 2006 (natural ash .very nice P bass , huge neck) 70 s/b P bought 2011 (heavy, with a super powerful A string and a E string dead as a dodo, i literally pulled it apart but no joy) RW J bass (feather light, punchy and real nice should never have sold it) All gone and now left with: Two VM Squire P's bought recently (will never sell either, one in particular is the best instrument I have ever owned, light weight and punchy with those SD PU's.)
  10. Of course with the Bruce Thomas bass you get to play all those fab EC bass lines.
  11. Playing along to The Drifters greatest hits....mmm, old school Philly soul...love it.
  12. Id lusted for years to get a early 70's sunburst P. Played it and sold it....heavy and the E string was sooo dead. Now play a VM squire P which I shall never sell.
  13. I've done the same thing over the years, P to J cause it was expected then back again, etc but I dunno the J just doesn't have the grunt that a good P has for me anyway.....and Iam talking about good P's. I've played some which were kinda meh. Had a lovely RW Jazz but again it was just missing something for me.
  14. This thread is a nice read and reminds me why I don't do it anymore....best of luck with it...you need a lot of staying power to make it happen, a successful band who stick at it is a knife edge balancing act.
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