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  1. I've done the same thing over the years, P to J cause it was expected then back again, etc but I dunno the J just doesn't have the grunt that a good P has for me anyway.....and Iam talking about good P's. I've played some which were kinda meh. Had a lovely RW Jazz but again it was just missing something for me.
  2. This thread is a nice read and reminds me why I don't do it anymore....best of luck with it...you need a lot of staying power to make it happen, a successful band who stick at it is a knife edge balancing act.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. And one of the biggest improvements u can make to any bass is rolling the lower fingerboard edge...light and day difference.
  5. For me it was a case of getting the itch out of my system so I bought a 1970 SB RW P bass. It felt amazing, looked beautiful and sounded very smooth but could I justify the cash being tied up like that? not after picking up a lowly Squire VM P.....sold the vintage and I'll probably never sell the Squire....its lighter, punchier and just perfect for no money at all.
  6. Exactly. I'm sorry he's got Turets but its very difficult to watch so I have to turn off. Same with Dave Grohl he's got the same problem...pity cause he'd be quite watchable if it wasn't for the language.
  7. Don't remind me....still kicking myself. My thinking was that it was gimmicky and would never increase in value....what a twit! hands down the sweetest bass guitar I've ever picked up, and Id tried a few 60's examples.
  8. Due to circumstances I ended up recently with a new style Rumble 100 and 40 watt combos....didnt want to spend anymore cash so I daisied them together....what a racket! Sounded pretty good too.
  9. I love my Squire P's but would they stand up to night after night on stage?...not sure.
  10. Hi Everybody New member here...what a great site? Anyway I was wondering where all the RW P basses have gone...I bought one when they first came out and stupidly sold it, biggest regret ever, but can I find another one?....had no idea they were that popular even though I remember it being very nice. Cheers
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