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  1. I am guessing you aren’t posting outside UK?
  2. @Old Horse Murphy I’m in Spain at the moment. Closest I could get to blighty would be Ireland when I come back soon :(
  3. Was having a look around at some used gear in light of this thread and spied some Charvette and Jackson P basses. Any good? One was a Charvette p 400.
  4. @jezzaboy not familiar with the L100...
  5. Would be cool if Charvel released one of these again. I could put up with the pointy headstock....
  6. Worth going all in for a neck through or any experience with bolt on conversions?
  7. @Ricky Rioli yep, the website is a disaster for specs :(
  8. Not to hijack the other threads on various G&L models, I have been ogling the JB-2 and the LB-100 as of late. I like the, what looks like, a smaller body on the JB-2 and the basic finish. I've never seen any in a shop so can't comment on the necks, but believe the LB-100 neck is similar to a jazz bass profile? This most likely is not a tribute model, but he is getting an almighty clank out of it that I love. Nice and aggressive.
  9. Have some gas for these G&L basses , the jazz bass or p bass style...
  10. @Killed_by_Death maybe he things owning all those basses will make him play better or because he owns them, he's in some top tier of "players" ...?
  11. Anyone ever try those bolt on conversion necks? Pricey things to experiment with I suppose...
  12. Now in 2 or 3 minds between this, the dc junior tribute, or holding out for a medium scale aluminium neck build!!!! Gah!!!
  13. Spotted a used Gibson SG bass with Babiscz bridge. Punt or no punt....
  14. @Killed_by_Death is he any good ? can he play any of them ?
  15. @bassmachine2112ah so depending on the model, the woods differ?
  16. @BigRedX I need to think about 30 v 34 inch scale... not sure yet
  17. @BigRedX Thanks for feedback. Curious about weight, neck dive. I am tempted to plump for a Tides, similar to the original post, a bit of an expense when I'm not gigging but ready for when I am able to gig (is my excuse). From just videos I've seen, I really like the bell like crisp sound they can produce in general. Not a huge fan of the trebly pick distorted sound, which I suppose they are famous for though I would mainly be a pick player for anything remotely heavier or rockier...
  18. @BigRedX good points! That opens up the likes of Esp Ltd, Schecter if memory serves.
  19. ah good to know. So the non bolt on active ones are the ones to watch (at a cheaper price!)? Bridge on new Vintage pro looks a lot better though.
  20. Does this look ok? Battery compartment seems to be not there v the sunburst ones or natural finish ones, of which there are several much cheaper than this on the same site. Can't justify another purchase right now, but way cheaper than Reverb. https://es.wallapop.com/item/thunderbird-classic-iv-pro-615541737
  21. No way I'd pay that for any guitar.
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