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  1. I was close to pulling the trigger on a 4003s in Japan but held off. Also thinking of a Laredo style build but totally undecided still!
  2. I sold my Squier Bronco bass, so all these are brand new, box opened only, and for sale. I am in Spain, so not sure of the ins and outs of postage between EU to UK etc, but anyhow. I think the prices are fair enough. If you are buying in EU, you'll save the customs etc on all of these as they originally came from UK and USA. €190/160 GBP and I will pitch in with postage Earpilanz 3 ply pickguard €15 Oil City Mustang pickup €80 Home of Tone Mustang Wiring Loom €50 Mustang bass bridge €50 https://imgur.com/a/5f62cTm Forget about the random synth and mustang spring pics!
  3. Anyone try those Danelectro short scale 59 basses yet? The long scale version video demos sound pretty good. They sure as heck look original.
  4. Still on the hunt, and it doesn't get any easier. I spotted some interesting used basses near me that I had not considered: G&L tribue L2000 (some G&L USA versions further afield but in same country) A Washburn Status (headless, could be interesting if the treble could be tamed). Every online demo seems to be of people slapping the stinky poo out of this instrument, a style which has no appeal to me. I understand this is what they might be best suited to. They sure do look really cool though! Ibanez SR500 A Yamaha bbga4 (never heard of these before) A Cort EVL Z6 (never saw these before either, and is going for cheap) Some kind of a weird looking Vantage MIJ bass, which looks cool anyhow! And a load of P or PJ variations. The choise is limitless it seems...
  5. Very nice bass. On a side note, here is a video with the Deus bassist Alan Gevaert. It's in Dutch, so double Dutch to me, but different pickups in his G&L. A custom job?
  6. Apologies, alleged bridge issues, though more often than not when I have seen videos of people going on about "issues" with instruments, I have often found nothing wrong with them when I played them. Case in point. Epiphone EB0. I have a stock one which is perfectly fine.
  7. Was there a short scale version of the Embassy a few years ago with bridge issues ?
  8. Another faker, maybe, but another Rockinbetter? Nah. Someone posted on the FB faker group the other day about some guy in UK selling a real RIC 4003s for 1000 pounds which seemed like a really good price..
  9. Probably the coolest of all I have been looking at. They sound good too.
  10. Oh yeah, good shout, maybe keep an eye out for the JMJ used. What a set of Geezer Butlers in the PJ 😛 I'd have to throw a DC Junior Bass into the mix as well.
  11. Ok, sold my Squier Bronco, and might look at a "step up". I've been floating between 34" suggestions in other threads or staying in the short scale lane. Is the PJ Mustang worth a look? Or should I look at the Vintera with the small split pickup? I hear of folk usually switching pickups in the PJ, and occasionaly the bridge, but I'd like to do as little as possible, just play and stop tinkering!
  12. Think I am ok for now with the suggestions! Thank you guys. I am veering back to the short scale thread with a few questions...
  13. I have a template from this guy which I think I will proceed with, so that will take care of the one pickup single coil type sound A bass I had not considered but sounds good on demos is the Ibanez SR500E BM. Tune it to BEAD!! That or the Spector Performer or Legend 4 , or the Thunderbird have me intrigued for now.
  14. How is that J pickup? Looks very close to the bridge? Hard to tame? I wouldn't be too worried about the lack of a tone control....
  15. Sold off some gear over the last while. I'm not gigging at the moment, so not sure I'd justify looking for a used Ric! Sold a Rockinbetter Ric. Nice bass, has my curiosity piqued for a Ric (if I were only gigging again....) Only bass I have at the moment is an upgraded Epiphone EBO. Really like the feel of this, does what it does. On my radar: Epiphone Thunderbird bass (put off by the neck dive, and not sure if the bolt on would be too "low quality", or go for Vintage Pro. Again, neck dive, neck dive...). They sound really really cool though. Gibson DC Junior Bass (I'd keep an eye out for a used one. Sound very nice, no neck dive, decent reviews all round, and would be good for rocking out) Gibson SG Bass (based on what the Epiphone does, not sure one of these could be justified) Spector Performer 4 (passive would appeal, but again, a used Legend 4 could be good) This leads me into P or PJ territory. So so so many options at any price point. I wouldn't like anything heavy. Interested potentially in the Sire D5 or a G&L tribute P or PJ bass (weight dependant, I hear these are heavy?) Low end, a Squier Affinity PJ, stick a set of Geezer Butler's in them... Also spied a Reverend Wattplower used not too far… If I won the lotto in the morning, or got a decent gig: Ric 4003s (still with their issues though apparently!) Or all of them... 😛
  16. On t'other end of the scale, no pun intended, has anyone ever got their hands on the Performer 4 series? It looks like it could be very comfy and light. Passive pickups are the appeal as well, stick a set of Geezer Butlers in there. I would assume they should slot in perfectly. Looking for a cheap PJ option... Not as cool looking as an Epi Thunderbird or Fender P bass style, at that price point perhaps...
  17. Just saw a demo for the Sire D5. Looks promising and a competitor to the CV.
  18. I have seen some other companies making similar 50s style basses but can't even remember the websites I saw them on. e.g. Schecter Model T (in body shape only perhaps). Marcus Miller D5 Alder-4 BB etc. e.g. Bach basses http://www.bachmusik.com/en/bpb-60-sb-relic_p2003
  19. Selling my Bronco bass. Going to "upgrade". I had though about upgrading it, but might just get something off the shelf. Only one I have left is the Epi EB0 with roundwounds..... Decisions decisions........!
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