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  1. Ah yes, I forgot about the DI option. Something with a headphone related might be more suitable. I just don't want to be unpacking the audio interface, computer etc all the time to set up, but yes, the DI would be the easiest option into a mixer....
  2. Didn't think of it. A bass straight into the mixer would be a bit odd sounding though? Or do you mean I go into the nano battalion and then into the mixer etc.
  3. Hi all. I have been looking around at some small bedroom amp options. Current scenario is the following: I have a small Orange Crush guitar amp, and I plug bass into it sometimes. I keep the volume so low that I will never blow the speaker with a bass. I am living in an apartment with tiled floors, so a small bit of volume gets loud pretty quickly. I don't want to have to set up and plug into the laptop etc just for jamming. I was thinking about one of those headphone amps like the Vox amplug 2. Seems useful. Maybe. I don't own a bass amp, so could kill 2 birds and get one with a headphone input, and once gigs are back, I could use it for gigging. Other option is one of those small 108 or 110 combos. Are those Roland Cubes any good. Always thought the guitar and vocal Cubes were decent enough for the money and for what they were. Finally, another option could be to buy a powerful head, say 200w etc, with a headphone input, and just use this as my bedroom amp, and purchase a cab when I get back gigging. e.g. the Trace Elliot ELF head. (or combo) There's a lot of gear out there, and I'm just looking for something basic and don't need effects etc. I have some pedals knocking around for that. I also have an EHX nano battalion.
  4. Artec it is then. Makes me wonder how cheap the stock EB0 pickup is !
  5. I have one of these (in another country currently) and bought the extension bar for the bridge, (can't remember the brand for the life of me!). I think the strings will go through it first and then through the stock bridge. A cheap trial in any case. Is the Artec mudbucker worth a look? I was looking at the DiMarzio model 1. Mine is strung with flatwounds, but tempted to go round! Can't wait to stick it through a fuzz pedal.
  6. Mad idea... a short scale fretless neck on an Epiphone EBO....
  7. What guages do you think would work well for short scale? I can't imagine what light guage would be like. I suppose medium guage is always a safe option...
  8. Any suggestions for strings for a modded Bronco bass? It's all stock currently, but I have a new pickup and bridge etc to go in sometime this year! Open to flatwounds, or tape wounds, though I have no real idea of the difference between those. Would be mainly a rock type of player, but will have a 34 inch bass which will most likely have round wounds for that. Also have an Epi EBO with flatwounds.
  9. I know this was a project for the video poster but it sounds pretty cool. I love the weird look of it, headless and acrylic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yVW9UNUfXI&lc=UgwPe0CtHaz9ZuDNQ_d4AaABAg.9NH5AZynRqS9NHYtD_2jWT Also gassing for this:
  10. @NancyJohnson There is a desperate streak in me at times
  11. @Cosmo Valdemar This is similar to the one I saw for sale. Set neck I think. But no idea of the neck profile on these ones.
  12. Safe to say the new 60s Epi has the thinnest neck profile out of the Epis?
  13. I spied a 2005 tbird with what looks like a regular high mass bridge and a smaller headstock. Are the neck profiles thin on these as per the Epi 60s new one? Do the Epi Pros have comfy necks? As in which one to avoid with a baseball bat neck ...
  14. I’ve seen folk on demos commend on the extra reach to the 1st fret. Any truth to this ? In my situation i’m 6ft odd
  15. If they made a legend version of the p only config I’d be all over it! Can’t justify a 1k splurge currently 😛
  16. I wonder how it would be if you were stuck for space down in the Dog and Duck ...
  17. Just from vids , it looks like a “big” guitar but sounds great and looks great !
  18. How does the 60s reissue play? Bridge looks a lot better than the 3 point ones on other models ...
  19. Now looking at vids of the Kiloton, though the JB2 might be a bit more versatile sonically... Love the smaller bodies on these G&Ls..
  20. Despite all my comments on other threads, I have GAS for one of these. Was about to order, but will leave things sit for a few weeks and revisit!!
  21. Here's another lovely demo. Wonder how long those buttons would hold out long term, and where you'd rest your thumb..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imz1Fm_FTHA
  22. On the other end of the Spector scale, the performer series is passive..... an advantage for some?
  23. @Paulhauser that's perfect! Looks great, and loads of spare room behind the P pickup to dig in
  24. Chiming in from the other Charvel thread and tempted tempted. Need to have a think!!!
  25. I have admired the Spector body shape for a while and the headstock. Wonder if they ever did a p pickup only bass? I suppose you could just yank out the j pickup! 😛
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