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  1. Decisions decisions! About to get some upgrades done to an Epi EB0 and a Squier Bronco. Keep flats on the Epi or put them on the Bronco... Epi sounds good with the flats but curious as to how roundwounds would sound too...!
  2. It's a neck through from a company in Luxembourg called Tttides: https://tttides-guitars.com/gallery-infos/ From what I have seen, their guitars seem to be pretty flexible in terms of specs.
  3. Tempted with one of these, to eliminate neck bends forever! 30" scale.
  4. @BassApprentice That looks nice. Did you treat the neck to give it that darker colour, or is that a photo filter?
  5. Sorry, I should have included the link here at the marked 7:40 . The Low End Lobster Video has now put me off contuing the mod idea. He just slated it, but I suppose I should go on what I like.....
  6. I did come across another mod video which suggested some Kiesel ones, so might go for those.
  7. Just came across this unforgiving review. I mean, I know it's a cheap bass, but it's not that bad!
  8. I had the Kala U Bass, the fretless one, and it was a cool little thing. Tipped the hat to an upright bass I thought, and I was using it for home recording. Big issue I had was with the rubber strings. My fingers would stick to the strings so sliding up the neck was not as "fluid" as on a regular steel string for example. I am not sure if it was the heat at the time or not. But when I went to slide up, my finger would be "sticky" on the string, and sometimes it would make a little noise while sliding due to the friction. I did like the idea of it though and was a useful little tool to have around for ideas or easy recording etc.
  9. Nice, though I have not played one, I like the PJ look even though I often think 1 pickup is plenty!
  10. I noticed the sentinel ss is more expensive than the decision p bass. Sign of the times? Correction. Wrong.
  11. @ObrienpI am hoping to avoid any work to be done, drop in tuners if at all possible. I am in Spain, so don't want to get anything lost in translation when I take it to a luthier, though I would imagine they will know what they are doing anyhow...
  12. @Obrienp Thanks ! These look like a good fit but the same thread also mentioned regular Squier P or J machine heads. https://www.wdmusic.co.uk/hardware-parts-c1/tuning-machines-c28/bass-tuners-c33/wd-music-enclosed-4-in-line-bass-tuners-chrome-p4987
  13. If you want something a bit different, New Perspectives Music can put together a fretless bass, and use reclaimed materials while doing so!
  14. Can't wait to see more demos of this. Saw some vids of MW with various bands and some crack off his Wattplower with the P config. I have GAS for a Ric 4003s (keeping an eye out used) but one of these or the Sentinel also barged its way into the reckoning. Must not break... must not crack.....!
  15. I have some upgrades waiting to go on a Squier Bronco bass. I don't have new tuners or a nut. Worth looking at these? If so what could I replace tuners with? Seeing as I have a new bridge, wiring, pickup, and pickguard, and I will have to replace the stock strings too. I may as well go the whole hog...
  16. @Mikey Dyep it was the 4 string I was on about in my query.
  17. Is the J pickup on these standard size? Thinking about one of those oil city Ric J pickups in the J position could turn one of these into a monster!
  18. True. I was thinking the same. Thought I did look at the likes of the TE Elf and the Ampeg Portaflex 350. I could put my pedal board through them, and use headphones etc, or I could use them as a head for recording and just apply a virtual cab. But that is possibly just putting something else in the chain that doesn't need to be there for recording. But the Ampeg Portaflex 350 for example could be combined with a cab once I get back to gigging, and could be used for home silent practice as well.
  19. Ah yes, I forgot about the DI option. Something with a headphone related might be more suitable. I just don't want to be unpacking the audio interface, computer etc all the time to set up, but yes, the DI would be the easiest option into a mixer....
  20. Didn't think of it. A bass straight into the mixer would be a bit odd sounding though? Or do you mean I go into the nano battalion and then into the mixer etc.
  21. Hi all. I have been looking around at some small bedroom amp options. Current scenario is the following: I have a small Orange Crush guitar amp, and I plug bass into it sometimes. I keep the volume so low that I will never blow the speaker with a bass. I am living in an apartment with tiled floors, so a small bit of volume gets loud pretty quickly. I don't want to have to set up and plug into the laptop etc just for jamming. I was thinking about one of those headphone amps like the Vox amplug 2. Seems useful. Maybe. I don't own a bass amp, so could kill 2 birds and get one with a headphone input, and once gigs are back, I could use it for gigging. Other option is one of those small 108 or 110 combos. Are those Roland Cubes any good. Always thought the guitar and vocal Cubes were decent enough for the money and for what they were. Finally, another option could be to buy a powerful head, say 200w etc, with a headphone input, and just use this as my bedroom amp, and purchase a cab when I get back gigging. e.g. the Trace Elliot ELF head. (or combo) There's a lot of gear out there, and I'm just looking for something basic and don't need effects etc. I have some pedals knocking around for that. I also have an EHX nano battalion.
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