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  1. What is the general opinion on the current reissues? Always liked the look though if I changed the stock pickup to something hotter it might take away from the intended sound. Replace pickguard with a transparent one and I think it could look pretty good. How are the necks on them? More a P or a J profile on the CVs?
  2. Spied a natural finish cv j bass for €250 asking…. I’m all over the place with gas !!!
  3. Is this one of the contemporary Squiers?
  4. Might have been asked before, but are the pickups on the Talman interchangeable with e.g. EMG Geezer Butlers. Tempted to get a PJ config, but not sure yet whether to go Affinity 34inch or Talman short scale.... Edit: Yes they are
  5. You snooze you lose. I may have missed out on it, but not to worry. There is the Affinity PJ which, if I got , I would put a high mass bridge and some EMG Geezer Butlers in it. I only have 2 basses currently, 2 short scales, so maybe a 34 inch would be good for variety. (I have a Rockinbetter faker in the out tray as well)
  6. A 90s Korean p bass has popped up near me for not much more than a used Affinity PJ… What to go for!!?
  7. General consensus on these still good? I have a J neck lying around at home and a bridge but might be cheaper to get a Squier than a build. I have seen some videos where the tuning peg holes didn’t line up properly with the headstock. I would guess some essential mods or upgrades would be necessary? e.g. better bridge, pickups etc? Are the necks J necks or P necks ?
  8. While not a fan of Limp Bizkit, this is a crazy looking short scale Wes Borland is playing here? Or is it a tenor guitar or a 4 string baritone or bass "IV" etc.. Link starts at track where he is using it.
  9. Any advice on guage and flatwounds for a squier bronco bass? La bellas? Stay away from light guage right?
  10. Neck dive? I have the Eb 0 Epi and it’s a cracking little bass.
  11. Decisions decisions! About to get some upgrades done to an Epi EB0 and a Squier Bronco. Keep flats on the Epi or put them on the Bronco... Epi sounds good with the flats but curious as to how roundwounds would sound too...!
  12. It's a neck through from a company in Luxembourg called Tttides: https://tttides-guitars.com/gallery-infos/ From what I have seen, their guitars seem to be pretty flexible in terms of specs.
  13. @BassApprentice That looks nice. Did you treat the neck to give it that darker colour, or is that a photo filter?
  14. Sorry, I should have included the link here at the marked 7:40 . The Low End Lobster Video has now put me off contuing the mod idea. He just slated it, but I suppose I should go on what I like.....
  15. I did come across another mod video which suggested some Kiesel ones, so might go for those.
  16. Just came across this unforgiving review. I mean, I know it's a cheap bass, but it's not that bad!
  17. I had the Kala U Bass, the fretless one, and it was a cool little thing. Tipped the hat to an upright bass I thought, and I was using it for home recording. Big issue I had was with the rubber strings. My fingers would stick to the strings so sliding up the neck was not as "fluid" as on a regular steel string for example. I am not sure if it was the heat at the time or not. But when I went to slide up, my finger would be "sticky" on the string, and sometimes it would make a little noise while sliding due to the friction. I did like the idea of it though and was a useful little tool to have around for ideas or easy recording etc.
  18. Nice, though I have not played one, I like the PJ look even though I often think 1 pickup is plenty!
  19. I noticed the sentinel ss is more expensive than the decision p bass. Sign of the times? Correction. Wrong.
  20. @ObrienpI am hoping to avoid any work to be done, drop in tuners if at all possible. I am in Spain, so don't want to get anything lost in translation when I take it to a luthier, though I would imagine they will know what they are doing anyhow...
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