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  1. Reluctant sale but had no use as I've been using my two Krells and have a short scale Harlot on the way. Condition is 'as new' and sale includes a new Hiscox Deluxe Hardcase. I'm assuming that anyone who might be interested in this instrument is fairly well 'clued in' as to what ACG basses are about...and that they are built, in very small numbers in Moffat, Scotland. Fitted with an ACG EQ01 dual filter preamp but, should the buyer prefer, I can have Alan swap the preamp to a conventional 3 band type: an ACG/East Uni-Pre 4k. The filtered preamps are however the ultimate in 'tone shaping' and unusual on a bass at this price point. Other features that differentiate ACG basses from the crowds are a flat fingerboard (infinite radius to use the right term) and an asymmetric neck profile, both of which add up to a very comfortable playing experience. Bodycore is alder with a Japanese Keyaki top. Neck is 3 piece ash/wenge/ash, fingerboard is acrylic impregnated birdseye maple with 24 medium frets. All wood is a very high quality satin finish. 2x ACG single coil pickups (neck pickup is overwound). Controls include 2x low-pass filters (one per pickup) + master/global high pass filter. Basically, each pickup can be EQ'd independently. Bass can be run active or passive. Hipshot type B bridge, Gotoh GB7 tuners, Dunlop dual-design straplocks. 19mm string spacing, 34" scale, weight is 7.5lbs/3.4kg Includes tools and sheets for the controls/preamp operation and wiring diagrams. UK SHIPPING included....anywhere else by agreement with buyer TEL 07837-011889 EMAIL [email protected] NO TRADES......NO TRADES........NO TRADES........NO TRADES........NO TRADES thanks!
  2. The bass is entirely built in Germany to my specification. It was one of the last Sandbergs I ordered into stock before retiring and closing my bass retailing business down. Its offered at a substantial discount. The problem with offering a genuine article at a substantially discounted price is that it makes people suspicious and they start looking for the catch! No catch here....just a brilliant bargain for someone
  3. Sorry Tim...just got out of hospital after back surgery. Weight will be low 8 pounds - much lighter than a Fender Jazz. Drew
  4. Another reluctant sale but my collection has got out of control and i'm using a Bongo HH4 and can't justify keeping this one as its had no use. Brand new & unused with Musicman fitted hardcase and case 'bits and pieces'. The Bongo came out of a collaboration with BMW whose styling people designed the unique Bongo shape which is a triumph of 'Form follows function. I think the Bongo is a superb, very intelligently designed, modern 24 fret bass that tonally, sounds nothing like a Stingray, despite having a single Humbucker. at the sweet spot! The Stealth model comes with an ebony fingerboard in lieu of the standard rosewood. Body wood is Basswood which tends to be mid-frequency biased. Bass has 3 band active EQ which is both powerful and effective. The Stealth has recently been discontinued and the one or two new ones that are knocking around the UK for sale aren't full blown Stealths in that they have chrome bridges and chrome pickup pole pieces so they're a bit of a hybrid! Can ship pretty much anywhere. Service and cost to be agreed with buyer. Alternatively am in the Northwest & west Yorkshire 8th-12th August which may make a meet up possible. Please message or call me for any further information (07837-011889).
  5. Brand new & unused bass including Sandberg gig bag. Sandbergs are (substantially) handbuilt & finished in Germany by Bass players! Reason for sale : downsizing a big collection inc some new/unused basses The California T range is Sandbergs intelligent re-working of the Jazz theme.....more compact body (lighter), substantial 6-bolt neck connection, more substantial modern bridge, hand shaped necks with sublime playability. This 'classic'looking instrument has a couple of upgrades on the standard spec - Ash body in lieu of Alder and the white pearl block fingerboard inlays. Street price for a new one is £1400-£1425 (list is £1589) so this represents a significant saving for someone. 2 x Sandberg single coil pickups, 22 medium frets + zero fret. Hi-gloss trans-black body finish. Sandberg stainless steel roundwound strings 40-100 gauge. Nut width is 39.5mm so 1.5mm wider than a Jazz. Can ship anywhere within the UK (or beyond). Service and cost to be agreed with buyer. Am down in Northwest & West Yorkshire 8th-12th August so that may facilitate a meet up/handover. For any further info please message me or call on 07837-011889. Oh...the 'mark' on the pickguard is an air bubble in the protective film which is still in place.
  6. Forget it says Indonesia on the rear of the headstock and you are playing a 'boutique' bass in terms of playability, feel and tone. These Kingston series basses are made at MTD's own purpose-built manufacturing facility in Asia and Quality Control is first class. I've really enjoyed owning this bass . Condition is very good all round and the frets and fingerboard show little or no wear. These sell at around £900 now in the UK (when you can find one). They are light, articulate and beautifully balanced on the strap or the knee Burl maple top on a mahogany body core with a black separating veneer, all gloss lacquered. The bolt-on maple neck is beautifully figured and has an asymmetrical profile which, ergonomically, fits the hand perfectly - something I've grown to appreciate from my ACG basses. The angled-back headstock is also faced in burl maple to match the body. MTD quick-release bridge, 2 x MTD Soapbar (humbucking) pickups encased in wood, 3 band active EQ, 24 medium nickel frets. There are a lot of high-end design details going on here. The bass is very versatile tonally and delivers with bell-like clarity and will suit bassists whose playing carries a lot of detail. Particularly good for playing chords up the dusty end I found! Will ship, in a hard case, anywhere in the UK (or beyond). Service and cost to be agreed with buyer. Alternatively I come down to the Northwest & West Yorkshire every few weeks so that may offer the opportunity for a meet/handover Please message/call me for any further information (07837-011889)
  7. Another reluctant 'release' from my collection. These Taiwanese-built Broad Basses stand up really well against their Jap-built counterparts - I know, I have a MIJ BB1100s, BB2024X, BB2000 and TRB ii Run it active, run it passive, its just a really good sounding and playing bass and its in very clean condition for a late 80's instrument. I used it on New Englands updated recording of 'White lady' - a song we wrote and recorded in the 80's which is, er, very Hendrix-y and I was after a Billy Cox sounding bass part...really heavy and driving Colour is a subtle violet-burst that is perfectly represented in the first photograph. Body is Alder, tinted one piece maple bolt-on neck, rosewood fingerboard with 21 medium frets. Classic P/J pickup configuration with 3 band active EQ. Very usefully, there is a passive tone control so there are tonal options when playing in passive mode. 3 position pickup selector toggle, active-passive switch. Will provide a decent gig bag Can ship anywhere in the UK (and beyond), Service and cost to be agreed with buyer. Alternatively I get down to the Northwest and West Yorkshire every few weeks or so which means that a meet up may be possible. Please message/call me for any further info (07837-011889). Thanks for looking
  8. OK, I know that Warwick stopped offering the Fortress as a production model in 1999. This was a one-off custom order from 2007 and the chap I bought it from informed me that he was the second owner. It has the fully recessed strap buttons and is offered for sale with a broad leather strap with straplocks fitted and a decent gig bag. It did not come to me with an owners kit. Reason for sale is that I have over 40 basses and simply need to cut my collection in half...I just can't play them all and we downsized about 12 months ago and i'm struggling for space. Body is 3 piece maple with a 'honeyburst' gloss lacquered finish. Neck is Ovangkol (bolt-on). Maple fingerboard (rare for Warwick) with 24 medium bell brass frets. Classic P/J pickup configuration, MEC pickups and 2 band EQ. Push-pull active/passive. There are a couple of cosmetic issues which I've tried to photograph: there is some crazing in the lacquer on the body just below the control knobs and the fingerboard shows pronounced wear across the end of the neck (body end) and at a couple of fret positions on the fingerboard edge below the G string. Neither affect the playability or enjoyment of the bass and you have to go looking for them. The frets and fingerboard overall are sound. The bass plays and sounds just great...big tight, growly Warwick tone! Neck profile is quite 'chunky' and I find it a very comfortable bass to play in terms of left hand and balance on the strap. Weight? pretty decent - a bit lighter than a P or J Can ship anywhere within the UK (and beyond). Service and cost to be agreed with buyer. I also get down to the Northwest and West Yorkshire every few weeks which might enable the buyer to meet me. Please message me for any further info or call me on 07837-011889. Thanks for looking.
  9. Just putting the finishing touches to NEW ENGLAND's latest track 'All the Kings Horses'....a piece inspired by Kurt Vonagut's short story about a lethal game of chess!

    Been using an ACG Krell, custom built by Alan for me using all native woods.

    NEW ENGLAND are a Yorkshire based rock band that (on and off) have been writing and recording original music since 1983...a bit 'proggy', a bit 'classic rock' a bit folk rock...a bit NEW ENGLAND really!

    All our latest stuff, and a selection of stuff from the 1980's, can be accessed on Soundcloud or through the bands website  www.newengland-prog.com

    Give us a listen (thats me in the middle!)

    family of Man 2.jpg

    1. Dood


      Oh wow, that's the sculpture that lives at Snape Matings in Suffolk. I used to work there as a musician for about three years! 

      Will endeavour to listen to your tunes! 

    2. Drew Dempster

      Drew Dempster

      Bloody hell....small world!


  10. I have a Stingray HS. In addition to the 3eq preamp it has a 5 position pickup combination switch. You can run it in many modes...even have it on the humbucker only with the mid cut/boost set flat if you want the classic 2eq single pickup tone....but why would you want to limit yourself? It all depends whether you tend to take the 'intelligent' approach or the 'rose tinted glasses approach' ...the latter being that a 'proper' Stingray only has one pickup and 2 eq.
  11. Been fancying a dabble with a fan-fret so just ordered up a Dingwall NG2, 4 string in Lamborgini Orange! Will let you know how i get on with it. Mind you, when I had my bass business we had a couple come in and I found them quite intuitive to play.

    1. SpondonBassed


      It's multi-scale madness I tells ye!

      Nah.  I'll probably end up dabbling for myself one day when I've got disposable income once more.  I like the idea of the extra long E.  It'll be interesting to see if it's anything like I visualise.

      I'll look forward to your NBD topic.

    2. Drew Dempster

      Drew Dempster

      For your possible future reference - its very easy to play!


  12. Hi, BassChatters....I will spell my name right soon! Retired now, but as the former owner of THE GREAT BRITISH BASS LOUNGE (bass guitar retailer) i never felt that it was appropriate to participate in the forum in case it appeared that I was using it as a 'selling platform'.

    Been playing bass since I was a daft young lad but took a 20-odd year break to concentrate on my main career as an architect. Came back to bass about 10 years ago and, to my great surprise and immense pleasure re-formed NEW ENGLAND (www.newengland-prog.com) with some lost, lost (almost) friends.

    Being a bass retailer introduced me to many, many views and ideas about bass guitars and bass playing...some sound, some  complete bunkum and, at the extreme end, there are certainly people with acute bass-related OCD!!!! Basses aren't very complicated animals (my personal opinion) and, whilst there are many people who know a damn sight more than i do, I do like to go 'myth-busting' when invited to offer an opinion.

    My greatest pleasure has been helping, where I can, novice and inexperienced players and, as a retailer, making sure that they were tooled up with not the most expensive bass, but the right bass for them. I've also enjoyed showing folk how to set up their bass and not to be frightened of truss rods!!!!

    Always happy to offer advice and never too proud to ask for some....ww never stop learning!

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    2. petergales


      Congratulations! That sounds like a special instrument. The search for my Streamer goes on.

    3. Drew Dempster

      Drew Dempster

      I think theres one floating around at the moment - check Ebay, might be there?

    4. petergales


      Thanks Drew. I'll have a look. The rosewood board is the real rarity.

  13. The 3eq Stingray (ie, with mid-boost) is a no-brainier -especially if you play rock and want to be heard through the mix. If you want the soft, ‘scoopy’ Sound favoured by slappers simply cut the mid boost. It really does give you far more tonal options so why limit yourself with the 2 eq version?
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