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  1. Hello everyone!! I'm looking for an Aguilar DB410 cabinet cover in used conditions. If you got one to sell please contact me. I'm based in Italy
  2. Hello everyone!! I'm looking for an Aguilar DB410 cabinet cover in used conditions. If you got one to sell please contact me. I'm based in Italy
  3. Presidente

    Aguilar DB410 cover

    Hello there! 75 inc. posting to Italy would be possible too??
  4. Presidente

    SOLD Vanzandt P

    Supercool! GLWTS!!!!
  5. Presidente

    1982 USA Fender Precision

    Gorgeous!!! Does it come with its Fender late '70s molded case?
  6. Presidente

    1966 fender jazz bass

    Magna tranquillo.
  7. Presidente


    Solo per il nickname hai vinto tu!
  8. Presidente

    Fender 1983 US Standard Precision WITHDRAWN FROM SALE.

    Just few words. Technically this cannot be called an American Standard Precision bass. American Standard Precision basses, firstly appeared in 1995 (in 1985 the first American Standard Jazz Bass). They all had (and still have) the strings passing through the body, and they were all produced in the Corona plant. This is what we usually call a "Precision E3 series" and was the last Precision bass serie to be made in the old Fullerton plant. Beautiful instrument: their value is increasing
  9. Presidente

    Feedback for essexbasscat

    Hi all. Have bought an Aguilar AG500 head from Tom. All went ok. I'm based in Italy and he accepted to ship it to me with a very low charge. The head arrived quickly and in a perfect shape: even better than in the pictures he sent to me. An absolute gent!! Tom , now you got a friend in Italy, remember. I wish you all the best. Simone
  10. Presidente

    Aguilar AG500 Now £395.00 *Sold*

    Really! I do not like those tiny heads that look like a car radio. They're not even so cool over those big cabs, with four speakers. They seem like those Cartoon robots that we watched on television in the 80's, with a big body and a small head hahaha
  11. Presidente

    Aguilar AG500 Now £395.00 *Sold*

    PM replied, dear Tom. Sorry for the delay.
  12. Presidente

    Aguilar AG500 Now £395.00 *Sold*

    Hello there. Will you consider shipping in Italy? Any idea 'bout the cost??
  13. Sei Tube di Megabass? In bocca al lupo x la vendita!!
  14. Presidente

    2001 US Fender Precision * SOLD *

    Ops...sorry guys. My fault. Didn't read.
  15. Presidente

    2001 US Fender Precision * SOLD *

    Still on sale?
  16. Presidente

    Vintage fender precision bass 1977 For Sale

    [quote name='Beak Davison' timestamp='1323000502' post='1458046'] Now on eBay for £800 [/quote]
  17. Presidente

    Ampeg B200R 200W Combo

    Still on sale?
  18. Presidente

    Epiphone T-Bird Alpine White Limited Edition

    Still on sale?
  19. Presidente

    FOUND: Fender Precision USA.

    Thanks mate. After more than 1 year I've just found what I were lookin'for. Good luck with the sale, anyway.
  20. Looking for a Fender Precision USA Standard at a reasonable price. Last production, Olympic White finish, tort guard, rosewood neck and the original hard case too. I live in Italy: I'd pay the shipping, of course. Cheerz. [b]I'VE FOUND IT. MODS, CAN CLOSE THIS TOPIC. THANKS.[/b]
  21. Presidente

    FOUND: Fender Precision USA.

    Still lookin' for it. How long?
  22. Presidente

    fender American Standard Precision Bass

    Hello there...Still on sale?