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  1. (oops, it's a 1976 pot. Let me check the tone pot tonight, it may be a 1976 bass then) Sorry for these multiple edits. It doesn't really matters me if the bass is from 1977 or 1976. But i know it's something you got to be sure when you buy a vintage Fender. Doing my best to be accurate.
  2. Wednesday bump ! I made a few deals here on BC. Here you got my feedback's thread : A close pic on the volume pot :
  3. I just gave the bass a full Fender polish, with no noticeable change on it's yellowed OW. Refreshed some welds too, no buzz anymore except the tone pot full open - i think it's due to the volume pot, not working as it should, see above. And price is dropped again: £1750 / 2000€ shipped to your door 🙂 Some pics from this afternoon, no smartphone filter here. Just think the bass being yellower.
  4. (but could be pau ferro, sure)
  5. +1 on walnut, it's reminding me my bloody - BC approved- Cirrus
  6. It will. What i don't know is what you'll find under the hood, and if it'll match the rest of the body's colour.
  7. I'm definitely not an expert but i'd expect cocobolo having more contrast between veins. Walnut ? Beautiful anyway
  8. (i used some smartphone filters to get the pics closer to what the bass is in the flesh, but it really looks very saturated.) Here are some guts pics
  9. I'm selling this sweet 1976 Fender Precision bass - or 1977 got to check the tone pot code just to be sure. It's a player, not meaning it has lots of non-original parts, but it's been played and got quite a unique 'mojo' to it. I initially wrote the volume pot being non original. I thought it was a log poti while it should be a lin, due to the volume not coming in a linear way. In fact it's a lin but it's not working as it should. You got no volume or you got full volume. And it's original, being, from 1976. Everything was there when the bass left the factory, it's a full-original bass. The body was originally olympic white and has quite yellowed since, with lots of nice crazes. It's made of ash, with light pieces of wood, as the bass weighs in 4kgs / 8.8 lbs. Currently strung with Labella flats, with a nice low action. Frets have lots of life left, and the trussrod turns easily in both directions. Neck is a joy to play, feels solid, but less chunky than some 70s Fender PBass. Pickup sounds huge, massive lows and lots of clarity. There's a slight buzz related to the jack input, as my luthier says. I chose not to swap it for a new as it's an original part. (EDIT: i chose to refresh some welds, no welding part added, the buzz is only noticeable when the tone pot is fully open now. I think this is related to volume pot which is not working as it should). Sounds great with both flats and rounds - i played the bass with Rotosound too, and comes with a non-original vintage G&G-like case. I'm asking £1900 / 2200€ for the bass, shipped to your door in European countries. Price dropped to £1820 / 2100€. Now £1750 /2000€. I live in France a few miles from Paris.
  10. £1150 / 1300 euros now, shipped to your door.
  11. Yes, it has this specific growly midrange of 70s spacing jazzes, and the slightly narrower nutwidth of first ones too - 1.475 instead of 1.5.
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