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  1. £1150 / 1300 euros now, shipped to your door.
  2. Yes, it has this specific growly midrange of 70s spacing jazzes, and the slightly narrower nutwidth of first ones too - 1.475 instead of 1.5.
  3. Almost forgot to mention the bass isn't on the heavy side: 9 lbs / 4,1 kg
  4. I'm selling this nice japanese Vanzandt JBV, handmade in PGM factory with a beautiful 2-piece ash body. It's a faithful 70s jazz bass replica, except the full-nitro coat, Kluson-like tuning pegs, and 60s-like bridge. Cosmetically speaking, some minor dings due to the nitro-coat, and that's all. Perfect playing condition, with low action without fretbuzz, . Frets and trussrod have lots of life left, electronics works fine. Amazing tones, one of the thumpiest jazz-neck PU i've heard. Gnarly bridge pickup. This bass has these 70s jazz mids. Sounds even across the neck. Vanzandt pickups, CTS pots and Cornell-Dubilier replica cap. Comes with its VZ gig-bag. £ 1190 / 1350 euros shipped to your door in European countries - i live in France. Price dropped to £1150 / 1300 euros shipped to your door.
  5. Hooch

    SOLD P/J Navigator - 1980s

    £750 / 800 euros shipped to your door.
  6. Hooch

    If you could only choose one overdrive pedal?

    My current fave is Broughton's Terraformer. Breaks up nicely, from light OD to pretty gainy stuff, no low-end loss, and so many tones hence its 3EQ, blend and gain combinations. The tricky part is setting the blend on the fly as it has a major effect on output level. But it doesn't sound 'layered' at all. Nice form-factor too. Second one would be Grizzly bass, Swell B-Peg too, which is less flexible, bigger and has specific power needs, but sounds damn right !
  7. Hooch

    SOLD P/J Navigator - 1980s

    Extra-drop bump: 900 euros / £790 shipped.
  8. Hooch

    SOLD P/J Navigator - 1980s

    950 euros, shipped to your door in Europe. I'm not in the best position to say it really is a bargain, but seems like it's already done :-) It's a great P, and a great P/J too.
  9. Hooch

    SOLD P/J Navigator - 1980s

    No worry, i didn't understand your post like this. Sorry if my quite-basic English sounds like i'd have misread it ! Btw, it was an interesting point. There were Navigator P/Js like mine in 1983. I first thought it was a custom order.
  10. Hooch

    SOLD P/J Navigator - 1980s

    Thank you, these are great instruments indeed ! £880 / 1000 euros price drop bump.
  11. Hooch

    SOLD P/J Navigator - 1980s

    Bump. Got everything to make the parcel's strong & the shipping safe.
  12. Hooch

    SOLD P/J Navigator - 1980s

    Thanks, it's working well indeed. I dig its P thump, but the J is pretty useful for a tighter growl. As for Navigator PJs, you can download there some ESP catalogs: http://www.guitarscollector.com/esp-catalogs.html If you pick the 1983 ESP Export one, you'll find on page 9 a LPB PJ-120 which looks pretty similar to my bass.
  13. I'm selling my 80s Navigator P/J, overall good condition hence its 30 years. Genuine LPB colour has nicely faded in OTM. Parchment pickguard - not that white in the flesh. As for specs: Gotoh GB-2 tuners P/J pickups set Veneer rosewood fingerboard One-piece (it seems) Sen body Medium-jumbo frets 8.8 lbs / 4 kg Everything is genuine and in good working condition. Trussrod's a bit stiff but is working well, with neck straight & low action. Currently strung with 45-105 fresh Rotosounds. A real joy to play with a C shaped neck, slightly narrower than old Precisions (42mm/1,65 inches width). Sounds just like a serious P should, with the added flexibility of the J. Many tones in this one. Comes with it's genuine leather-like gigbag.1050 euros / £930 shipped to your door in European countries. Price dropped : £740 / 850 euros now, shipped to your door.