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  1. Thank you, it's a lovely bass indeed, super comfy to play and with great tone. I know i should keep it, took ages to find one at a decent price and with the Classic wood combo (alder body).
  2. Yeah the Messenger is now updated in a more compact version, with some added features and some you don't get anymore. I prefer his previous version (as for features, didn't tried the latest one). Best transparent preamp in a pedal format i'm aware of. Thing is his new small batches releases are quite hard to purchase, they're gone within seconds. You can play this game, wait for 2nd hand, or wait flavour of the month is on something else. Atm the Monocomp is available, it's a great opto-comp when fed with 12-18V to my ears, got one, it's pretty killer. Wouldn't sleep on it, when they're gone, it's too late !
  3. In the tubey but not with tubes department, you can get a wide array of tones with the Free The Tone Black Vehicle. The (switchable) is great, let you choose between more volume or more gain. And it sounds quite tubey to my ears. Pricey but a real super nice pedal.
  4. Yeah, you get these tight but fat lows and can tune them to your room. Combined with the semi-parametric mids, which are just great, you get a pretty unique pedal which is a filtering but also a powerful EQing tool. As for EQing, i quite like being able to shape my high and low mids differently, which Broughton Messenger does brilliantly, but RFE paired with a nice tube preamp get me this too. Sorry i'm kind of a fanboy of Josh's work, but he builds some pretty interesting bass-friendly stuff. Lunchbox SSDI and P-15 are pure magic ime.
  5. Got one, always-on on my pedalboard. It not only sweetens corners, removing mud and fizzy harshness, it's also a tone shaping tool. I believe being able to have a boost with a narrow Q on your cut-off frequency is a studio technique, which improves the slope effect. This in a pedal is just great. His HPF/LPF is super nice, but a very different beast IME.
  6. With a boost, it's a complete different beast. It's as gainy as my Malekko Diabolik if it's what i'm looking for. Same lpf'd lows too !
  7. Worth trying a boost/dirt boost before IMO, massive thick fuzzy madness 😉 The pedal itself isn't super gainy even with fuzz knob dimed.
  8. Got a Tim Lefebvre signature and it's the bomb with an active bass. Sounds massive, especially when fed with some dirt boost / overdriven signal.
  9. Bump ! Got some dry/no fx whatsoever stuff if someone's interested by the Fender CS. It really is a great jazz.
  10. I was asked a few more detailed pics of the jazz bass, sharing some of them. It's not a museum piece but the bass is in pretty good condition, especially considering it's full-nitro lacquered. Neck's super fast, no shim, low action without fretbuzz, it's an awesome jazz bass.
  11. 😅 - we talked about this bass a few days ago with Jeff (bassmasta2b). No worry at all Andy ! It's an awesome bass, esp. considering the price asked for.
  12. It took ages to be delivered, but the Guild is now in its new home, safe and sound.
  13. Seriously distinctive tone there, and a cracker too ! GLWYS mate
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