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  1. This one is as close as you'd expect to a pre-CBS jazz, at a fraction of the price.
  2. If you could only choose one filter pedal

    There's definitely a 'If you want me to stay' vibe to the snow white. It retains enough low-end to not disappear in the mix, and the tone pot is great. Sensitivity knob is tricky indeed, and the same goes for the pedal itself i guess. With passive fender like basses it's perfect but with hotter input, mine tends to slightly distort. Maybe it's only my pedal ?
  3. If you could only choose one filter pedal

    I mentioned Tim Lefebvre as a renowned pro-session player using the Bananana as a tool, during live or sessions. So i guess there usable sounds in it. This was your question. As for mentioning Tim Lefebvre "iconic" use of filters examples - really a pity you're boycotting Instagram, there is one there which is miles away from laserblades and robot talks -, i don't know his work enough to be helpful. He played with Nerve & Jojo Mayer, you should find some useful materials there i guess. I got to say that for me a multi-synth is not a filter, and a total different beast. With the Bananana, but the same or almost goes with other synths, you got your clean voice, first synth voice (which can track an octave below) and the second synth (effect) voice. Some controls function the same way as an envelope filter (sensitivity, resonance), but it doesn't sound the same at all.
  4. If you could only choose one filter pedal

    The thing is that if you're curious about one pedal, there some chance the stuff has been played & (even for a few seconds) reviewed by Alderete... and that often leads to another pedal, some extra "xxxx talkbass" googling, GASsing, and so on. Endless story. @Al Krow: sorry if i offend your boycott but it's worth the try on his Instagram account, as there's a recent example of its use of a Bananana during what looks like a forth-coming session. Interesting use of synth, isn't it ?
  5. If you could only choose one filter pedal

    Every synth pedals are not everyone's cup of tea i'm afraid. Their use is so specific... It really is a matter of individual taste, not a question of bedroom vs live needs i guess. Just have a look at Tim Lefebvre's Instagram. He's using the Matryoshka, saying it's the bomb. It doesn't mean it will tick every boxes for what you'd define as a multi-synth, but it means for sure you got to expect some serious & usable stuff from this tiny little box. And a slice of real fun too !
  6. If you could only choose one filter pedal

    3) It's in the 200 euros shipping fees included region - but have in mind customs & VAT fees too. Good to know: Bananana has a e-shop on reverb.com 1) No, think multi-synth - which can work great with a EV too. For funky 70s era stuff, got a Wonderlove etched version, and a Snow white which are both great on their own. For synth swoosh, a Xero dlx. 2) the octave is always the synth one. No clean octave at all. As for tracking, it's too early to be very specific as i had a try with the Matryoshka between a Pbass and my amp, and that's all. But tracking seems ok to me. Some glitches on E string, below A sometimes, not on every modes. Btw, better tracking than most multi-synth pedaĺ attempts i heard on youtube - only got Octavius Squeezer, this one is much simpler/more usable for me.
  7. If you could only choose one filter pedal

    (Even slightly off-topic)
  8. If you could only choose one filter pedal

    @Cameron: it really is something new on the market. A multi-synth on such a tiny space ! A preset deluxe version would be estate-consuming, but if Bananana launches a Matryoshka V2 with an expression pedal on the rate control, it'll be a complete killer toy/tool. GAS is even telling me a 2nd Matryoshka on a board isn't a silly move... GAS is so strong. Matryoshka's too.
  9. If you could only choose one filter pedal

    I'd definitely put a Bananana Matryoshka on a mini pedal board. I received one of them yesterday, you got there a crazy amount of usuable sounds for a 1590a estate. Fat synth goodness in such a little thing is wonderful !
  10. To Owners of Both J and P Basses

    Between a P and a J, my best answer is... a PP ! I'm lucky enough to have vintage BC Rich Eagle bass at home and for me, it's the best of both worlds. Got a massive P thump, and some extra tightness&growl if needed. And a bunch of usable tones in between.
  11. Still there. Did i already mentioned it's a killer jazz for the money ?
  12. Fender pb 57 Roadworn

    Nicey one, and Greg is a top bloke to deal with. Good luck with the sale my friend !