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  1. Pickups & electronics delivered, cost difference in shipping fees received, now sold
  2. Shipped to NYC to Anthony, which i didn't know until he did the wire (my bad, too), generating some (private) explanations / and some shipping delay. Now waiting Anthony to pay the difference in shipping fees.
  3. Well, the money landed today on my account. I hold the pickups for you since 16th december... i'm sure you can take it easy. Plus there are 2 minor things we have to discuss. I send you one PM.
  4. £220 / 250 euros shipping included. These are top-notch PUs & electronics. Flawless construction (epoxy isolation, gold-plated connectors), and tones for days, which doesn't sound "clinical" at all. I'm not sure the translation of clinical is accurate. What i mean is that these, just like Wal, reproduce the lively sound of passive electronics, with the flexibility of active-filtered ones.
  5. You're right, should've already done this ! Length : 6,9cm / 8,4cm including fasteners Width: 3,7cm Depth: 2,3cm including fasteners
  6. Thank you :-) These are quite difficult to find, esp. at this price. It's a lovely piece of kit. Clear full-range tone Alembic is known for. You get midrangey, phatty-dubby, growly tones from these electronics. Three potis, but so many usable sounds with it !
  7. I'm selling these vintage Alembic electronics, including a pair of MXY pickups and an Activator low-pass filter. Controls are volume, pan and tone control. OK cosmetic condition - think vintage stuff fairly taken care of. Perfect working condition, pickups are epoxy-isolated, no hum, no hiss at all, dead-silent. Sounds huge, there are so many tones with such electronics. Solder-free connectors. A few extra information : http://www.alembic.com/prod/pickups.html These would cost new 1200$, customs fees not included. I'm selling these £350 / 400 euros, instantly dropped to £265 / 300 euros, which is probably a more realistic price. Shipping to European countries included.
  8. Japanese Yamaha BB's.

    Vintage ones haven't.
  9. Japanese Yamaha BB's.

    The BB bolt-on bass you're looking for is the BB-X, non-export model i guess. I had one, sweet basses.
  10. This one is as close as you'd expect to a pre-CBS jazz, at a fraction of the price.
  11. If you could only choose one filter pedal

    There's definitely a 'If you want me to stay' vibe to the snow white. It retains enough low-end to not disappear in the mix, and the tone pot is great. Sensitivity knob is tricky indeed, and the same goes for the pedal itself i guess. With passive fender like basses it's perfect but with hotter input, mine tends to slightly distort. Maybe it's only my pedal ?
  12. If you could only choose one filter pedal

    I mentioned Tim Lefebvre as a renowned pro-session player using the Bananana as a tool, during live or sessions. So i guess there usable sounds in it. This was your question. As for mentioning Tim Lefebvre "iconic" use of filters examples - really a pity you're boycotting Instagram, there is one there which is miles away from laserblades and robot talks -, i don't know his work enough to be helpful. He played with Nerve & Jojo Mayer, you should find some useful materials there i guess. I got to say that for me a multi-synth is not a filter, and a total different beast. With the Bananana, but the same or almost goes with other synths, you got your clean voice, first synth voice (which can track an octave below) and the second synth (effect) voice. Some controls function the same way as an envelope filter (sensitivity, resonance), but it doesn't sound the same at all.
  13. If you could only choose one filter pedal

    The thing is that if you're curious about one pedal, there some chance the stuff has been played & (even for a few seconds) reviewed by Alderete... and that often leads to another pedal, some extra "xxxx talkbass" googling, GASsing, and so on. Endless story. @Al Krow: sorry if i offend your boycott but it's worth the try on his Instagram account, as there's a recent example of its use of a Bananana during what looks like a forth-coming session. Interesting use of synth, isn't it ?
  14. If you could only choose one filter pedal

    Every synth pedals are not everyone's cup of tea i'm afraid. Their use is so specific... It really is a matter of individual taste, not a question of bedroom vs live needs i guess. Just have a look at Tim Lefebvre's Instagram. He's using the Matryoshka, saying it's the bomb. It doesn't mean it will tick every boxes for what you'd define as a multi-synth, but it means for sure you got to expect some serious & usable stuff from this tiny little box. And a slice of real fun too !