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  1. Great price and a great bag. Surprisingly spacious with loads of pockets and separated areas. Really comfy strap too. Good luck with the sale buddy
  2. Well I love Gibson’s. This one though would be harder to love than most I reckon. (Still have it though)
  3. Anyone here buy it? I thought about it but didn’t have a go in the end
  4. Phil. Let’s have a chat. May be able to help. Andy
  5. Apparently its short scale. I'll get him to take a few more pics and post em. Thanks all
  6. Bassassin thank you. I’ll pass it on
  7. Ha ha. I don’t know mate. Think he wants to keep it. Having it set up this weekend.
  8. Anyone got a view on which maker produced this? (Not mine and yes I know it looks like junk). My pals just picked it up for a tenner Japcrap? Eastern European? A very rare early Leo Fender prototype?
  9. Bought a Fender stool from Neil. Great guy. Came quickly with THE best packaging ever. Trade with confidence. Cheers. Andy
  10. Ha ha. It’s all about the perspective you know? !
  11. Hiya - you may recall my horror after knocking over my bass and snapping one of the tuners in half. I tried to get a single one and bought one from USA - wrong size - I subsequently had to buy a set of 4 used ones, again from the USA. Thankfully - one now fits. My bass is restored to its former glory but I now have one brand new, unfitted smaller one and 3 larger, used but perfect nick larger ones going spare. £32 each inc UK postage. Less than I paid.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. I’ve got one fitted. These are great. Radio 6 is on always. I love R6. I’ve discovered loads of new bands. No adverts and some interesting DJs. Defo recommended
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