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  1. Bassmonkey

    new Chaka Khan - Like Sugar

    Just beat me to it. Bloody ace bass line. Fatback Band have an amazing back catalogue
  2. Bassmonkey

    *SOLD* Squire Matt Freeman Sig Precision Bass

    Great basses these. You won't be disappointed. Andy
  3. Bassmonkey

    New Tangocaster bass project

    My own Jaffa P bass. Love it.
  4. Bassmonkey

    Can't see Fret Markers

    I like em. They’ve done the job and you get loads in the pack. Fixed really well and don’t feel like they’re coming off anytime soon. In terms of how long they last - seems to last thru my gigs so a couple of hours minimum. I bought the little UV key ring and charge em before each gig. Happy days
  5. Bassmonkey

    SWR Amp revamp

    Thx Spondonbassed. Appreciate it. Andy
  6. Bassmonkey

    SWR Amp revamp

    Yeah. This had fallen foul of malicious moggies when I bought it which was partly why I decided on a strip and recover
  7. Bassmonkey

    SWR Amp revamp

    Finished at last. I'm quite happy for my first attempt. Followed a You Tube video for the covering. To be honest my corners aren't that good, thankfully mostly hidden by the metal corner caps. Was a labour of love, probably cost me way more than it's worth but I'm a happy cat. Finished with a Lotus badge ..... just because I could ha ha. Hope you like it. Andy
  8. Bassmonkey

    Ridiculous requests

    We play indie, rock, punk classics. In the middle of one gig, an old Yorkshire guy sidles up and, sounding like Ramsbottom the snake from Sooty, says "I say, young man - does tha do a song called Warpigs by Black Sabbath?"......er no mate, soz......
  9. PMd you. I'll have it please. Andy
  10. Bassmonkey

    Gibson Les Paul Triumph - been in the wars

    That thought crossed my mind too. Mind you Id have expected something like "removed the troublesome complex pick guard and electrics and replaced those bog standard Bartolinis with some Chinese howlers. Now a sublime sound"
  11. Bassmonkey

    Gibson Les Paul Triumph - been in the wars

    Agree. I'm lucky enough to have one. Get's played a lot. I'd have a second.
  12. Wow - "very good condition, a few minor scratch/dent" - yeah - you could say that https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gibson-Les-Paul-Triumph-Bass-Used-Electric-Bass-FREE-Shipping/173347812540?hash=item285c55b4bc:g:jdoAAOSwkyxazXhK
  13. Bassmonkey

    SWR Amp revamp

    After lots of sanding and filling, I have cut out the new grille frame and baffle then covered with the new tolex. Used a spread on contact adhesive for the panel then spray on for the tolex. Rollered it flat to secure. It's never coming off! I stapled on the new grille cloth. I Like that look. Now I have tp re-secure the baffle and then the bit I am most worried about - measuring and sticking on the rest of the tolex.
  14. Bassmonkey

    SWR Amp revamp

    Yeah bought some cream tolex and orange grille cloth. Should look pretty.