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  1. At the risk of looking like a doofus - what does the acronym BBOT actually mean? I genuinely don't know? soz....
  2. I'll have the Fender Black please. PM on its way. Cheers Andy
  3. Hiya. Could you tell me the max length of the straps please buddy? Thank you
  4. Great price and a great bag. Surprisingly spacious with loads of pockets and separated areas. Really comfy strap too. Good luck with the sale buddy
  5. Well I love Gibson’s. This one though would be harder to love than most I reckon. (Still have it though)
  6. Anyone here buy it? I thought about it but didn’t have a go in the end
  7. Phil. Let’s have a chat. May be able to help. Andy
  8. Apparently its short scale. I'll get him to take a few more pics and post em. Thanks all
  9. Ha ha. I don’t know mate. Think he wants to keep it. Having it set up this weekend.
  10. Anyone got a view on which maker produced this? (Not mine and yes I know it looks like junk). My pals just picked it up for a tenner Japcrap? Eastern European? A very rare early Leo Fender prototype?
  11. Bought a Fender stool from Neil. Great guy. Came quickly with THE best packaging ever. Trade with confidence. Cheers. Andy
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