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  1. Road worn fretless P - be quick!

    I saw and fancied that. Only 5 miles from me but had just taken delivery of a Gibson Midtown so decided against. Wished I had now!! Congrats buddy
  2. Cheap lefty 4 string

    My pal is after a cheap left hand bass. Think Squier, Epi, vintage. Etc. Anyone for anything they’re after shifting?
  3. Sorry Blueplanet - just saw this update (looks ace by the way) - missed the ask for pics - would have gladly sent. Glad all went well. Andy
  4. 97 USA Jazz Deluxe - £325

    Was that the one in Leeds? I saw it and did a double take. It’s gone now. Bargain if real
  5. Jack Casady

    Bassbiscuits. Agree. I looked at the White Falcon for inspiration. May change the knobs yet but we’ll see. Cheers bud
  6. Jack Casady

    Cheers guys. Yeah. Without doubt the white components are not the same colours but they look fine next to each other
  7. Jack Casady

    At last my "stealth Jack Casady" is complete. I bought another in white and swapped things around. I love em both. Think the cream on white looks great. Hope you approve. Thx to The Greek and MB1 of this parish for their help in getting me the white one. Great forum guys. Andy
  8. Jack Casady bass

    I have a black Casady and love it. Now fancy a white one. Anyone got one they'd sell? Thanks Andy
  9. Jack Cassidy project - £150

    Ive got a spare Casady bridge and pick guard if your interested? I changed the ones on my black version to be black. Andy And the gold top hat knobs too if you like
  10. Jack Cassidy project - £150

    if that was closer I'd have it. Bargain.
  11. Jack Casady

    It's an idea. I'll get one. I'm like a terminator - won't stop until I find one ha ha ha
  12. Jack Casady

    Finished it. Added black machine heads and a new black bridge. I really like it but would still like a black JC pickup. Maybe one day one'll turn up. Hope you like it.
  13. Rack case for wireless receivers

    Did you get sorted? I have a spare bracket which may fit - yours for postage if it fits? Can you measure the gap? Thx Andy
  14. Anyone got any in black for a 2 x 2 set up?
  15. [quote name='hubrad' timestamp='1508684297' post='3393751'] PMing! [/quote] These are great Hugh. In fairness you can't carry them far due to the combined weight BUT they're built like tanks and hold your basses firmly as well as having extra storage room. Good luck with the purchase you won't be sorry. Andy