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  1. SWR Amp revamp

    Yeah bought some cream tolex and orange grille cloth. Should look pretty.
  2. SWR Amp revamp

    I recently picked up a really cheap SWR LA8 practice amp. It sounds OK but was covered in carpet which had attracted local cats and hence was pretty shabby. I decided to attempt a recover. Looked on You Tube and it seems pretty straightforward? what's the worse that could happen eh? It initially looked like this (stock pic, I cracked on without taking one) I got to work stripping it of its parts and then using a hot iron, removed the horrible fuzzy carpet. This left me with a carcass which I then sanded to remove all the old glue and tufts etc. This presented a problem - the grille and speaker support were glued and pinned in place. I tried to drill out the staples all around the cab however, try as I might, I couldn't move the two panels. Eventually - I was fired to use brute force to remove, and destroy, them both. Cue loads of filling and sanding but it's now starting to look and feel smooth once again. I bought a couple of replacement pieces from B&Q who cut them to exact size - less than a fiver. Next job - cut out holes for the speaker as well as the frame for the new grille cloth. Pics to follow.......cheers
  3. Can't see Fret Markers

    Appreciate the advice all. In the end I bought those Glowtech ones. Really easy to apply and work a treat. I bought a keyring UV light to charge em with and they worked great. They feel pretty well stuck on too. problem solved. As for "Why worry about seeing them?......" Why do you think?
  4. Can't see Fret Markers

  5. Can't see Fret Markers

    Thanks guys. Have ordered the Glowtech ones. I'll let you know how they are. Figured they'd be neater than the nail varnish option as I am completely cack handed so will see. May end up reverting depending on how good they are. Appreciate the advice all. Andy
  6. Can't see Fret Markers

    Ha ha - that made me chuckle
  7. Can't see Fret Markers

    Hi - I recently picked up a Gibson Victory Artist. It's blooming lovely however, I struggle to see the fret markers while on stage. They are a bit smaller than I have been used to. I really don't want to mark the neck permanently but wonder if anyone has any suggestions to help? I wondered about some kind of nail varnish/paint/marker type solutions but really want to be able to remove as and when I need. I guess fret marker lights would be the optimum solution but that's a bit drastic - suppose could get some bottle bottom spex? Any ideas? Thanks Andy
  8. DR Neons

    I also think the Neons are a different coating to the Black Beauties. I love the BBs. They seem to last ages. Haven’t noticed any coating loss which I have on Neons even without using plectrums. Both look cool in my opinion.
  9. Gibson Porn

    As a Gibson fan myself, I keep gassing for a Victory Artist. Never played one but they look ace. Recommended?
  10. Road worn fretless P - be quick!

    I saw and fancied that. Only 5 miles from me but had just taken delivery of a Gibson Midtown so decided against. Wished I had now!! Congrats buddy
  11. Cheap lefty 4 string

    My pal is after a cheap left hand bass. Think Squier, Epi, vintage. Etc. Anyone for anything they’re after shifting?
  12. Sorry Blueplanet - just saw this update (looks ace by the way) - missed the ask for pics - would have gladly sent. Glad all went well. Andy
  13. 97 USA Jazz Deluxe - £325

    Was that the one in Leeds? I saw it and did a double take. It’s gone now. Bargain if real
  14. Jack Casady

    Bassbiscuits. Agree. I looked at the White Falcon for inspiration. May change the knobs yet but we’ll see. Cheers bud
  15. Jack Casady

    Cheers guys. Yeah. Without doubt the white components are not the same colours but they look fine next to each other