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  1. I thought exactly the same. My first bass, bought new in the early 80s. Lent it to a mate 10 years ago and literally got it back last week. Always liked the shape even though it weighs a ton 😄 Good luck with the build Doc Brown 👌
  2. I’ve got BA55NDY. Lucky as my name’s Ndy. (Well - Andy). Just have to learn to play bass now 😂
  3. My first bass too. Bought in 81. Loved it and now regret getting rid. I know who has it though and gonna get that baby back! GLWTS buddy
  4. I’ve got BA55 NDY. My name is Andy. Someone asked me if I liked Shandy Bass. Ha ha
  5. At the risk of looking like a doofus - what does the acronym BBOT actually mean? I genuinely don't know? soz....
  6. Hiya. Could you tell me the max length of the straps please buddy? Thank you
  7. Great price and a great bag. Surprisingly spacious with loads of pockets and separated areas. Really comfy strap too. Good luck with the sale buddy
  8. Well I love Gibson’s. This one though would be harder to love than most I reckon. (Still have it though)
  9. Anyone here buy it? I thought about it but didn’t have a go in the end
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