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  1. Jack Casady

    It's an idea. I'll get one. I'm like a terminator - won't stop until I find one ha ha ha
  2. Jack Casady

    Finished it. Added black machine heads and a new black bridge. I really like it but would still like a black JC pickup. Maybe one day one'll turn up. Hope you like it.
  3. Rack case for wireless receivers

    Did you get sorted? I have a spare bracket which may fit - yours for postage if it fits? Can you measure the gap? Thx Andy
  4. Anyone got any in black for a 2 x 2 set up?
  5. [quote name='hubrad' timestamp='1508684297' post='3393751'] PMing! [/quote] These are great Hugh. In fairness you can't carry them far due to the combined weight BUT they're built like tanks and hold your basses firmly as well as having extra storage room. Good luck with the purchase you won't be sorry. Andy
  6. Any Pickguard Makers Here On Basschat?

    I recently had one made by jack's instrument services in Manchester. Really easy to deal with, cost me £29 and took about a week to turn around.
  7. Microphone Stand

    I've got two Atlas stands. They are expensive and rare BUT bombproof. I like the smaller footprint of the feet too. Great for a tight set up.
  8. Bass Player Wanted, No gigs

    [quote name='peteb' timestamp='1507819409' post='3388198'] Currently I play pretty much exclusively what would be considered to be 'music pubs', where punters come to see the band. I can't think of a recent gig where the band was ignored by any significant section of the audience and there is never any trouble, even (especially) in the biker bars where there could be potential for violence if anyone was foolhardy enough to cause any problems. [/quote] Pete and I live close to each other and sometimes play at the same venues. As with his band, we typically play bars and pubs and are certainly never ignored. We have a really loyal set of fans who seem to turn up week after week. We have had our share of fools though, never violent though and the worst offenders are the ones who fall over the front line, we often end up pushing likely offenders away so as to protect ourselves from mic in the teeth injuries as the faller desperately tries to stop them selves falling and grabs the mic stand. I can handle that but, as with recently, the really pissed ones drive me nuts. Often middle aged women who a. should know better and b. mates should take better care of. Im not too shy to have people removed where they're incapable. The rich tapestry of being in a band I guess
  9. Jack Casady

    I used a Les Paul switch plate I had (Treble/Rhythm) just turned it over. Already had the vintage looking knobs. Bought a black jack socket washer and nut from eBay as a pick guard bracket in black. All bought for pence. The pick guard its self came from Jacksinstrumentsupplies.com. Great and easy to deal with. Sent my original and they copied it to spec and returned them both in about a week. Cost was just £29 then I transferred the Epiphone logo from my original. Hope that helps. Andy
  10. Jack Casady

    [quote name='Meddle' timestamp='1507413726' post='3385378'] I have a naked Jack Casady in need of a refinish. Hopefully it will one day turn up in here (unless anybody wants a naked Jack Casady?). I'm thinking Olive Drab or Gretsch Orange for mine, once I work out what is going on with it. [/quote] I’d love to see that. Gretsch Orange would be my choice. Is it stripped right back? Andy
  11. Jack Casady

    [quote name='TheGreek' timestamp='1507235030' post='3384193'] I had a white one and wanted to trade the scratchplate and pick up to white....sold it before I could make the changes. Nice basses... [/quote] We could have swapped!
  12. Your first ever gig

    Venue: The Bierkellar, Leeds. 1983 - supporting Dr Feelgood. No pressure there then for my first ever gig Age: 20 Bass: Gibson RD Artist Amp: Customsound 500W 18" combo/wardrobe - weighed a bloody ton Set List: All original funky type stuff Embarrassing part: was so nervous I got terrible cramp in my left hand and could hardly play for the middle songs Talk about a baptism of fire! Must gave done OK though 'cos we were then booked to play their next Leeds gig later that year at The Astoria
  13. Jack Casady

    [quote name='fftc' timestamp='1507197369' post='3383807'] Awesome! Now, about that pick-up. [/quote] I know - I contacted Epi and they don't sell the bits separately including the pickup despite the fact that they range them. I'd defo be buying a black one should one ever come up for sale. Not holding my breath though. Ha ha
  14. Jack Casady

    Hi all - I recently bought a Casady from Basschats own Mickeyboro. I was surprised at how sweetly it plays. I didn't especially like the amber knobs that come as standard so made a few aesthetic changes by adding a black switch control plate, black jack washer, new knobs and had a new custom pick guard made in black. Now looks badass and proud. Hope you approve. I think these are great value for money. Andy [attachment=255034:IMG_0622.JPG]
  15. Fender Musicmaster "to restore" :)

    Thank you Kumimajava, a really kind offer however, I am probably not going to pursue it. I personally have no plans to travel to Japan and have no friends likely to be be either. I will get one at some point. Really appreciate the help offer though. Andy