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  1. Phil. Let’s have a chat. May be able to help. Andy
  2. Apparently its short scale. I'll get him to take a few more pics and post em. Thanks all
  3. Bassassin thank you. I’ll pass it on
  4. Ha ha. I don’t know mate. Think he wants to keep it. Having it set up this weekend.
  5. Anyone got a view on which maker produced this? (Not mine and yes I know it looks like junk). My pals just picked it up for a tenner Japcrap? Eastern European? A very rare early Leo Fender prototype?
  6. Bought a Fender stool from Neil. Great guy. Came quickly with THE best packaging ever. Trade with confidence. Cheers. Andy
  7. Ha ha. It’s all about the perspective you know? !
  8. Hiya - you may recall my horror after knocking over my bass and snapping one of the tuners in half. I tried to get a single one and bought one from USA - wrong size - I subsequently had to buy a set of 4 used ones, again from the USA. Thankfully - one now fits. My bass is restored to its former glory but I now have one brand new, unfitted smaller one and 3 larger, used but perfect nick larger ones going spare. £32 each inc UK postage. Less than I paid.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. I’ve got one fitted. These are great. Radio 6 is on always. I love R6. I’ve discovered loads of new bands. No adverts and some interesting DJs. Defo recommended
  11. Ha ha. Each to his own I say! Viva rock n roll
  12. Watching the video, I accept their points of view but absolutely do not agree that rock n roll is dead. Its there if you look. 3 weeks ago I went to an amazing, exciting and electrifying gig with Idles launching their new album. You may have seen them on Later last night? It was 40 mins of adrenaline charged rock n roll with swaggering, posturing attitude performed by completely engaging and articulate, funny guys. Kids were stage diving and going nuts, the band were in the crowd, the stage was invaded. It felt like being at the 100 Club back in the day watching early Pistols (not that I was by the way, I was only 13 and my mum wouldn't let me) It felt to me like the future is in good hands. Long live rock n roll I say!
  13. There is a healthy covers band scene right across Leeds. In the part of the city I live, 50% or more of the pubs have bands on most weekends. There is lots of work available for bands. Even us bassists!
  14. Leeds is an amazing city. Fantastic centre. Loads of live music and a vibrant music scene. Open mics every night of the week somewhere. Public transport is posting to and frequent. And as previously mentioned. Cheaper to buy/rent than York. Although York is a lovely place with a great music scent- just smaller than Leeds
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  16. Playing at a local music festival earlier today - we were first on. Had to clamber up a ladder on to a flatbed truck. Stood my USA P Bass in its case on the back, turned away and it fell on to the grass. Snapped one of the tuners off. B*gger. Don’t suppose anyone has a spare they’d part with? Also playing last in my proper band so had to come home for a change of guitar. Luckily the G stayed in tune.
  17. Just beat me to it. Bloody ace bass line. Fatback Band have an amazing back catalogue
  18. Great basses these. You won't be disappointed. Andy
  19. I like em. They’ve done the job and you get loads in the pack. Fixed really well and don’t feel like they’re coming off anytime soon. In terms of how long they last - seems to last thru my gigs so a couple of hours minimum. I bought the little UV key ring and charge em before each gig. Happy days
  20. Thx Spondonbassed. Appreciate it. Andy
  21. Yeah. This had fallen foul of malicious moggies when I bought it which was partly why I decided on a strip and recover
  22. Finished at last. I'm quite happy for my first attempt. Followed a You Tube video for the covering. To be honest my corners aren't that good, thankfully mostly hidden by the metal corner caps. Was a labour of love, probably cost me way more than it's worth but I'm a happy cat. Finished with a Lotus badge ..... just because I could ha ha. Hope you like it. Andy
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