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  1. I sold an old jazz bass to David, and it's been a pleasure to deal with him. Very good and friendly communication, I recommend him to everyone. Thank you, enjoy the bass!!
  2. I can accept as a part trade a Markbass 801 combo, or some 5 strings bass (not too heavy, 34" scale)
  3. Last price: 2900£ as long as the exchange gives me 3300€.
  4. Hi! I'm selling this two amps, in good shape, cause I retire from playing full time. They are excellent, very good sounding with two good DI each one. The 550B I'm asking 500 £ , and the 750A 700 £ . For 50£ more I will add a case that costs like 200, for the other I will add the rockbag 4u rack free. My feedback:
  5. I add a vid of me playing it on a gig, bridge pickup alone on a Markbass 151 combo. There's a solo at 2:00. It's a very good sounding bass, and ready to play.
  6. Hi! The bass is still for sale. I live in Spain but I will ship it to you at my expense. Thanks Jordi
  7. This bass belonged to a friend of mine, a good sounding and playing instrument.
  8. I need to pay for someone grabs it seems...
  9. 3100£ last price, if don't sells I will keep it under my bed 10 years.
  10. Hi Joe! I have answered you by PM, but I see you did not read it. The bass is still available, and I checked what you say about the fretboard and you are right, I didn't notice before. This explains the absence of signs of refret on the fretboard being the frets so new. So, the fretboard was sanded and had new frets. The good news is that now you can adjust a very low action if desired, I leveled the frets and is very good now. I attached two pics that shows the thickness of the binding, as you asked.
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