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  1. Up for sale this Sony HDR MV1: It's like new, I used it three or four times, bought for a project that never success. Here you can have the specs: https://www.sony.com/electronics/support/memory-camcorders-hdr-mv-series/hdr-mv1/specifications You can download an app for your phone to control the cam, and can be used as audio only recorder. I can't explain a lot more with my limited english and more limited video knowing, but if you have more questions I can try answer them. The price is 180€ shipping included to all EU (and UK), with all the accesories and a 64Gb micro SD card and a mini tripod. I won't be able to ship it until august 30. Thank you
  2. Up for sale this Sadowsky Preamp DI. I don't know if now they make them on China or something, but the new price is much lower than before, this one costed me like 300€! It works fine, and comes with the original box. I'm selling it by 160€ shipping included to all EU (and UK). Thank you!
  3. Hi all! I'm selling this Boss Bass Chorus CE-2B MIJ bought to a fellow basschatter some years ago. It have a Fromel mod: https://fromelelectronics.com/collections/pedal-mod-kits/products/ce2b-mods It comes with the original box and works fine. The price is 90€ shipping included to all EU (and UK). I won't be able to ship it until august 30. Thanks!
  4. Hi all! I'm selling this fine Jazz Bass: I bought here to a fellow basschatter. The original ad is here, with a way better info that I can provide with my limited english. It's a very good sounding and playing bass, but I have an alder-maple 73 that sounds too close to this one for justify keeping both. It never left my studio. I can send more detailed pics or whatever on request. It's not easy to find an ash body 70s jazz with this weight (4,1kg). The price is 2800€ shipping included to all EU (and UK). Probably I won't be able to ship it until august 30, I'm on holidays.
  5. I have this three pedals, and like dannybuoy says, the mojomojo is close to the spark (wich I like more, thinking of replacing the mojomojo with another spark). The Vintage Microtubes is more modern sounding, and I like the sound, but for me colours more the tone, there is a low mid bump that I can't remove with the mid control (I have the microtubes deluxe first version)
  6. I bought a nice Fender Jazz from Yannick, and was an easy deal, good comunication and helpful responses to all my questions. Thank you!
  7. My trusty 65... More than 50 basses came and went, but this one is really special for me.
  8. Well, I can't try it at high volume without having some neighbour problems. At low volume sounds good, and to be honest now the cabs look way better than the older ones. I hope it will sound good at higher volumes, but until I'll have a practice or a gig I think it will be a long time. I want to try it with my Markbass cmd 121, seems stable on it and still have room to move the amp pots. If it works, I will have a modular and light rig, and for louder gigs (or for slapping thing) I have a EBS Neo 212
  9. I sold the original case for cash needs. Now the bass comes with a lightweight hardcase, similar to sadowsky ones. The price is 2600€.
  10. I have an offer to buy the hardcase alone. I can sell the bass with a generic hardcase for 2650€ or 2400£ until wednesday 26, including all tools and papers. The case costs 220$ at Fodera if you want one later.
  11. Up for sale my Fodera Emperor J Standard Classic. It was purchased directly at Fodera website on June of 2017, this was a prototype of this line of basses. She have an alder body, three pieces maple neck, pau ferro fingerboard, single coils in 60s position and wired pasive. It have rear routing to install active electronics if you want. She weights 9,2lbs, and the balance is perfect. The bass sounds very good, and have that Fodera playability, being able to be played with ultra low action without fret buzz. It sounds like a more refined and clean 60s jazz bass, with a very nice slap sound. It's condition is good, with some superficial scratches and two little dongs, and some play wear, that seems far worse on the pics than in person. It comes with a generic case, all papers and tools, and can provide the original invoice and the import documents (with taxes and fees). I payed for it 4400€, I'm selling for 2600€. I'm selling cause I'm not playing full time from one year ago, so I will keep the minimum equipment. You can check my feedback here:
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