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  1. I agree. It sounds right up my street.
  2. I recently bought a USA made Musicman SUB Sterling from Phil. He's a really nice guy, was very helpful and obliging, and it was a smooth and seamless transaction. I now have a new toy and couldn't be happier.
  3. Agreed. They're both stunning!
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Gah! I would totally have been up for the black one if it was active. Genuine and sincere good luck with the sale. I'm sure someone will be biting your hand(s) off at that price!
  6. I probably should've already asked this question, but are they active or passive? I used to own an IGB60 which was active.
  7. Rowbee

    Feedback for BCH

    Bernard has just bought my Modulus Funk Unlimited. He's an absolute gent. An incredibly smooth transaction.
  8. Still plenty of interest, but we're not quite getting over the line. I'm still definitely interested in a part exchange for a decent budget bass, maybe up to about around £300 to £400, with the rest of the cash coming my way.
  9. Oh, I'm definitely tempted. I'm currently waiting to sell my Modulus before pulling the trigger on a much needed workhorse bass. However, I have my first gig in a few months so I'll need to do something before that regardless. If these are still around then I'll certainly consider taking one off your hands.
  10. Thanks. I thought it was too much of a coincidence to be missing on both of them.
  11. Is that some kind of selector inbetween the tone pots on both basses, or is it a missing pot? It's hard to make out from the photos?
  12. The new track with Jean-Claude Vannier is pretty special. I think Justin Meldal-Johnsen played on some of the album.
  13. This is worth a watch. It's the completely unedited version:
  14. I wasn't aware of them. Thanks. To be fair, everything after that album sounded fine to me, but I'll check them out. 😁
  15. Perhaps I'm judging it by modern recording techniques, but it's certainly not prominent to my ear.
  16. I'm clearly in a minority, but I find the production to be pretty much the opposite of what's described above. To me, it's very dated and of its time in the way a lot of the late 80's rock and metal albums are. I find the drums and guitars to be thin and the bass is too buried in the mix. That said, I absolutely love the album.
  17. I can understand that. MP has even criticised his own performance on that album, and described it as too nasally. The production really doesn't help either in making it sound dated. It doesn't stop me loving it though.
  18. He's been involved in so many fantastic projects, hasn't be? I love his Peeping Tom album, and the first few Tomahawk releases are pretty amazing too! I'm struggling with Dead Cross though.
  19. Several interested parties, but still currently available.
  20. Rowbee


    Wish I was local. 😁
  21. It's an IGB of some description. I had the IGB60 in the late 90's, and it looks like the only difference might be that mine had a thru neck. Is it active? I'm assuming so?
  22. Thanks. Probably not for me then, as I'd prefer a thinner Sterling type neck. Sincerest good luck with the sale. 😁
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