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  1. Thanks for all the information - some alternatives to the Mesa to look into. I've had a Two Notes Le Bass in the past and had to return it as it was faulty, this has some what put me off two notes pedals. I tried the Tonehammer 500 amp a few years ago and didn't like it, that being said my taste has changed and perhaps it's more of the sound I want now. Dark Glass DIs too expensive for me, but I do have a B3K overdrive which I got second hand that I will be my dirt pedal. With look into the Tonehammer, Paradriver v2 and Hartke. Thanks again
  2. £150, collection only from WD17. Never gigged but has been to plenty of rehearsals. In good condition with relatively few marks, pictures pending. Ported Cabinet 300w Power Handling 4 or 8 ohm switchable Impedence High Frequency attenuation switch (On, -6 dB, Off) 30 pounds Some blurb from Hartke Suitable for any playing style, this unit is a specially tuned, ported bass cabinet whose key components include a single 12-inch 300 watt HyDrive neodymium hybrid cone driver and a 1-inch titanium high frequency compression driver. Designed to accommodate any bass player, the speaker is engineered as a dual-impedance driver, allowing you to switch between 4 and 8-ohm impedances. The cabinet's handle, and steel grill provide a contemporary and stylish aesthetic to any stage or studio.
  3. Both games in good condition, barely played. £25 each plus £2.50 delivery for UK mainland delivery.
  4. In very good condition (one small paint chip on the front). £55 delivered within UK mainland, (price dropped because I couldn't find the box or manual).
  5. In very good condition, £60 delivered (UK Mainland) including original box and manual.
  6. Primarily classic rock / blues. Though recently I've been getting into so old school R&B, soul and funk. Chuck Rainey, Duck Dunn, Bobby Vega etc.
  7. I have a Tech21 Bass Fly Rig and it's great for what it is but, as Tech21 say it's not designed to replace your ideal rig. And that's what I'm looking to build over the coming weeks. I don't use a lot of effects, the BFR actually covers everything I need but I'd like some more control on certain functions and to get some better sounding effects from the OCTA section. So I'm going to focus on a handful of high quality pedals. Along with an Anadime Bass Chorus, a pre-amp / DI pedal is on my must have list and I want to try something different to the Sansamp VTs. The Mesa Subway DI is top of my GAS list at the moment, but I'm Interested to hear what other BCers say their favourite pre-amp / DI pedal is
  8. Very neatly laid out, though I can't cope with sideways pedals - something very unsettling about them
  9. Stuart bought a Warwick bass from me, hassle free transaction and good communication through out. I performed my first ever gig with that bass; so it was sad to let her go,! I hope she treats you well.
  10. I got to spend a few hours there yesterday morning, and it was highly enjoyable. I hadn't been for a few years, last time I went I was disappointed so I wasn't inclined to return but my wife won me a few weekend ticket and gave me a green pass for the morning so I went down. I really liked the way they laid out the halls - the advertised quiet times didn't play out but the room divisions kept the noise levels down. Only had a problem with one dreadlocked white dude cranking a GR amp and slapping away drowning out everyone who was trying to be more considerate in the amp hall. But hey, just one rusty bullethole was a massive improvement on previous years I've been. Chris Child's show was excellent, if I can get back today I'd like to see his masterclass. Bobby Vega was on good form, though I'm not sure I learnt much from his master class. I also caught Steve Lawson before I left, a very interesting talk on the nature of improvisation. I actually wish there'd been a bit more in the way of commercial stalls, or at least more stock from the ones that were there. And as per previous comments some more British brands would have been nice, I was disappointed not to see some overwater basses.
  11. Hello Charlie and Team, interacting with an active community like Basschat is a great way to generate more loyal customers! It worked with me anyway, I've just placed my first order
  12. Federico Malaman does slap bass courses. They are in Italian but with English subtitles, the workbooks are also in English .. https://malamanbasslessons.com/product/mala-slap-vol-1/?lang=en
  13. I watched the voice for the first time last night, agree completely with the comments about the band and Ben's playing. However, WTF was the deal with the operatic version of Smells Like Teen Spirit - that was truly awful!
  14. I'd better get my order in then!
  15. Yes, I'd thought about doing this. What would you do, put a 4 ohm load simulator on the speaker out and take the FX send into the FX return of the MB500? I see ashdown are at the Guitar show this weekend - I wonder if they'll have one there.
  16. Dave Grohl played bass on a number of the tracks on Greatest Hits Vol. 1 for the Teenage Time Killers Nate Mendel did his own solo album he sang on under the name Lieutenant
  17. Preferred tone is definately more Entwhistle, we're your typical local rock covers band playing a few pubs, friends BBQs, the odd fun raiser etc. My MB500 and 4x10 is overkill so I'm looking to downsize into a more compact rig. Was thinking this head into a Barefaced two 10 cabinet. Sounds like that might work OK for what were doing. I guess if we play bigger I'll use the mb500 or DI into FOH if an option.
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