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  1. @BassTractor Thanks for your input pal! I am still unsure what to do.. 1.Decent keyboard 2.Midi keyboard use with iPad 3.Keep the Casio I have and get the bassstation. I was meaning doing the bass on keys only.. like a band that would have a drummer, guitarist, singer and the keys/synth doing the bass lines. (but I can still play chords when messing about with my loop station by switching tones from say.. synth bass to organ or something)
  2. There’s a guy in my work that’s interested in learning bass guitar, he’s a saxophone player and already has great knowledge of music theory.. He was looking to spend about £300ish and was looking at Eastcoast basses. I don’t know anything about them so I was suggesting a squire jazz/p, Ibanez sr or Yamaha bb because I know people that have played these and reckon they are good entry level basses. does anyone here have any opinions on eastcoast basses? Or suggestions for a decent beginner bass? cheers guys 🤓
  3. I don’t think it does have a midi input because it’s about 10+ yrs old now..
  4. First off cheers for the replies! bit more info.. I use a Jm4 loop station to mess about with in the house with my guitar and bass and I’m wanting to put down some chords on a keyboard to jam over. I’m also wanting to get into key bass because I like the sound and it’s just something else to play about with..preferably a small keyboard because I don’t have a lot of space. I’ve already got an old Casio keyboard I got as a kid but it feels more like a toy (light up keys to learn the preset songs n stuff like that 😂) so maybe I should just keep that for pianoy/keyboardy chords Because it is just house use.. and get the bass station for bass only. Or would it be better just to get a decent keyboard that I can play chords in lots of different preset tones and will produce a nice stand alone bass sound? Does any of you guys play bass on keys/synth?
  5. Hey all, can anyone help answer this question for me.. I’m thinking about buying the novation bass station and was wondering if I could play chords on it? I’m new to the keyboard/synth thing so I was wondering if I could lay down a few chords in a piano/keyboard tone and then switch and do a bass line or lead part over it? Cheers in advance 🤠
  6. Hey 👋 can anyone recommend a place in Glasgow to get a bass restrung and set up? (Action, intonation & restrung)
  7. I just stick to root, 3rd, 5th.. 7th maybe and a few chromatics here and there.. in various orders But there’s soooo much to read on the subject! Big respect to the guys who can walk all day long 🙌 help us n00bs
  8. I thought the P bass could be quite versatile, I’m thinking of buying one for my collection and this hasn’t changed my mind in anyway but I was wanting to hear from P owners what their thoughts are on this? 😈 The quote is from https://www.andertons.co.uk/jazz-vs-precision-bass “This is the bass you want for full-on power. The hum-cancelling split coil pickup provides a huge, full range tone that sits in a mix extremely well for a lot of styles of music. Saying that, it’s not really a versatile instrument. It does a good job for an old school, boomy sound but it doesn’t really cut it for super modern tones. It’s kind of a one-trick-pony, but it’s a great one nonetheless. Using a plectrum with this bass is ideal to get grunt out of the sound”
  9. Wear and dings on the instrument shows that it has a bit of history.. or a few stories. Deliberately making it look worn isn’t my thing. isn't it kinda faking it? like someone in an iron maiden T-shirt that’s never heard them before but just want that rocker look 😂 u know what I mean maybe a different band but you’ve all seen it! So Relic - fair play but it’s not for me!
  10. I’m a big fan of the badass bridge.. I can’t see why you would change it! Each to their own I guess..
  11. Sweet bass man! Shame you aren’t anywhere near Glasgow 😭.. I think this bass should have the Badass2 bridge with it. I have the 07 highway one Jazz and it has it..
  12. I’ve been thinking about getting a short scale for the collection.. I found this video pretty good https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Ye2CmlCF8CU I’m torn between the mustang and the Gretsch 🤔 I’ve heard great things about both..
  13. 💡 I get you now! I’ll look into getting the ha400 and check my amps will go together, if not then I’ll get the mixer as well. They seem reasonably priced.. Appreciate u guys taking the time to help 😎👍
  14. So guitar - Fx pedal then mixer should sound better? I had a look at this and there’s only headphone inputs, how do you mean I should set it up? Sorry if it’s obvious 😂 I need it simplified a bit more 🤤
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