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  1. Sounds like a gutter mate and a bit awkward with the young guys parents watching you 🤦‍♂️ To be honest I didn’t even consider checking the TR that’s a fair shout. I think I’ll just stick to shops for the time being.. or maybe even a trustworthy seller from here 😃 Out of interest which bass was it?
  2. Jean-luc pickguard - 🤣 awesome name! I would get something if I could travel to collect it but a lot of the time it’s too far 👎 I shouldn’t even be looking or a new bass because I’m getting a new piano delivered today but you guys know scouring for basses is an addiction..
  3. I often see lots of nice basses on eBay for reasonable prices but I’m not sure if I trust sending a lot of money incase it’s a scammer! My bass collection would be significantly larger if I had the balls to buy things on eBay 😂 Does anyone here buy basses from eBay without issue?
  4. LeftyJ that’s quite a difference in price.. jeez maybe it is just different colour options I’m seeing. the bronze frets + hardware to me is Warwicky! so I agree with 40hz. heres some links to the wicks I was looking at: https://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Warwick_Corvette_4_$$.html https://www.andertons.co.uk/warwick-gps-corvette-%24%24-4-string-bass-in-maple-ocean-blue-satin
  5. For my funky fix I usually check out some of the following people: Marcus Miller Victor Wooten Stanley Clarke Jaco Pastorius (more jazzy) Earth wind and fire Sly and the family stone Average white band Jamiroquai Graham central station I only recently got introduced to a band called Vulfpeck they’re pretty funky theres loads of others but I can’t think at the moment.. need more coffee maybe
  6. I’d never heard of Budgie before you posted this link, kinda reminds me a bit of iron maiden. Its not my taste at the moment, maybe a few years back when I was more into that style. Though saying that I do still appreciate it so I’ll check some of their other tracks out 👌 ..also the album art is cool 😄
  7. Hey all 🤠 when or why did Warwick change the hardware they use and the frets to chrome or silver nickel? I thought they always used bronze but I’m seeing a lot of silver looking hardware (while I’m looking online & gassing bad for a corvette $$ 😂 ) Are these a certain series? Any links you guys have that explains this would be appreciated!
  8. I came across this video of a couple guys playing Isn’t she lovely by a guy called Steven Wonder I think his name was..so that’s what I was just listening to! 🤠 The bass is excellent 👌 here’s a link to it if you guys want to check it out
  9. They’ve loaded now.. maybe the internet here or something. Aye I love my 89 ltd! Very nice instrument.. 😀
  10. Tasty 😍 only the last 2 pics are loading for me.. gutted! I wanna see the whole thing 😁
  11. They really do look like those except the red wire is black
  12. Can’t see any writing on it 🤷‍♂️
  13. I don’t think it is Andy- the pole pieces have wee circles on them.. kinda looks like the bottom of a frying pan 😂
  14. That’s ok mate, appreciate the thought 👌
  15. I think it sounds... not great. It could never be bridge only on this jazz! I’ll be favouring the neck pup until I either get new pick ups or give up and sell it.. most likely to the shop that sold it to me 👿
  16. ..it wasn’t mentioned
  17. I bought a Mexican jazz bass (fretless) a while back. I never really got on with it but I kept a hold of it anyway incase I changed my mind.. recently I decided to give fretless another go and after a good look over I noticed both the pickups are different! I should have noticed this when buying it I know.. so no need to tell me 🤐 It was pre owned when I got it from a shop, do you guys think the previous owner put a different pick up in it? I’ll post pictures. the bridge pickup has a different look to the pole pieces than on the neck pickup and the plastic looks matt compared to the neck pickups gloss plastic
  18. Now that’s a great shout! I tried it on my keyboard just playing the chords with the left hand and doing the vocal melody with my right, now that you’ve said that I’m going to look at the “notes” of the vocals and see what that says.. cheers ok I used a piano app to write down what the notes for the vocals sound like to me and these are the notes used (not in order) B - C# - E - F# - G#
  19. Aye fair shout stevie, The piece does sound like it arrives home when it lands on the F#
  20. For me it kinda sounds like it resolves to the F#.. the way it’s played, maybe because the F# is played longer than the other chords u know? 🤠 either way I put a bass line to it I think sounds good so next time we get a chance to jam I’ll try it out and see if it suits. thanks FDC484950 & Twotimesbass for your replies ✌️
  21. Hey all, I was writing a bass line to a song a guitarist friend put together, he doesn’t really know any music theory so can’t tell me what key the song is in (chances are it’s just some chords he liked). anyway the chords for the verse are C#m / G#m7 / F# I was thinking G#minor - iv / i / VII or C#dorian - i / v / IV It could even be B major without playing the tonic - ii / vi / V F#major - v / ii / I Any ideas? How would you guys approach this? I should add that 1st bar - C#m 2 beats, G#m 2 beats. 2nd bar - F# 4 beats.
  22. Hey siege, we’re needin more weegies 🤙
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