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  1. Very nice. Review from Ovnilab here. Very transparent, silent, and no weird artificial artifacts in the sound at all. Controls are top l/r: Threshold, Ratio, Output; then bottom l/r: -9dB pad switch, hard/soft kne switch, and wet/dry blend. Row of LEDs great for setting up a sound, and seeing exactly what's happening when you adjust Threshold an dRatio. Also great for getting a very accurate pickup balance. At the moment, I'm using Threshold at 1:00, Ratio at 11:00 (about 3:1), Gain at 1:00, soft knee, and 100% wet.
  2. The Schalltechnik Pumpernickel compressor pedal Pumpernickel kit built by BandDoktor: It's got knobs on it. Still twiddling happily...
  3. Much as I love my La Bella DTB FLs, the low E does sound deader and thuddier than the rest. But only through an amp - acoustically they're still well balanced. Adjusting the P-bass pickup makes no difference to the electric imbalance. Puzzling.
  4. Are there any practical differences between this Harley Benton power supply with a DC external adapter https://www.thomann.de/intl/harley_benton_powerplant_iso_5_pro.htm and this AC one with a kettle lead https://www.thomann.de/intl/harley_benton_powerplant_iso_1ac_pro_modular.htm ? The DC one has slightly more power options, but a kettle lead feels a bit more robust. This will probably only power a couple of pedals at the most, but I want to be able to cover any future eventualities.
  5. 400+pages of FMC info and opinions on the German bass forum bassic.de here - just 'translate to English' in Chrome. They do like their big speakers over here - 2 x 15" and 1 x 18" very popular...
  6. 1210 UL looks good. What are the dimensions? And what would the speaker police say about mixing speaker sizes?
  7. Dithering between a 112 UL and a 212 UL with a 180w @8ohm Gnome i Pro. How does the single 1 x 12 stand up to rehearsals and small gigs?
  8. I'm eyeing up FMC cabs myself at this very mo. Very tempted with their 112 UL which sounds tight and non-boomy to me:
  9. My Gnome i Pro has a fan, but it's whisper quiet at bedroom volume. Really barely audible.
  10. Slightly alarmed by what @Chienmortbb said above, as the owner of a Gnome with only jack outputs. After a bit of research, it seems the main danger is plugging/unplugging jack speaker cables while the amp is on, thus creating a potential short. Is this the primary problem with using jacks? A TB post from @agedhorse seemed to say the danger was less for amps under 200w, so maybe the jack-socketed but low-powered BAMs and Gnomes are safe enough?
  11. Ta for that TC link - just bought one. Snarks are basically disposable - I've never managed to sucessfully change a battery.
  12. While sorting out the 4-year warranty extension from warwick.de on my new-today Gnome i Pro, I saw in the drop down produect option menu a 'v2 300w Gnome Pro' and a '600w Gnome Pro'. Coming next year?
  13. Thanks all - back on the shortlist it goes.
  14. Reading some older threads about the Spectracomp, people's early enthusiasm seemed to wane somewhat, with non-sticky edited Toneprints, and a rather flakey computer/phone interface. On paper it seems like a very good affordable simple pedal, but I'd like to know if the selectable Toneprints now stay selected, and if the edited Toneprints retain their edits! Any updates?
  15. Given there's a lot of interest with HPFs these days, with Phil above building his micro 6" cab down to 80Hz, this might make a lot of sense. Small stage amps for monitoring really don't need any deep bass at all. I'm not technical enough to know if the quoted 90Hz is a hard cut-off or what though.
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