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  1. Off to get familiar with the ZOOM, works well via USB / Mac / Guitarlab / Headphones Nice bit of kit
  2. Thanks for all answers, don't need a DI box unless I want to plug into the PA. active Ibby Sr500 > Zoom B1 Four > FRFR Speaker Joyo ZGP to sort out the power supply to the Zoom Thanks again for input.
  3. Another numpty question here, I get the Joyo to get rid of noise... will get one to be able the power supply I still having knocking around (Mooer). If I decide to go down the route of using a FRFR cabinet do I need a DI box or can use the output from the B1 Four straight into it...? Can tell all this multi effect and FRFR speaker is new to me LOL Thanks
  4. Greg if you can let me know how you get on with it playing with your band that would be great. Thanks
  5. I know it might be a stretch buying a head and cab. I am keeping an eye out second hand and am not in a rush. Using the amp provided in the practice room but it is not my favourite (warwick thing). I know the older stuff is very affordable but weight is also a deciding factor. Tired of lugging aroudn heavy stuff, I had a Genz Benz Contour which was not a lightweight. Hence looking into the smaller heads with a cab. Cab would primarily stay at home and just take the head to practice room. Just keeping options open, just got back into playing.
  6. Just realised you can't see that, I'll open that up. I am near Thame (Oxfordshire) bit far from yours :-) Thanks for the offer.
  7. £200-£300, I know its small
  8. Numpty question here, I've got an active bass and use the new zoom B1 Four to have a bit of fun at home with headphones. I was debating buying a small amp and cab for playing with a guitaris and drummer i.e. something relative affordable like TE Elf with small cab or TC Electroinic 250W with a small cab. Would I be better off buying an active full range speaker and go straght from the ZOOM B1 four into that? And what would you recommned if the budget is small and I mostly jam in small setting with a drummer and guitarist (using Kemper Amp). Cheers
  9. Mine arrived in the mail yesterday. Glad someone was home to reveive it. Should have some time tomorrow to have a play with it. :-)
  10. Nope, first time using a multi. Just seems to be a nice bit of kit with the effects, drums to mess about with at home.
  11. Ordered Zoom B1 Four...via Zoom UK on ebay. Should ship today with Royal Mail 1st class. Better find a headphone. Bluetooth won't work I think.
  12. Thanks for all the replies. Looks like I will be looking into a pedal option. Would be a good option for practising, probably still buy an amp just to be able to turn it up even if it is at home...
  13. Just been looking at the thread on the Zoom B1 Four, would this be a good alternative to a small practice amp? Debate I am with myself is do I buy a practice amp for home use or something to use with headphones. Advantage of the practice amp will be that you can be plugged in, play and have a video playing on youtube. Anyone prefer one or the other and why? Just trying to figure out what to buy... knowing myself it will be 300W and a bit loud for at home.
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