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  1. Aalin

    Acoustic Basses

    Playing always plugged on an amp, 0n my Takamine TB10, I used the La Bella 760N Black Nylon Tape which sound really great. You could give a try: https://www.thomann.de/fr/la_bella_black_nylon_760n.htm And I would have kept them if my strings were not quite high from the fingerboard, so I found the gauge to be a bit too strong, so I put Thomastik JF344 low tension which sound great too and I keep them. To minimize the cost of changing strings, I bought this small ultra sound machine to clean them from time to time. It doesn't make them new, but it looks like they have been around for a month. https://www.amazon.fr/iTronics-Nettoyeur-Professionnel-Inoxydable-approfondi/dp/B01D148KGC
  2. Empress Para Eq : 30 db + parametric Eq, If you search for a clean sound https://empresseffects.com/products,
  3. The FBRK is interesting because of its adjustable seatbelt but the textile seems less elastic than the neoprene.
  4. There is an American luthier who remakes that type of bass and guitars, surely better than the originals one which were made by the Eko brand. These ‘Teardrop’ instruments are really nice. http://www.phantomguitars.com/teardrop.html
  5. Thank's Doddy for the info about Ergo Straps. More expensive than the Gruv Gear. Currently I'm using the Gruvgear Solo Strap Neo in 2.5” cause 4” are too large for me, too close form my neck and have a tendency to hurt it.
  6. Has anyone ever used the one strap offered by Scott Devin, and can compare it with the Gruvgear eg.
  7. There must be other wireless systems that accept the high impedance of piezo pickups for double basses. Following my problems with the Xvive I also bought the Smoothhound which I am happy with. It is just bigger than the Xvive. And to power it I bought this battery: https://www.thomann.de/en/rockboard_lt_xl_power_bank_rg.htm
  8. Contacted, Xvive in China asks me 100 € transport included to change the battery or offers me to buy a new one. Luckily there is an internet link from a guy who explains how to change the battery yourself. I did it but you have to be meticulous. The battery can be ordered in China for less than £ 10. They would have put some screws in it , we could do it easily.
  9. The probleme with the Xvive is that it's very hard to change the battery when after 2 or 3 years it 's dead. Spending more than 100 £ for a 2 or 3 years wireless system is not a good deal.
  10. For Xvive users, there is a link that explains how to change the battery, but it's a bit tricky. I opened mine by following the video. I ordered the batteries on the net but not yet received it.
  11. It last 2 or 3 years for 115 pounds. It's not a bargain. And planned obsolescence. Contacted, Xvive in china asks me 100 pounds to change the battery which costs around 7 pounds both on the net. Xvive sound good but is not intersting.
  12. Xvive is not a good solution. Once the battery is off, you cannot change it, and you can put your xvive to the trash. Prefer units with screws that can let you be abble to open it and change the battery.
  13. How do they sound amped ? On vidéos, there is always a mic in front of the bass. What about the internal system ? Good or bad ?
  14. I have the Thomastik JF 344 on my Takamine TB 10, as the action is quite high, I like the low tension, gives me an old school double bass style sound.
  15. I have the Xvive and I must say that it is difficult to change the battery when it is dead (after 3 years). Contacted, Xvive asks me 100 € to change the battery which costs less than 10 € on the net. Here is a video link to change the battery. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0w4pBKW8vjk You have to be meticulous. I dismantled mine and will order 2 batteries. But I also finally ordered a Smoothhound. Prefer to buy a system with screws, not sealed.
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