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  1. Presently just my Squier VM Jazz upgraded with CTS pots and Fender MIJ pickups; Frankenstein P-bass with Westbury body, no-name J neck, CTS pots, Fender himass bridge and SD Quarterpounders
  2. My Hartke 410 had a farty speaker when I got it (I bought it used). I put a Chinese tub between the grill and the speaker for a few weeks. The cone had lifted from the chassis or something.
  3. Clicked onto link to get it into my YouTube history so I can listen later. The bass came through on my ten second listen on the phone!
  4. If in doubt about pickups give Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounders a try. I agree with replacing pots and jack socket. I did this with my VM Jazz and bitsa Precision. If you're on a tight budget or don't want to sink a lot of dough into a full upgrade, this was a great improvement. I got my kits from a guy on eBay at something like £15 each.
  5. My sister gave me A Farewell to Kings during a clear out of her tapes in the mid-80s. I loved it and when I went to find something else I liked the cover of Caress of Steel. I've bought a few since, some good stuff but the first two I heard is all I listen to them now.
  6. The venue's we play at pump their own music through their house system and we wave like mad when we set up and want to start.
  7. 50w Sound City head into Kustom 210. I had been using a Hartke 410 but that was just too heavy to hump upstairs.
  8. Twenty years ago I was told I looked like that bloke from Gomez. I think it was th specs and the denim jacket wot swung it
  9. Buy a used Marshall Superlead or JCM 800 or 900. If he has od/distortion pedals he won't necessarily need a second or third channel on the amp. Used Laney Klipps and AOR heads, Carlsbro TC/CS or Sound City heads can also be affordable and good.
  10. Don't let it bother you. The other bassist is probably a mate of the vocalist or something. My last sacking wasn't a sacking as such. I was in a blues band and our rehearsal room was closing for the Christmas break and unsure when/if they would reopen. I was told a new rehearsal venue would be found soon, but a month and a half later the band played a gig without me! The bassist was a friend who lived in the country. So no need for me.
  11. Gigging is a good part of it, yes.
  12. Why bother with 412? What's wrong with 410?
  13. Try contacting Some Neck Guitars in Dublin. They bound to have a few numbers. I bought a Carlsbro from a guy in Donegal and he swears by Cyril Ryan.
  14. @Mr Randall Was going to choose him for the compo too. Wasn't sure how many would have heard of him. Lol
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