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  1. Didn't Hot Chocolate have a guy on a Les Paul?
  2. I have a Buzz Light-year I got with Weetabix when the first film came out. I have some WWII pinups on my Peavey Rockingham. A sloth on my VM Jazz.
  3. Thinking of upgrading my VM Jazz that comes with the Fender Designed pickups. Don't mind vintage or modern sound to be honest, possibly more vintage. The Squier ones just seem a little flat at times.
  4. I used MkI Guv'nor for a while but thought it lacked bottom. Using Lockbox Distortion at the moment
  5. @Quilly I'd say the latter too. At our last gig I set my Carlsbro to 4ohm and ran my 8ohm cab and a 4ohm sub.
  6. @acidbass all that stuff is dying off. I'd thought of getting a two-piece together but I think it's tough for them too. When I lived in Dungannon I used to run up to Omagh for a spin to tax the car now and then but eventually just went to Armagh coz it was closer. Got my first soldering iron in Omagh.
  7. I bought a 74 SG Special about 26 years ago. I wasn't able to play at full volume in the shop (Session Music, Belfast), but it felt great despite being so narrow at the nut. The mini humbuckers looked cute. I didn't like the sound of the mini hums when I tried it at home. I replaced the one in the bridge with a Seymourised model, but it didn't improve things. Fast forward over 15 years and I sold the mini humbuckers for money to buy pedals and got a cheap P90 from eBay and installed it in the bridge. It sounded great! I got a friend to make me a custom scratchpad to cover the route for the neck number and the guitar now looks somewhat like a Junior.
  8. @acidbass sure do. Must be ten years since I worked there. I took the wife for a spin around the Sperrins about five years ago. After seeing the sights at Plum, we shopped at Home Bargains before having a bite to eat at the Coach and heading home.
  9. Got a new strap from https://www.bearstraps.com/ It's a modified Basic 5
  10. The price of gear has gone down I'd say. My first two guitars and my first bass were bought over 25 years ago and cost £50 each for bits of plywood!
  11. @acidbass I worked as a Reprographics Technician at Drumragh College for a year before moving to Ballymoney
  12. pintspiller


    I use a Locobox Compressor
  13. Mine has the Fender Designed instead of the Seymour Designed. I do like the sound generally, but find I like to hit the amp with a compressor to make them sing.
  14. I tried a couple of guitars a number of years ago and thought they were cheap rubbish. Perhaps if they, or the dealer, had actually set them up, it would have been a different story. They deffo look cool, but I won't be trying any of their basses if they are anything like those guitars.
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