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  1. 11 minutes ago, dmccombe7 said:

    Nice wee punk gig in Riverside Bar in Dumfries. The band have played there quite a few times but a first for me.

    First live band since covid so not as busy as it usually is but a decent sized crowd with several people of varying ages up dancing. Blondie being a floor filler to the point our stage area was being pushed back 😂

    Good feedback from the audience afterwards and some good phone vids posted on FB. 

    Using the new Sandberg MarloweDK last night and it sounded amazing and so easy to play. Also got my Mesa Mpulse back from repair altho only fault found was dirty master volume pot. Fully serviced and it was great to have "that tone" back again after using my Markbass Nano for past 2 gigs.

     All in all a pretty good night, few minor mistakes made one where i had a complete loss of memory during a short guitar solo and had to just ad-lib on the root notes for 2 bars and then my memory came back. I'm still learning the songs to a point where i dont need to think about them.

    Had put new strings on the bass that day and it left me with some prettty painful blisters on my plucking hand. I usually put new strings on a week before the gig so the edge is taken off them but i only got the bass on Thu afternoon.



    Good man - my family comes from Dumfries and Galloway, and I love Dumfries - nice work

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  2. Re Shim - I know what @Twincam is saying - a badly done shin can lead to future problems, but a well fitted full pocket shin doesn’t as far as I know have any of those draw backs - surely if required as everything else has been tried  and you have raised everything evenly then it’s not a bad thing?


    wood is organic, even the best made bass in the whole world is subject to some change potentially


    RE string height - I sit at that 2mm or where you have it zone and it’s fine for me - when I got mine second hand it was crazy low - can’t remember what height but rattles everywhere from what the guy liked before - and I don’t mind a little fret buzz, adds to distortion.


    Hope it goes well tonight - I am sure it will

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  3. 1 hour ago, dmccombe7 said:

    Had a listen to them but not really my kinda music. Appreciate some talented musicians there but not for me i'm afraid.

    Its not specifically that band its a style of music i've never managed to get into.


    Oh that’s cool - horses for course - but now you know Timmy C and Chris Cornell.

    He has the most amazing voice - his solo stuff is worth checking out for sure

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  4. 23 minutes ago, dmccombe7 said:

    I note the scratchplates are different too.

    Is that a tech21 twin channel amp. Curious what you think of it.

    It’s the dUg1000 Ultrabass - they do have a twin channel which is basically the RPM and RBI on 2 channels with a power amp - and is great.


    This is what the DP3X pedal was packaged down from with the high distorted cross over so it’s a biamp rig.


    It Will do clean to nasty and is about the best amp out there, sadly out of production.


    Douglas Castro of Darkglass has one himself and loves it, I am sure reading between the lines he would love to replicate its sound but hasn’t/cant quite.


    Honestly - it’s an absolute gem, beast, monster and refined - you won’t get much better IMHO

  5. 1 hour ago, dmccombe7 said:

    Fair point about having slightly different flavours. 

    It just feels like a far better built Jazz. Everything about it feels beetr quality. Neck is so nice with edges nice and smooth with no ragged fret edges like some Fenders i've tried. Tone at house volumes is very well balanced and warmer than my Geddy Jazz so i'm really liking that. Having a Rosewood board means the maple zing isnt there and its just a nice tone. The balance pot rather than 2 volumes i really like too. That could be a change on my Geddy. 

    With regards pcs i'm going to put new strings on today and give the bass a decent set up. Action is way to high for me and i like to give a 2nd hand bass a thorough clean when i first get it. Also the pole pieces being rusted annoys me more than i expected so they will be cleaned up today.

    I might take a before and after pic but probably wont see much difference. The bass was clean when it arrived ie no dust, no smells etc but from a hygenic point of view i'll be happier cleaning myself.

    Pics will be provided today. I might have to tidy the bass cave. Got builders in at moment and bass cave has become a bit of a storage area.


    Glad you are loving it - it can be a funk machine, an R&B and dub machine or an all out rock machine - it’s a proper bass and a real gem.

    Old shape for comparison and under lights it pinks a little bit.2813A48F-899B-4740-89CA-90284E196C41.thumb.jpeg.793fdf0e72387d0b3fb17e0ed5d6478e.jpegB3A459E5-8781-4AD0-8DBD-7BAC6511DBDA.thumb.jpeg.018f3f7ddcf210eb73aaf237cf6a986a.jpeg

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  6. 10 hours ago, dmccombe7 said:

    I've always found the reverse P has a more balanced tone across the strings. I've also got a Fender P bass and a P/J. i've tried Yamaha's with the reverse P and there is a definite "more even" tone IMO of course.

    Could well be that's what your problem was with it.

    Like i said i find the VM4 doesn't have a huge range of tones but it just works well in most situations i use it. 

    I like the clarity of a Jazz bass tho hence the Marlowe.

    The Marlowe Jazz picks ups really are so nice......enough so i might consider changing my Geddy to them next year after i used the Marlowe on a few gigs and got a better feel for its capabilities. First test will be Sat night with the punk band. My Geddy worked really well on the first gig with the band 4-5 weeks ago. With the Marlowe having a bit more depth i can see a success on Sat night. Will take my P bass as a back up.


    Glad you are loving it thus far, it really is a wonderful beast and as you say with the pick ups - enough, depth, clarity, beef to be used across many scenarios and not too high output you struggle with them and pedals/preamps etc.


    Only caution about swapping out the Geddy pick ups would be would you not want a slightly different flavour?

    I am all for mods and changing, but each bass having a little nod of its own.


    Plus - have we seen pics yet?!

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  7. MarloweDK is one hell of a bass - you will enjoy the slimmer neck profile compared to the other Sandy - it will give you a different flavour - it’s a bass that makes me smile when I play, I don’t think I would play any other jazz bass

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  8. 7 hours ago, Al Krow said:


    By coinidence, there's a thread just started over on Talkbass with a poll of what effects bass players are using - although it's focussed on covers band bass players whereas the posts on here will also include plenty of originals band musicians and "bedroom" bass players not in bands. But it might be of interest anyway - here's the link:

    Covers bands - besides a tuner what pedals are you using and on which songs? 

    Who would have thought a coincidence could have happened like that?!

    Great minds think alike……

  9. 1 hour ago, neepheid said:


    Thanks, me too.


    BTW, you're talking to an MFD believer. All the G&Ls I've owned have had them in some form or another (regular, M spec, split P, J (not that I ever used it), El Toro slim humbucker). Also I'm not traditionally a P bass man either. So I doubt I'll feel the same way as you. Having said that, I take on board what you're saying and will give the Alnico a fair listen (on its own, band rehearsal, gig) before deciding.

    That’s ok buddy - different folks different strokes.

    G&L are fine fine basses - I just think that the MFD’s are too much and too in your face with less refinery than the LB for example, I always felt it was a fight.

    For me then MFD’s are best straight to amp/desk - any pre amps before an amp - it was hard to dial in for me. I went through 2 ASAT’s and an L1500.


    Either which way - cracking bass you will get as stock or modded.



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