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  1. It is inside the limits for 5 ropes and certainly also it influences the sound. 4,4 kilograms
  2. private answered listen to offers
  3. Buy this wonder of fbass BN5 low saturation. Very comfortable to touch hopefully come out soon before I change my mind is a big bass. There are some pictures Price tight 2200 euros [url="https://plus.google.com/116527928430542158498/posts/i6hsCJWmLze"]https://plus.google....sts/i6hsCJWmLze[/url] A sample of Youtube to get an idea of the sound. [url="http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=youtube+fbass+bn5&qpvt=youtube+fbass+bn5&view=detail&mid=9A95E24E8114D37DF7E19A95E24E8114D37DF7E1&FORM=VRDGAR"]http://www.bing.com/...7E1&FORM=VRDGAR[/url] [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BG6whyvXXUk"]https://www.youtube....h?v=BG6whyvXXUk[/url] Any inquiries by private thanks
  4. For sale a classic Rickenbacker 4001 '73 with all original vintage finish. Highly sought after by lovers of the famous Rick pill shaped toaster. Light weight 4 kg. Sound brutal to me is the sound Rick we want this brand. Include its original case. It's hard to let go so I put it on sale I reserve temporarily removing it. Price 3400 euros not miss this opportunity [url="https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipN1cSuyS_iQsAgMbUgNF9ro9Eqbm2fmjOAVJSK5"]https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipN1cSuyS_iQsAgMbUgNF9ro9Eqbm2fmjOAVJSK5[/url]
  5. I have a Alembic equal and for those who are interested in this kind of low I've put on my digital scale and are just 4.8 kg.
  6. Buy this stunning low Elrick EVOLUTION GOLD made in USA is the very best I've had in 5 strings. Bartolini active and passive electronic 3.5kg. It has a lot of resonance due in part to its wood a delight the touch. Here are the photos, it is most precious natural. Price 2,400 euros Only thanks sale. [url="https://plus.google.com/photos/116527928430542158498/albums/6317262466318147617"]https://plus.google....262466318147617[/url]
  7. I'm happy with the purchase of Mayones with fellow koval123. I recommend it for future transactions. I hope we meet again in another, thanks. A hug
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