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  1. I give the reason to the partner I have 2 Fclef of 4 and 5 strings and are great bass.
  2. I'm sorry my bad English I use a Google translator. Add 2 + 2 jajajaj I'll be simpler I am selling Fender Precision Special 79/80 Just sale thanks.
  3. I'll be simpler I am selling Fender Precision Special 79/80
  4. I'm sorry I may have closed the advertisement, thank you
  5. Thanks to all concerned, it can be closed. Sold
  6. I recently made a sale with Jerzy Drozd's partner Steve and the experience has been very positive. He is a serious person for business and very good communication. I hope you enjoy for a long time with your new great bass and that we will see another time. A hug
  7. Price or Trade Value : £1500 I put on sale this fantastic MAYONES PATRIOT with finished in GLOOS. The selection of wood is impressive and once you have it in your hands you see that it is not a bass that goes unnoticed in details and qualities. Its design makes it very balanced and very comfortable to play in all its mast. I include your original MAYONES case. As you see his condition is almost again. This I put it on sale but I reserve to remove it without previous warning. Whoever takes it will be happy with it. Price 1700 euros [url="https://plus.google.com/photos/116527928430542158498/album/6470046610249488017/6470046609378381394?authkey=CNa9hPT929D37wE"]https://plus.google....CNa9hPT929D37wE[/url] [url="https://plus.google.com/116527928430542158498/posts/D619GMmS5Z9"]https://plus.google....sts/D619GMmS5Z9[/url]
  8. you Miki bass piece I have taken. Salesman of total confidence we see for the next one. A hug 😀👍
  9. Still available for a few days. Do not let it escape is a bass delight.
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