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  1. Hi, on sale a beautiful Zon Legacy Elite 4, early '90. Excellent conditions, weight 3,8Kg. Honduras Mahogany body with exotic wood top (I suppose Koa), Bartolini custom made humbucker pickups(wide aperture), Polyfusion electronics, Volume-tone for each pickups+selector switch(front pickup-both-rear)...active controls. Graphite set in neck with phenolic fretboard, 24 frets with abalone dots. Some scratchs on the back but, as you can see, nothing serious. No trades, only sale...original Zon Hardcase and shipping cost to Europe included. Bye!!!
  2. ...here's a link to a video recorded with this beautiful bass...hope You enjoy!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9YRBPiAuEY&ab_channel=DavideDejana
  3. Hi, on sale a custom made instrument, Jazz Bass style. Specs: Korina Body, Canadian Maple Neck with Rosewood fingerboard with Mother of Pearl Blocks (not plastic perloid), bone nut, Wilkinson gold hardware, EMG active pickups. Weight 4,5 Kg, perfect conditions, low action, truss rod works smooth and perfectly. Ernie Ball Slinky 45/100 new strings. No trade, only sale...shipping cost to Europe included. Bye!
  4. Yes, designed by Gary Levinson and produced by Tune in Japan...I have a B3 model and, in my opinion, these are the best Jazz-type basses on the second hand market!! ;-)
  5. Hi guys, I've uploaded another video recorded with the MVP, during rehearsal with an acoustic guitarist. The bass was recorded directly, with only a little of reverb...(so you can ear it with another intrument) 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EljR--Y5oHQ&feature=youtu.be
  6. ...in my opinion (and personal experience) Mike Pedulla in the late '80 realized a simple bass concept: maple and ebony (in alternative to many different stripes of wood of others great brands), a simple custom system of pickups and electronics, solid hardware and a neck-through construction that, when well done, give to the instrument a beautiful sustain and richness...I think that, in the second hand market, you can't find a USA boutique instrument with the same value for the money! 😉
  7. ...Pedulla in those years uses an active electronics (so there is a pre with a 9v battery inside the rear cavity) but with a simple controls configuration, volume-balance-tone. (...not volume-volume...my mistake!!)
  8. ...no, natural ebony with maple stripes...no coated!
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