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  1. I prioritize the sale but I hear offers of changes for high-end bass, adjusting money differences in your case.
  2. Some proposals but they have not come to a good end. Come on, you're short on time. It is a great low versatile active and passive. Being able to run without battery in passive as a traditional fender.
  3. Thanks Voila for your words. Greetings the fender is in paperwork to close negotiation.
  4. For those fender lovers don't let him get away. It's probably your ultimate fender. The sound is overwhelming and in an incredible state of conservation for its years. Make haste that the movement begins.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Hello this time I put on sale of my private collection a magnificent Fender Jazz Bass year 74/75. The saddle was changed by a bone and the Turkish to adjust the mast was the change because it was a bit rounded and put on a new original fender. The case is not the original, it is a used box with two zippers placed. It rides Thomastik-Infeld JF34043 ropes that go like ring to the finger are soft to the soft touch and the sound that transmits is warm and round very similar to another fender that I have of the 68/69.It is possibly of the best I have had in Fender and this for the connoisseur is a lottery. Whoever buys it will be delighted with the purchase. Take this moment to get your bass for life. I reserve to withdraw without notice, I need the money is the reason for the sale I'm not interested in exchanges thank you. Best regards
  7. Price fall occasion.. Price 1595 euros for a few days.
  8. Offers received but unfortunately I had to decline. This Fender Precision Special was more direct competitor with the Musicman of that time. There is the configuration of your active electronica to master Funky styles ect ... And in passive 70/80 classic sound under all terrain from my point of view. I keep it for a while for sale so cheer up.
  9. KUSKU


    I'm considering withdrawing it from the sale. I give you a few days. You can not let it escape, it looks fantastic for your years and a sound that is a delight.
  10. Congratulations to your new owner, beautiful Fender. I imagine not so much for the seller.
  11. KUSKU


    Private answered. I listen to offers
  12. KUSKU


    I sell the jewel in the crown Gibson Les Paul Signature Jack Casady Gold 74/75 Its very good state of preservation frets and an action of low strings very comfortable to play Everything is original electronic ect..salvo the case that is new. Sound is overwhelming warm - round and powerful a delight of low passive sound. Price 3300 euros The bass is in Spain. Do not let it escape, they only made approx. the number of 800 Jack Casady USA
  13. Difficult decision I put on sale a magnificent Fender Precision Special manufactured 79/80. He was the most direct competitor with the Musicman of the time, installing the ideal active system for Funky ect styles and Fender classic sound way. Sound demolishing and aesthetically beautiful color body paint and play the shovel. Weight 4,650kg I include a non-original vintage case Price 1850€
  14. I've been playing for 5 minutes and changing my face. A Vigier Custom with this finish are not often seen. I have decided to stay, I would have regretted selling it for sure. Thanks to all interested and offers. regards
  15. Private answered is still available.
  16. Private answered is still available.
  17. Several interested although not closed to if I keep it for a while longer. Very good low and great price
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