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  1. Hello, I recently had it for sale and I took it back. I have something in hand and I need to get some money so again I put on sale this fantastic Fender Precision 72 It sounds amazing, it is comfortable and light weight 3.8 kg Thomastik Flat Wound strings I include not original case. Price 2950 euros . Come cheer the time runs. regards Reduced price 2399 euros. Limited time offer
  2. Great price drop 900 euros for limited time.
  3. I . Price € 7500 https://www.fodera.com/2015-buckeye-burl-emperor-4-elite/
  4. I have decided to stay among my favorites is a marvel of Precision I would have regretted if I sell. Thanks to all stakeholders
  5. This time it comes out a beautiful and wonderful sound. It was Levinson BLADE B4 Ash body Maple maple Ebony fretboard Active 9v. Two-position selector memorizes internal equalization. Golden mechanics quality. Spectacular sound Limited time sale. Price 1050 € a bargain all original. Only sale thanks.
  6. It's a barbarity of Ken. Great seller I recommend it. Best regards Siso
  7. Privately answered remains available. I hear offers price something negotiable but not spent. Best regards
  8. To my regret I am reducing part of my bass collection and this time it's time for one of the best Fender Precision that has passed through my hands. It has a beautiful finish and Relic finish typical of its years. And an incredible powerful devastating sound that a lover of good Fender would be looking to enjoy. I put it on sale temporarily so I hope it comes out in a short time. I include a non-original case and new strings THOMASTIK JAZZ JF344 FLATWOUND 43-100
  9. Reduced Price 995 euros Interested I have a Rick 4001 of the 73
  10. RETIRED Thanks to all stakeholders I prefer to keep it to sell it is a big bass. Who knows later if it is more loved only for connoisseurs in Fender. Best regards
  11. Thanks Zbigniew You're absolutely right are very good low. The reason for selling it is that I have three Blades
  12. Several interested but still available. Great Fender Precision All original
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