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  1. It remains available for a short time
  2. For change for another bass I value it at 2400 euros
  3. I sell Schecter Jazz Bass in the 80s . 1250 euros
  4. I sell Fender Jazz Bass Custom Shop 64. Only selling original natural color is more beautiful. Many Customs have passed through my hands and this is the best Magnificent Fender sound that the lover would like. Price 2700 euros whoever takes it will be sung. Any questions for private thanks.
  5. Great occasion I put on sale bass Mas Hino NYC vintage. Manufactured by a great Japanese Luthier who was working a few years ago in Pensa. He currently has his own company after working with the bass Atelier. The condition is immaculate. It works in passive and active with 9v battery. Price € 1900 I do not accept changes. Definitely quality-price of the best devastating sound. Limited time offer do not miss it. Any questions for private thanks
  6. Private answered state about to leave but is still available. Don't let him get away
  7. I prefer direct selling but I listen to proposals for low-value ones assuming the difference that there may be
  8. The controls to equalize are 3 Volume, tone and bass equalization 2 bands. The 4 knob is used to switch to active mode down and up passive mode. Once in passive mode this 4 controller serves as a tone. It is a quality of this Musicman to have passive mode really the sound is overwhelming. Only 300 bass 200 4-string and 100 5-string were made. Of these 4 strings only stayed for the American market and the rest has been distributed throughout the rest of the world. It is a very collectible Musicman Classic model and this one is more so since it is one of the few that were made that changes color tone depending on the light you give it. She's a real beauty.
  9. Music Man USA Classic Stingray 4 Gilded White Limited Edition Manufactured January 12th, 2012 Model Classic StingRay 2 EQ Active/Passive Other special features of this limited edition of 300 basses only are 2EQ tone circuit, gold hardware and Active/Passive option. Awesome Music Man Stingray Limited Edition Perfect Condition! Custom Gilded White Finish Active / Passive Electronics Gold Hardware Active 2-Band EQ - Smooth Tone on Passive Mode. Matching Finished Neck Includes Hardshell Case Price 1700 euros Good luck !
  10. I've been thinking about keeping it for a while but I have too many bass. So keep on selling don't let it get away it has a wonderful sound.
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