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  1. Welcome be the offers. Hurry up, before you take it back it's a big bass. Great sound, light and very comfortable
  2. Private slashed. Sales priority is still available. Don't let him get away, he's a big bass.
  3. Impeccable condition and with a great sound. Treat yourself is irresistible Aprender a pronunciar
  4. For sale Elrick Evolution Gold 4 Features : Light ash body with walnut plywood Maple neck and fingerboard wenge 24 frets 34 "scale Weight 3.6kg Electronica Bartolini Active and passive Spectacular sound and very comfortable to play on your entire neck. Perfectly balanced Only urgent sale. 1950 euros
  5. In the end I preferred to sell it to a friend and so I will have located this Fodera. Thanks to the interested parties regards SOLD
  6. Again I sell this precious Fodera I put a link of an article that dedecaron in official website https://www.fodera.com/2015-buckeye-burl-emperor-4-elite/ Price € 7500
  7. After receiving several people with their offers, I decididio that a Fodera like this do not come out every day. I don't feel like selling it. Thank you to all concerned. Can be closed removed. Best regards
  8. Don't let it get away it's a big bass.
  9. I don't understand how you can keep this bajazo here. If it were not because I have many bass this would not sell in years I assure you it has a wonderful professional sound. Only sale I do not accept changes.
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