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  1. For sale my BC Rich Eagle bass from 1978. Neck Through, original DiMarzio double PUs, Badass bridge, Grover tuners, etc. This is the most seeked version, in Koa wood. No modifications or repairs, fully working Neil Moser electronics. Neck is straight, low action, and fully working truss rod. The bass has just been profesionally setup and plays like a dream. The amount of tones you get out of this bass is amazing. Also, a very rare feature for one of these basses from the era: very light weight, under 8,5 pounds. Original hardshell case included. I bought this bass on this forum a few months ago, it's a great bass. I put it on sale only to finance the purchase of another bass that I have that I spotted Price is 2400 EUR.
  2. still not interested for a trade with a Ritter Classic 5 strings ? maybe i can add a bit cash Proposition still available ;-)
  3. only trade with 4 strings ? possible with a 5 strings ?
  4. I'm in France (56000 Vannes) https://www.google.fr/maps/place/Vannes/@47.6577149,-2.7834928,13z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x48101e84c37de291:0xb9f358307b233d13!8m2!3d47.658236!4d-2.760847
  5. Trade my Ritter Classic 5 strings of 2004, in mint condition. I wish to return on 4 strings, so I propose to trade against a bass of the same range. (Wal, Fodera, Alembic,...) For an exchange against a 5 string, always propose, I am not opposed ... [url="https://ritter-instruments.com/item_info.php?i=145"]ritter-instruments.com/item_info.php?i=145[/url] Shape : Classic Neck-Color : Black Marble Body-Color : Black Marble Number of Strings : 5 Fretted Hardwarecolor : Chrome Body-Wood : Mahogany Body-Finish : Transparent High Gloss Neck-Wood : Maple Construction : Bold on 3-Piece Neck-Finish : Transparent High Gloss Fingerboard : Ebony Scale : 35’ (889mm) Pickup Bridgeposition : RITTER MASTER Triplebucker Elektronics : RITTER MASTER Parametric Pickup Neckposition : RITTER MASTER Triplebucker Weight : 4,2 kgs Bridge / String Attachment : Ritter 3D / B1String Attachment Tuners : RITTER BT - Custommade by Gotoh Nut : Bone Strap Buttons : Schaller Security Locks Hard case : RITTER Custom [attachment=255326:Ritter 411 - 01.jpg] [attachment=255327:Ritter 411 - 02.jpg] [attachment=255328:Ritter 411 - 03.jpg] [attachment=255329:Ritter 411 - 04.jpg]
  6. [quote name='thebassist' timestamp='1483224421' post='3205578'] I think Bass Club Paris may have mis-sold it to you with that description. I'd suggest you contact Fodera for information about this bass so you can hear it directly from them. It looks to be a New Standard model and while you can obviously ask for whatever amount of money you like, it might be difficult to sell at the price you'd like because this isn't a custom Fodera. [/quote] [size=4]look in Fodera website, in standard model t[color=#212121][font=inherit]he truss-rod access point is positioned at the bottom of the fretboard, and on the head for custom models. I wait confirmation with Fodéra[/font][/color][/size]
  7. I missed the bass I had in sight, so back to a resonable price given that I'm no longer in a hurry [b][s]£[/s]3150 / 3700 €[/b] [b]but i really prefer a trade with a Ritter (4/5) or Wal (4/5)[/b]
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