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  1. Definitely in quality-price is the best you can find. I put it on sale for a while. Shipping costs are on my account. We're not fail him to escape. Best regards
  2. Privates answered. I hear shopping deals. I'm sorry I don't accept any change. Best regards
  3. My congratulations to the lucky buyer. Piece of bass he takes.
  4. By bass accumulation I put on sale a rare gem of Fender Custom Shop. The known model of Pino Palladino bass Relic "Limited edition" was made only 50 bass like this. Includes two certificates one of authenticity and another limited edition. I also include your complete documentation and Vintage leather strap. The case is the original that comes with this model. has been very well cared for and was a whim I have always been to fender and I could not let it happen in his day is the year 2010 and you could say that is out of store. I have mounted new Thomastik-Infeld Flat Wound ropes that are perfect for you. I can tell you about this Fender...es a marvel of bass. For me it is the best in Precision with a powerful, warm and stale sound that reminds the one who used pine of the 60. I know I'm going to regret it, but I'd like it to stop even a new owner from the use it deserves. Attention only sale I sell purely for the economic. I hope you like
  5. By accumulation of basses I put for sale this magnificent Yamaha BB2024 year 2015 The transparent puncher is placed with double-sided tape does not have screws in case you want to remove to taste. I've recently placed new strings and it's perfectly tight. I include your original Yamaha case and your documentation. It has light marks with reflections that are barely noticeable in backlight. It sounds really good and being a liability is very powerful and defined. A great bass that fits any style of music. You can see tutorials on YouTube I hope to leave soon I am sad to have to sell it.
  6. By accumulation of bass I put on sale this beautiful Blade B-4 Fretless mounts new strings Thomastik-Infeld Flat Wound included a non-original case. If you are looking for a great fretless quality price This is your bass don't let it escape it sounds like it's a delight. The color is hard to see in these models their state is all original Best regards
  7. Privately answered remains available. Merry Christmas
  8. I prioritize the sale but I hear offers of changes for high-end bass, adjusting money differences in your case.
  9. Some proposals but they have not come to a good end. Come on, you're short on time. It is a great low versatile active and passive. Being able to run without battery in passive as a traditional fender.
  10. Thanks Voila for your words. Greetings the fender is in paperwork to close negotiation.
  11. For those fender lovers don't let him get away. It's probably your ultimate fender. The sound is overwhelming and in an incredible state of conservation for its years. Make haste that the movement begins.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. Hello this time I put on sale of my private collection a magnificent Fender Jazz Bass year 74/75. The saddle was changed by a bone and the Turkish to adjust the mast was the change because it was a bit rounded and put on a new original fender. The case is not the original, it is a used box with two zippers placed. It rides Thomastik-Infeld JF34043 ropes that go like ring to the finger are soft to the soft touch and the sound that transmits is warm and round very similar to another fender that I have of the 68/69.It is possibly of the best I have had in Fender and this for the connoisseur is a lottery. Whoever buys it will be delighted with the purchase. Take this moment to get your bass for life. I reserve to withdraw without notice, I need the money is the reason for the sale I'm not interested in exchanges thank you. Best regards
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