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  1. I don't understand how you can keep this bajazo here. If it were not because I have many bass this would not sell in years I assure you it has a wonderful professional sound. Only sale I do not accept changes.
  2. Hello, I recently had it for sale and I took it back. I have something in hand and I need to get some money so again I put on sale this fantastic Fender Precision 72 It sounds amazing, it is comfortable and light weight 3.8 kg Thomastik Flat Wound strings I include not original case. Price 2950 euros . Come cheer the time runs. regards Reduced price 2399 euros. Limited time offer
  3. Great price drop 900 euros for limited time.
  4. I . Price € 7500 https://www.fodera.com/2015-buckeye-burl-emperor-4-elite/
  5. I have decided to stay among my favorites is a marvel of Precision I would have regretted if I sell. Thanks to all stakeholders
  6. This time it comes out a beautiful and wonderful sound. It was Levinson BLADE B4 Ash body Maple maple Ebony fretboard Active 9v. Two-position selector memorizes internal equalization. Golden mechanics quality. Spectacular sound Limited time sale. Price 1050 € a bargain all original. Only sale thanks.
  7. It's a barbarity of Ken. Great seller I recommend it. Best regards Siso
  8. Privately answered remains available. I hear offers price something negotiable but not spent. Best regards
  9. To my regret I am reducing part of my bass collection and this time it's time for one of the best Fender Precision that has passed through my hands. It has a beautiful finish and Relic finish typical of its years. And an incredible powerful devastating sound that a lover of good Fender would be looking to enjoy. I put it on sale temporarily so I hope it comes out in a short time. I include a non-original case and new strings THOMASTIK JAZZ JF344 FLATWOUND 43-100
  10. Reduced Price 995 euros Interested I have a Rick 4001 of the 73
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