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  1. I recently sold to a Yamaha teammate Nathan itzing This BBNE2 and I want to thank you so well that all gone. Very good comincación and now I have a new friend. I recommend you to do for future transactions. Cheers
  2. Hello fellow'm new here and greet. Here you can make your comments about me, I hope they are good ha ha ha Just recently I sold a Yamaha Nathan East BBNE2 and I mean all right. Who better to say that this all. greetings Miguel
  3. Thanks to all concerned, I take it back for a few months for a friend.
  4. He escaped me one bass, so returns to its offer price. € 1995
  5. Attention, I listen to offers. Last days, do not miss this opportunity.
  6. Unico Fretless opportunity .... Ken Smith was gold medallion.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. [url="http://www.riverband.demon.nl/special.html"]http://www.riverband.demon.nl/special.html[/url]
  9. I buy my beloved Fender Precision Special. 80/81 year Made in USA is vintage white over the years is a beautiful yellow color. For many it is the best Fender Precision, works in traditional passive and active sound. It has a powerful sound devastating, it is certainly the Precision you are looking for. Its preservation is immaculate as you can see in the pictures. I include an aftermarket smooth ride newly placed exquisite sound strings case,. It is hard to find in this finish and in this state. Price 1560 pounds Price 2100 euros Shipping costs not included [url="https://plus.google.com/photos/116527928430542158498/albums/6237362655182375953"]https://plus.google....362655182375953[/url] Care for a limited time only sale. Cheers It can be closed.
  10. The bass is in Spain but it will not be for a long time lol
  11. I jajajaj imagine that the translator goes crazy lol Sorry not speak English
  12. Buy this awesome Pedulla pain Pentabuzz. Few words can say who do not know. They are all praise is possibly one of the best Fretless to be found. It is beautiful to distraction more natural, the pictures do not do it justice. Including original case, belt hooks and keys to adjust Price £ 1750 Price 2200 euros Shipping costs not included. [url="https://plus.google.com/photos/116527928430542158498/albums/6237087737339710769"]https://plus.google....087737339710769[/url]
  13. Buy PENSA CUSTOM If someone wants to get rid of one who says to me, thanks.
  14. Eventually led him to the fastest. Thanks to all concerned. You can close SOLD Cheers
  15. I listen to offers, make haste to encourage this spectacular Ken Smith. Attention last few days ... but definitely take it back out.
  16. Me what I can not believe this Ken Smith has sold Nose. Accept changes by Alleva Coppolo
  17. How about 1350 including shipping. I'm crazy to sell at this price I know.
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