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  1. I thought you and the guitarist must be brothers, but hadn't noticed that there were five of the other guy! Good cloning and great playing - very tight.
  2. It is because you work so hard that you deserve those nice shiny new basses! Go on, you know you want to...
  3. Are we doing a little bit of man maths here to help justify a BBPH purchase?
  4. Yeah, I ducked out a long time ago. Mainly as I've just bought a second hand Sadowsky NYC and thought I might be in real and physical danger from the wife if I'd actually won the auction!
  5. I need a BEAD strung guitar, so I might chance a cheeky bid or two!
  6. I've just bought Rich's gorgeous Sadowsky NYC Will Lee 4. An absolute gent to deal with, really good communication and let me have a little space and time to noodle on his kit before making the decision.
  7. Just sold a GSS Baby Sumo to Jake and the whole transaction was as smooth as butter. Good communication and a pleasure to deal with.
  8. Essentially brand new. Never gigged - just one rehearsal session - and only being sold as I bought it out of curiosity rather than need and frankly my footwork is sub-par. Now I'm after a rather nice guitar and this is on my list of gear for sale... This is the new Ditto looper with the mics so that it will stretch and compress your loops to keep time with your drummer. Watch the videos to get a feel for how they work. It is damn clever and very effective. Here's the official video: There is more detail on the Ditto Jam X2 Looper product page plus the in depth Andertons video. It includes the box and the extension mic so that you can get it closer to the snare and bass drum rather than your cab. 24 bit, unlimited overdubs and relatively simple operation. I didn't upgrade the firmware - and an update is available - so I'd recommend that to whoever buys it. Price includes delivery (Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For), but take a fiver off if you are picking up locally.
  9. These are the best pedals you never realised you needed. Here's the video that @BassedinBucks mentioned: Get some decent headphones on and see if you can hear the difference. You can definitely see it!
  10. ... and sold! Not surprised that this went quickly as these are quality envelope filters.
  11. EHX Bass Big Muff Pi. Good fuzz pedal. I love the dry mode - a standard level dry bass signal is passed through and then you use the volume to control how much fuzz and distortion is blended in. Gives you a bit more definition. The pedal has velcro underneath. No PSU or box. It is surplus to requirements as I bought @AxelF's Russian Big Muff Pi to take up a little less space on my Pedaltrain Nano+, all so I could squeeze just one more pedal on there! (I wish that one had the dry mode as well...) £40 delivered, or £35 for local pickup. Manual attached as PDF.
  12. EHX Micro Qtron envelope filter. Velcro on the bottom and no box. I've just tested it out and it is working, but the 9v input is a bit dodgy. I got a stable input once it was at the right angle. So, it is OK for home use, but I wouldn't trust it on a stage unless you fixed it internally or used something like Sugru mouldable glue to fix a cable to it. (I've dropped the price to reflect this.) Will be packaged in bubble wrap and a 6x4x3" box and send Royal Mail 1st Class signed for. If you are local and can pick it up then i'll take a fiver off the price. Good entry level pedal into the world of envelope filters. I have attached the manual in PDF form. micro-q-tron.pdf
  13. Robert Keeley's compressor pedals have been an established standard for analog compression. And here we have the 4 knob classic, in an unusual purple colour and all in good working order. No box or instructions as this was one of the first pedals I bought ten years ago. (After all, the first bass pedals are surely tuner, high pass filter and compressor, aren't they?) £120 delivered, or remove a fiver for pickup. Oh, ignore the red dot in the photos - it turns out that was a bit of fluff from our carpet. Manual attached, but also worth reading Robert's page on how compression works for https://robertkeeley.com/2013/07/manic-compressive/ as it helps to explain the controls and how they can help your overall levels. keeley_compressor.pdf
  14. T Rex Fuel Tank Junior effect pedal power supply. Comes with an extra long figure of eight power cable plus five cables to hook up to pedals. No box, but will be delivered in a 6x4x3" box. These power supplies have really good isolated outputs to remove buzz from your pedals, and are slimline enough to fit under a Pedaltrain Nano. That is where it has been for me, hence the scratches on the top face. No idea why I didn't mount it the other way up, but purely cosmetic and no-one sees these usually. The Fuel Tank Jr was only superseded by a more expensive 1 Spot CS6 as I bought a couple of power hungry digital pedals. Price is £50 delivered (UK mainland only. Take a fiver off if you pick it up locally. Specs: 5x 9V DC (120 mA each; 600 mA total) Electrically isolated outputs Voltage selector from 115 to 230 V Red LED lights up when in operation Incl. 5x 50 cm DC cables and 1x mains power cable Dimensions without packaging (W x H x D): 100 x 38 x 78 mm Weight: 0.47 kg
  15. Great envelope filter with fantastic level of control. Plus it has that deep metallic look with the purple glitter! Got to go as I'm raising funds for a guitar and we have no funky type stuff in our setlists any more. The pedal is in very good condition, comes with the box, manual and other paperwork. There is the original bubble wrap in the box and the pedal has velcro on the bottom. Local pick up preferred or add a fiver for delivery using Royal Mail 1st Class.
  16. Easier to get an overdriven sound with that level of power, and feed that into a decent sized cab, like a Six10, and it will push a surprising amount of air. Can't beat tubes for harmonics and tone. GLWTS Mike!
  17. Yep! I used at rehearsal this week to test it out and it sounded damn good. Love those blue lights on the preamp tubes. And I connected up the DI for good measure.
  18. Ah! My first amp was one of these. 😊 Served me well on several gigs and there is a very decent amount of onboard functionality. And who doesn't love a Vu meter. GLWTS!
  19. I definitely wouldn't put one of these through it!
  20. The Two Notes Torpedo Captor X does look like a great and versatile device, but the 100W input limit does make it more guitar amp focused rather than bass amp. One of the key things is to naturally push and overdrive the amp and then attenuate it. My Handbox is only 120W, so probably OK, but I still wouldn't risk damaging either device. If they up that limit then I'm in.
  21. I have a WB-100 and the fan isn't particularly noisy. That is from the perspective of band rehearsal or gigging rather than studio recording with a mic. There are silent computer fans out there , but I don't know if they'd be suitable replacements.
  22. Anything with dials for Heat, Balls and Master Juice gets the thumbs up from me.
  23. There's a nice Sadowsky SA200 that's still for sale in the forum. Would someone please just do the right thing and buy it? I really don't need it as I have the Handbox WB-100 and my back wouldn't thank me for buying it, but damn it is a gorgeous looking and sounding amp...
  24. Yep, I have one of these after watching too many videos of WoT playing through one. Great sound, and I've had my troublesome DI sorted with an upgraded Jensen transformer. I still use a Class D for one band - a 1200w Bergantino Forte HP - but the combination of a P bass and Handbox WB-100 is just glorious for standard rock.
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