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  1. Jason just popped round to Weston Super Mare from London to try out my Gewa DB! Then nonchalantly got the train back home with a Double Bass over his shoulder, a stand in one hand, and a bag in the other 😮 As Karlfer said previously, what a bassist, and what a great guy. Absolute pleasure to trade with, and listen to, and I am hoping to catch him at a gig (as I would recommend you all to) Cheers Paul
  2. Thanks John. It is a solid repair, and it plays and sounds nice. The battle scars add some character. Price is negotiable 😁 as always...
  3. Sold Gewa Ideale ¾ Double Bass 2014 Reduced to £795 New images added after requests to show the true colour of the bass. Having now tried double bass, I have decided to stick to electric, so the Gewa is just an ornament and it really needs playing. An ideal bass for a beginner, it has good projection and sustain, with the action currently set to 7mm (E) 5mm (G) at the board end. I purchased this double bass from London based professional bassist Edoardo Bombace in early 2018. It had been his performance instrument for several years. When he shipped the bass from Italy to the UK it was extensively damaged with the top being cracked and split in several places, the back join had a minor split, and the headstock has minor cosmetic damage (not repaired) I bought it as a project to learn new repair skills, and satisfy my curiosity for double bass. The top has been off, bassbar, cracks and splits repaired (as per Chuck Traeger's teachings) and replaced correctly with hide glue. The repair has been a success, and the top has had an antiqued hand refinish which is OK. Lets say the bass has some 'character' now. Work has been completely stable for the last 6 months. Specification is as per the current Gewa Ideale (£2999 list price) Violin shape Solid Spruce top Arched, all-solid, slightly flamed Maple back Inserted purfling Dark brown hand varnish, slightly antique Single machine head of brass Fingerboard and tail-piece made of ebony To this I have added Adjustable Bridge Shadow SH965NFX twin piezo pickup system Pirastro Evah Pirazzi synthetic / chrome steel strings Rubber bumper for the sound post (stops it falling over with the strings off) Hercules stand. Obviously its needs to be seen and played if purchasing. I am in Weston - Super - Mare (BS22) Delivery is possible within reason, although I do get about the country a lot. If you need more info or images please ask. Cheers.
  4. SOLD Setup And Repair of the Double Bass for Optimum Sound: A Manual for Players, Makers, And Repairers Paperback – 30 Dec 2004 Only 6 months old and lightly thumbed. Has served it's purpose in directing me on the best way to effect some repairs. Postage will be £5.00. Collection from BS22 welcome. Paypal / Bank Transfer, or cash on collection.
  5. I'll just leave this here. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Marshall-Plexi-Original-Bass-Logo-for-4x12/273129001581?hash=item3f97c1d26d:g:LzIAAOSwCNpauQyn
  6. Yes. I used them in a few of my builds years ago. If you are after a huge clean passive output, the originals were excellent. They worked especially well with roundwounds on ebanol fretless boards. I have not tried the new versions.
  7. Interesting thread which is rather helpful as I cannot decide between a good EUB or a DB to get started in this area. Maybe I should get back to building and come up with my own design?
  8. Back up, as no takers. Offers, but you must pick up.
  9. this is my last bit of kit as I have sold all my other bass gear bump. Open to offers for collection.
  10. A few years ago I worked nights and was very active on my feet for 10 hours in very hot telephone exchanges. I suffered terrible in the mornings from cramp and drinking water made things worse as it dilutes your essential salts. Cure was Isotonic Sports drinks. Simples.
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