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  1. Bought a G&L from Nick’s seemingly endless supply of beautiful basses. I’m beginning to think Old Horse Murphy may be a pseudonym and his real name is Old Horse GuitarGuitar? Usual bomb proof packing and excellent communication. One of Basschat’s true gents. Deal with confidence. Until the next time…
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  3. Looks like a quarter sawn neck, would you happen to know the radius, width at the nut or G&L neck #?
  4. I would urge patience here. I bought a bass from Ben during his recent sale. It was exactly as described, well packed and he provided the tracking details in advance. My only regret is not putting my feedback up more quickly. I would have no hesitation in dealing with him again.
  5. Bought a Hipshot Xtender from Lozz. All good, deal with confidence. Thanks again.
  6. Bought a pedal from Patrick. Smooth transaction, deal with confidence. Many thanks.
  7. Dropped a bass off at Dan’s after a scenic drive through the Peak District. Had a good chat over a cuppa before heading home. Hassle free transaction with another top Basschatter. Deal with confidence.
  8. I concur on the Fender AVRI ‘57. Mine is very light and the pick ups sound wonderful to my ear, different to other precisions - more “woody”. I can understand why the neck was stripped - the original gloss finish felt sticky but did become better with playing. The truss rod route is a no brainier, although with the same set of flats on for 12 years I’ve never had to tweak mine. If you like a natural finish this could be a real pleasure to play.
  9. Bought a pedal from Ben. Exactly as described and very well packed. Deal with confidence. Thanks again
  10. Bought a CD from Peter, good communication and a smooth transaction. A pleasure to deal with. Thanks again.
  11. Two words:- Option Paralysis The 4SSS has a lot of tonal options and you can’t stop yourself trying them all when you plug it in. Tuning can take a couple of hours. Your musical productivity plummets as you marvel at the quality construction and supreme tactile experience. Then you put it back in its case and take out the Precision with the missing tone knob and start playing. They’re great instruments if you like the shape. Lovely jazz type neck. Had to keep the sticker on to remind me of the options.
  12. Bought a cab from Geoff - it was so well packed I could have used Hermes (but didn’t, obviously). Responsive communication throughout and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. Brian bought a bass from me and showed great patience as UPS took seven days to execute a guaranteed 24 hour delivery. Deal with confidence.
  15. I had a positive experience with a bass purchase in December 2019. E mail enquiry was slow to receive a reply but a phone call to Poland was answered quickly and dealt with efficiently. Have you tried phoning?
  16. Bought a DI from Monica in hassle free transaction. A pleasure to deal with. Thanks again.
  17. Just bought a pedal from Latif, condition as described and beautifully packed. Smooth transaction from a guy with great taste in basses. Thanks again
  18. Met Gerry for a lockdown delayed bass trade. Always good to meet fellow Basschatters in the flesh and have a natter. Gerry is a pleasure to deal with, trade with confidence. Thanks again 👍
  19. Just bought a bass from Alex, super smooth transaction and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again.
  20. ToneFree


    Just received more strings from Mark, super quick delivery. Deal with confidence. Thanks again
  21. Just bought some strings from Gareth. All good and a very smooth transaction. Deal with confidence. Thanks again.
  22. Met Dave in Dundee outside Kenny’s Music Store. He declined cold hard cash and went for the bank transfer option, just in case...very wise. Had a good chat about all things Bass before heading home with a beautiful Spector. Good to meet a fellow Basschatter in person. Thanks again!
  23. Bought a bass from Dave, exactly as described and beautifully packed. He wanted to send it and let me try it before paying but I managed to talk him down. What a gentleman! Another Basschat legend. Thanks again!
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