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  1. My bass has a glossy neck and stickiness is not an issue.
  2. I haven't gigged since I was 18 and sold my bass to fund a trip abroad (foolishly thinking I would by another on my return). I got back into playing bass again a few years ago after a 36 year break, but haven't gigged since. I jam with a guitarist friend and we did try to set up a band, but got through drummers too quickly to make a go of it. I blame the guitarist.
  3. Ashbury as opposed to Ashbory have just brought out a bass ukulele for £199. It's a bit different from all the others in that it has metal strings. Available from Hobgoblin Music. Afraid I don't know anymore about it. However, I do have an Ashbury soprano ukulele and the build quality and tone are excellent so I don't think quality will be an issue.
  4. I watched a thing on Coast last night about this sort of paint job. It makes it harder for a U boat captain to aim his torpedoes, apparently.
  5. I don't inderstand why it is described as a precision bass when everything about it except the headstock logo says jazz bass to me.
  6. Looks like someone has got it confused with the bog brush. Or the bog
  7. I have a modern player jazz and can't fault it. It is nearly two years old now and no problems so far.
  8. Is it the angle that photo 3 was taken, or does it have an offset waist like a Jazz . I like the look apart from the colour.
  9. [quote name='Beer of the Bass' timestamp='1418899767' post='2634556'] Don't you just love it when sellers post pictures of a valve amp switched on with no speaker cab in sight? That really sets the mind at ease! [/quote] Oh, shouldn't you do that? Good job I've only ever used combos.
  10. I thought my skull was the only one that shape.
  11. Have you seen their other item, am expired tax disc for £695. If that's a collectors item, what about my one that arrived on 2 October complete with a letter saying I didn't have to display it after 30 September. That must be worth thousands. I am open to trades
  12. Is that an additional strap button off centre on the back?
  13. [quote name='CamdenRob' timestamp='1412161280' post='2566232'] Are there no single bass men out there? GAS free in their unibass world..... [/quote] Just the one Modern Player Jazz for me. It's not because I am GAS free, more cash free and space free. Having said that, a Precision would probably do it for me.
  14. It looks like it didn't survive the 50s to me.
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