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  1. Not hearing loads of "how can you do without one " either so is it just for show to get one ? it cant be to save your hands getting tired ?
  2. Always assumed they appeared to go sub bass,synth like for modern artists rather than save your fingers I like going up and down the neck ,I never do the open note stuff and stay at the nut either .Just sounds odd to me .Chord stuff I can see being handy with that 5th string
  3. That's my take on it too.Unless you're playing those low notes why bother ? I'm enjoying the gauge and quitaryness of the 5 string but struggling to find a need for it in the set I play
  4. Quick shout for Jeff ,perfect buyer,restored my faith in selling Basses on here thanks
  5. They just have brilliant moments down the years ,I've overplayed Moving pictures.Signals is an underrated album
  6. 13 Years in the making and you've sussed them on one listen(now two ) .Sorry don't get this "lateralus style " comparison thing ,what does it matter ? . I listened to it last night expecting not much due to peoples comments and it sounded great and will only get better.
  7. They've always sounded like them,which is okay with me ,i'll buy it .Some of the tracks will be good ,some less so .Some instant some slow burn .They can't help other peoples expectations or wants . I wouldn't say Justin is a bass God but he fights for a good size space and is clever at filling it .
  8. This still for sale ? how much to send to sr2 9tp please thanks
  9. I only ever do the pub band thing when I play and we draw a decent crowd.Even then i'm doing the maths on the ££ .I had a spell of dating and seeing a band most Fridays and I was surprised how average some where and how little a draw they were .These are bands doing the same circuit regular.That means big losses for pubs
  10. The plumber gets paid for fixing the problem ,all good .A band is a bit more of a punt .The better the band the bigger the purse I suppose
  11. I've got a great balance.I turned down the chance to be bass no1 because of the amount of gigs ,I get about 30 of the 100 plus a year and arrive fresh as a daisy .We go down well 90% of the time so its always pleasant enough.Get a chance to get my nice stuff out etc agree on the load in load out etc bit and a lot of the songs aren't my thing either not bothered about cheeky pints ,plenty other nights for drinking
  12. That's why I ditched pedals etc and keep it simple its more venues than band members ,most pubs are tight ,some very..The guitar side is also Pa and lights control .Singer likes to swing his mic around so I found my spot and stick there
  13. I had a 75 "6" serial number with a 4 bolt and bullet
  14. Why I hate selling stuff ,had strings of questions then nothing .90% have no intention of buying I do my research then look for something ,if I find it its done in a couple of messages
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