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  1. Had a craving for a Black Precision ,maple board being an old Stranglers fan not much about ,few USA new ones on used wanting high prices opted for a Player precision ,brand new ,changed pick guard for the look love it ,sub £700 I Have a spector euro4 ,and mij metro sadowsky and a Ric and the Player is taking them on for me at the moment
  2. I.m the other way My Sadowsky and Ric rarely leave the case at home .Gigs only Then whatever i fancy playing at home ,bitsa jazz,Fender player etc
  3. You'll get a Euro 4lx for that budget (used) Great tones on tap though the G string doesnt cut through the mix as much as my MIJ Metro Sadowksy .
  4. Agree on Mick Numan was only a year after Tin drum but its clear the sound he went for wasn't co incidence or spontaneous
  5. Thanks ,i have an older UV70 Pre vtc .The sound from it across the board is untouchable . Would love another but .....
  6. Nice Bass What year is it please ? Has it got the fabric hard case ?
  7. You've posted two messages about my comment ,thats Wining to me 😊
  8. i always found it easy to sound great in the house. .There's zero elements to spoil it . I like dabbling with pedals ,you can overdrive without getting lost or losing bottom end etc ,wack the treble right up or all gain to give you geddy . The problems for me are replicating that low volume tone at high levels
  9. They only exist on price ,they weren't produced so you can buy from your favourite country . Nyc prices are too far for a massive majority of the market
  10. Looks gorgeous ,i'm a bit lost on the story bit ,is it a different neck ?
  11. Great quality and i could look at the gear and the background all day but i seem to be in a minority in not enjoying then just goof everytime the camera shows up .Couldn't do 2 hours .
  12. They've had their moments and the early stuff had great bass/drum combos Love my YouTube nights on tv,live studio performance type stuff where the bass can be heard
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