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  1. Band mates ,two are good for a bit crack at gigs ,two aren't . Band wise there's no friction,if there was i'd look for another band
  2. Any forum needs turnover and lots of visitors Not knocking this one but I use a 10th of it if that, a look at whats for sale and whats wanted and an occasional look at general stuff Whats your favourite strap ? etc isn't for me .I use a local footy forum which has non footy section and is showing 1,111 people online now ! That means fast turnover of topics and posts and regular visitors .
  3. From Sunderland and gig from Morpeth to redcar Facebook North east bass bin is good for crack and the occasional "bass player needed" or "dep needed" .I "LIKE" most of the pubs facebook pages who do bands so you get their stuff coming up ,last minute gigs ,cancellations etc .Lets talk music NE is another fb page ..I don't think there's one place that does it all up here .Riffs online has a canny ,musicians wanted section .The gig listing will also show you which pubs do regular gigs .We've been around for years and luckily pick repeat stuff up no problem.Starting out is probably harder
  4. Just tagging myself so I can come back to it .
  5. Never been my main job,always a paid hobby .Had 10 years plus gaps with no bands or gigs but always picked a bass up . Some of it is a chore but the good parts far outweigh
  6. Full range pa for us EV 18IN Bins Those 2x12 stackable curved jobbies on top Back up pa is smaller ev bins and RCF tops
  7. Some bands just want to do all the pre gig stuff forever.I've no interest .When I've looked for bands if they aren't gigging I give them a miss . we get together if a dep singer is coming in or a new song added ,one rehearsal,thats it
  8. I have the flat charcoal type colour on my euro4lx with the black hardware ,love it
  9. I don't ,never will.So that joke is lost on me
  10. I Mean a cheaper product can be achieved by making It somewhere where costs are cheaper .Wages are a one of the biggest costs in a business I read your post as two factories ,same raw materials ,same standard of staff but asking a premium price for product from one of them i'm no Fender insider but i'd say they are differences in some of the items used for the two build procedures and possibly some streamlining on production that you could call quality control as a rule I think you get what you pay for as far as staff and wages go
  11. I had one the high end mim 70s reissue p bass's they brought out about 7 years ago The jack plug was duff and it had an earth buzz ,both replaced locally .Still love Fenders .Love the silver vintera jazz .
  12. Cheaper workforce I would say ?
  13. There's a limit I suppose to how much you can discuss in all things bass ive just checked my regular football fan forum and there's 1406 people on line and that's a quiet spell Forums rely on input and stuff turning over fast to warrant revisiting
  14. Sounds like me ,its a 3 piece band with a singer so I cant be doing the popular clean mid type sound ,I need bottom end with a bit cut .I see some people's backline only set up and think that would be no good for me
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