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  1. 4th post covid gig last Saturday First two were outdoors last two indoors the indoor pubs didn't put any info on facebook and supposedly it was tickets but i'd say it wasn't inside ,yes the have the signs and the tape and the arrows etc but its business as usual from what i see 1st gig we loaded through a rear door so i just kept my distance 2ng gig dragging gear through the bar
  2. Out tonight,3rd gig since lift of restrictions first indoors and a we've done the bar before so no idea how its on . We load in a seperate door then i'm staying well clear of the locals
  3. Lovely, want want want My Metro jazz is the best sounding guitar ive ever played
  4. That tone shouldnt work on a 3 piece but with Peart's help it does i remember late 80s gigs where the recorded bass sound didn't produce in a big hall but since Rush 30 his live tone has been unreal Seem with Claypool,that top end fuzz cut but with bottom to match
  5. doubt i'll ever listen to a tune but i can watch people like this all day
  6. On a side note and drummers ,check out this clip which has eventually found its way to Youtube .It was on my Sky box for months until it disappeared Hang around for the solo from about 4mins
  7. Yup,not sure what his Dad was doing at his age ? getting by probably .Plenty time and a good future
  8. What you think is just what you think and like your post earlier which was good reading and funny its just your take on it . Its more about the paths people chose when they decide to play .The great writers,pop or otherwise, don't need to be great players ,they employ the great players .For every every great pop song there follows 100 soundalikes because everyone loved the great one .Capaldi has a hit ,5 more sound a likes get signed . Lets face it we aren't living in the golden era of great Pop . Just good to see and hear players getting together and pushing themselves a bit without the ££ and overnight success being the driver. The stuff i've watched of these is without Misch so more music only based .We can all dissect why someone wears that or has that haircut or guitar and even why they are doing it but Heavy metal,RnB, Rap etc makes for far more entertaining analysis ..I think these guys know their market and there seems to be a healthy scene from what i've seen on my YouTube sessions over a few drinks
  9. Haven't watched this vid but like all the people in it from watching Studio based live stuff on You Tube It's the drumming that tends to draw me and reading some comments on here i think its a bit of a shame when young(ish) musicians keep well away from Pop drivel and do serious stuff which will never make them rich and still get stick for it ..
  10. Played outdoors Thursday gone Got another outdoor 1st August ,nice to be out gig money comes in handy
  11. Although you try to be helpful to potential buyers ,sellers can dig holes from themselves if they don't sell under their terms ." Uk only for example" ,then you get asked how much to Poland ?? The biggest thing is to hand the risk to the buyer ,if they want cheapest quote courier company let them go for it .
  12. Yeah,its right out there and has to be = pressure ! same with the two bass runs on Good times Bad times by Zep and the Bass solo in Know one knows
  13. It is ,I have a metro myself ,similar age
  14. I Take it its a Metro then ?,could be clearer in ad as not everyones up to speed with Sadowsky and the build levels
  15. It hasn't alienated all the Fender looky like players out there thus far with their slant on a different head stock .To be fair they've all wandered not too far from the blueprint fender style
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