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  1. Took my acoustic at easter as I had gigs the night I got back .Plenty down time on hols where u can grab 10 minutes . People taking showers ,asleep,on phones !
  2. Ref tonights guy ,we did a start up band ,all good guys ,good players ,experience etc ,got on well immediately ,still mates but despite people saying they're happy doing this and that I find people struggle to change and it builds frustration .The moving away from the initial vision we all agreed to is what split us up .Not saying it cant work but worth a thought.Likewise I know plenty "singers" with no gear who talk a good game
  3. I know I aint doing much doing nothing means a lot to me Down payment blues ac/dc I get a shaky start to Tuesday Sweat stains on bus windows I don't want ruin my coat but That’s just the way it goes “Cheer up you f £$%^g ’ b%^$&d!” That’s all I heard him say St George’s flag on white van This is the human race tweet tweet tweet sleaford mods
  4. Even at the top level of touring musicians there's plenty to pick from ,she's had a couple of good breaks .I like her what I've seen with JB Her own stuff seems dull,like when most of these people knock albums out ,that's why their main job is playing good tunes from top song writers Been watching a lot of Julie slick with Belews power trio ,she's more interesting to me ,knarly and complex
  5. Apart from the obvious musical things its worth having a chat about the band away from playing songs .Stuff what maybe became and issue with the old singer .Gig amount,song input,whats expected of them work wise .etc Ive done bass auditions where they liked me but had no real plan going forward,then other very formal ones with stage presence,backing vocals,type of gear etc discussed
  6. Borrowed a darkglass,not sure which and it was canny but only canny.Probably haven't got the patience or enough interest to pursue it .Resigned to a bit of bite from the Amp
  7. I'd love that driven crunchy sound you hear on records without losing the lovely bottom end noise I make .Sadly I think unless you're Geddy or Justin Chancellor with lots of resource(££) its a tough one
  8. Not many nice ones about ! jobs that is 😀
  9. Because I don't want in ears and if I use a monitor I may as well have a rig .On top of this 80% of time i'm within two feet of a naturally loud drummer
  10. I like my Radial tonebone which gives the desk my sound ,2 channel,boost,tuner ,loop out etc .It could be used alone but I also have a rig I can play with on stage to suit me without affecting the front of house sound we're too loud a band to ditch the rig but other music the Radial would do fine
  11. I find if you get your head round the song as a listener you're in a good place to then learn it ,I don't read so I have a few idiot notes at key moments to help .My method is bass on ,put song on ,try to follow it .Go away and get to know the song and revisit on bass again .If one song is taking too much time consider dropping it .Easy songs lengthen
  12. Primal scream singer who were no more than a 3rd rate Rolling stones
  13. dNot big on lyrics so having something to say is neither here nor there ,Rock works and survives because you get a beat hit a chord and people start tapping their feet and reacting .Royal blood and Shame are doing what others did before to a new crowd
  14. I'm a great buyer and a poor seller if I see one ,one or two messages securing price and getting it and its a done deal selling,as I am ,I've had lot of message tennis asking this that and the other ,non of which I would so I get a bit bored to the point i'll probably withdraw the ads . I tend to like basses aesthetically ,someone said on here its crazy not to know what pick ups etc ,why ? If I did It wouldn't be a deal breaker .Buy wisely and if it isn't to your taste sell it is my experience
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